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AhaShare Proxy and Mirror Sites (Working Links)

Are you looking for AhaShare proxy and mirror sites? Then you are in the right place. AhaShare is a popular torrent site having thousands of active users. It is very similar to other torrent sites and one can find all kinds of content like Movies, eBooks, TV Shows, apps, games, and many more.

But the official website of AhaShare is down in various countries and no longer accessible. But some AhaShare proxy sites are still accessible.

Many people are completing that they can’t access the official site anymore. So we have done some research to find some working links and found the same. No need to worry about this as you can still get those torrent files from some mirror sites also.

About AhaShare

AhaShare was stared in 2008 for serving torrent files. Soon it starts getting regular users and the popularity goes up. AhaShare has built a decent-sized active community in recent years.

AhaShare was a hub of commercial content like movies, TV shows, videos, PDFs, Anime, software, games, music, and other digital content. At that time it was a go-to place for many users because of the availability of files.

Like other torrent sites, this also provides torrent files for free without charging a penny.

The website was started with .com TLD domain and the official website was AhaShare.com. They continued serving torrent files for many years. AhaShare registered its official .com domain through the Indian domain registrar PDR.

AhaShare website

But the website started distributing copyrighted contents and soon surrounded by issues. In January 2017, the official website disappeared without any message left.

After some digging, we found that the site’s domain name has been suspended by Public Domain Registry (PDR).

Site officials also started domain switching and migrated their files. To continue their operation, they have tested several domains, and some domains also shut down, and some works now also.

The official .com domain is now parked for sale without having any torrent files.

List of AhaShare Proxy & Mirror sites

Many people are complaining about the absence of AhaShare. So you have done some research and found some working AhaShare proxy and mirror sites. You can download the same torrent files from these sites also.

AhaShare Proxy & Mirror Sites Status Speed
http://www.hideoxy.com/proxy/ahashare.com Online Fast
http://unblocksites.co/en/2/unblock/ahashare.com/ Online Fast
https://ahashare.ukbypass.top/ Online Fast
https://www.ahashare.com/ Online Fast
http://www.hidebux.com/unblock/ahashare.com Online Very Fast
http://www.cantaccess.com/site/ahashare.com Online Very Fast
http://www.websiteproxy2.com/proxy/ahashare.com Online Fast
http://torrentprox.com/domain/ahashare.com Online Very Fast
http://www.bypass123.com/website/ahashare.com Online Slow
http://youproxy.org/ahashare.com/ Online Fast
http://torrentprox.com/domain/ahashare.com Online Fast

Note – Some sites may not work when you are trying to access it for some reason. So keep trying one after another until you are inside the site. We consistently update the list. If any URL doesn’t work or down permanently, then we will remove it once you report us and place a new one. There are links that might redirect you and shows you obtrusive ads. You need to be careful within sites.

Is AhaShare down or blocked?

The official website AhaShare.com has shut down and no longer accessible. As we have discussed earlier, the official domain is now parked for sale. It is not geo-blocked or not blocked by your ISP or government.

Due to copyright infringement, Public Domain Registry (PDR) suspended the official website has been shut down. But the site is still survived through some different domains.

They might be planning to switch the official domain. If we found any official mirror site, we will update you.

How to Unblock AhaShare Website?

As the official website has been shut down, you can’t unblock it anymore. If it is the case, where the site is blocked by ISP or governments then only you can access it.

As the site is no longer accessible you can’t get the same content as it was before.

So we have listed some proxy and mirror sites above where you can find the same content in different domains. If those sites are also inaccessible, you can try the below methods to unblock AhaShare proxy sites.

TOR browser

The TOR browser is known for its anonymous environment. You can use this browser like Chrome and Firefox browser and surf these proxy sites hustle-free.

TOR gives you a secure environment and anonymity to download torrent files from AhaShare.

Web proxy (Not recommended)

A web proxy is also a common method to hide IP addresses and access blocked torrent websites. This method is very popular in schools and universities where sites like Facebook, YouTube website blocked for some reason.

You can use the same method to unblock the AhaShare website. If your ISP or Government has blocked the proxy and mirror websites also, then you can use this method also.

Just search for some web proxy sites. All the sites have almost the same features. But web proxies have their own limitations and we don’t recommend it.

Clear Your Web Browser Cache

Some website uses browser cache to store some packets of data in the user’s side. Some use this cache area for security reasons and block users based on previous activities.

You can clear your web browser cache once before accessing the site. This might work also.

VPN (Recommended)

If all the above 3 methods don’t work for you, then try this method. You can also skip the above methods to save some time and directly apply this method.

This is the most trusted and secure way to access a blocked torrent site. We also recommend using a VPN.

There are many free VPN services are available. But sometimes it is not enough and doesn’t give the premium experience. We strongly avoid free VPNs as they have some serious issues.

We use and recommend using NordVPN. It is a multi-award-winning VPN having 256-bit military-grade encryption technology to hide your internet activities. Its no-log policies won’t keep your data and best fit for torrenting.

Currently, NordVPN is providing a flat 70% discount to our readers for a limited time. Click on the below button to grab a special discount.

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Your government and Internet Service Providers are constantly monitoring your internet activities. You can choose NordVPN to browse the AhaShare anonymously.

Sites like AhaShare

If non of the above proxy and mirror sites and methods won’t work then what you do?

Well, there some AhaShare alternatives that give you access to a large number of torrent files. You can access them to download your favorite movies, TV shows, songs, etc.

Here is a list of sites like AhaShare you can use instead of the main site.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the torrent sites that doesn’t need any introduction. TPB has millions of torrent files ranges from movies, TV shows, songs, anime, etc.

The Pirate Bay website

After the shutdown of its official site, long-term users think that the site was blown away. But the site is still running through with other domains and serving torrent files. You can find some The Pirate Bay proxy and mirror sites as well.


1337x is also a popular torrent site that can be used as the AhaShare alternative. It also has a huge user base and consistently growing.

1337X website

Its organized category helps you to find any torrent file instantly. There is a vast collection of movies, TV shows, web series, music, Apps, games, eBooks, and much more.


YIFY is also a well-known torrent site having millions of torrent files. After TPB, it is also a good place for torrent lovers.

YIFY website

Whether you are searching for the latest movies or a TV show or your favorite singer’s latest song, all would be available here. But YIFY is also inaccessible in many countries like other torrent sites by ISPs. So you can access them using proxy and mirror sites of YIFY.


Limetorrents have an active continuity of contributors and they consistently upload the latest torrent files. It also has a huge regular user base.

LimeTorrent website

They have categorized the files in various categories. You can also use the search feature to find a torrent file quickly. It also displays the health, seeds, and leeches of every torrent file. Limetorrents are also blocked in many countries and you can use their mirror sites also.


In the absence of AhaShare, you can use RARBG. It is another site that can be used. You can download movies, Apps, music, games, TV shows, web series, eBooks, and much more.

RARBG website

Their active community of contributors uploads new content regularly and you always find new and latest files there. RARBG is also inaccessible in various countries and blocked by ISP and governments and you can’t open it directly by typing the URL. There are some RARBG proxy and mirror sites that give you direct access to the site.


So these are some of the best AhaShare proxy and mirror sites you can use to get access to thousands of torrent files. In the absence of AhaShare, you can always use alternative sites.

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