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12 Free AudiobookBay Alternatives to Download Audiobooks

AudiobookBay is an online platform that provides ebook services to its users and also offers audiobooks. For some time, the platform doesn’t work effortlessly, making people look for AudiobookBay alternatives as they experience difficulties downloading audiobooks. So today, we are sharing other platforms to help people download their favorite audiobooks.

All the platforms that we are going to share will work finely without showing any technical issues. Users will not face any problems in downloading audiobooks from the platforms, ultimately making them a successful alternative to AudiobookBay. So let’s see some of the best websites for free audiobook downloads.

Best Sites Like AudiobookBay

Now let’s hop onto the 12 sites like AudiobookBay, from where you can listen to any audiobook and can enhance your knowledge and work as the best AudiobookBay Alternatives

1. Open Culture

Open Culture is our first website on the list, and some readers may have already heard about the website before. The website features numerous audiobooks in almost every genre that attracts every reader, but the website’s collection in art and culture is commendable. The website’s user interface is quite simple. Also, there are no complaints regarding the downloading process, like misleading links, failed trials, and much more.

Open Culture website

The website has a good navigation feature that helps readers find their favorite book and other books in their preferred genre. So with this website, you will extend your knowledge with more than 1000 audiobooks available in the collection.

2. Fantastic Fiction

Fantastic Fiction is an audiobook and ordinary book-downloading platform that the organization timely maintains. The platform features over 50,000 bestselling fiction authors with many other books and series. The website is of the correct design with an appealing theme from which one can download any audiobook easily.

Fantastic Fiction website

The website also has some other fantastic features too that include following preferred authors, keeping track of the audiobooks and books that are downloaded, and one can also mark the books that they want to read later. All of this, with a fast website processing speed, makes the website special.

3. DigitalBook

DigitalBook website is another addition to the list that is liked by many people who listen to audiobooks regularly due to the platform’s quality service. The platform features numerous audiobooks, and new audiobooks are added to the website timely, which keeps the content fresh.

DigitalBook website

Moreover, the website features audiobooks in multiple languages that make each reader fascinated towards the website. Also, the platform interface deserves appreciation as the website is easy to use, and audiobooks from any genre can be found without any hassle. One can download any audiobook in simple steps without surfing through many annoying links.

4. GalaxyAudiobook

GalaxyAudiobook is our next platform in the list that many listeners complement due to its simple and easy theme. The website provides high-quality audiobooks, and the collection features various interesting genres supported with timely new content additions.

GalaxyAudiobook website

Everyone respects the for its audiobook availability in the business and philosophy niche as the website focuses more on informational content. Each book in the genre gets added to the library in a very short time. So if someone is fond of the business and philosophy genre, they must surely check this website.

5. Hoopla

When talking about audiobook downloading platforms, we can’t forget to add Hoopla to the list, as the platform developers have worked hard to make it accessible. The platform comprises an easy-to-use yet eye-catching interface where you can find suitable books for yourself easily. The sorting facility in the platform helps every listener to dig down more and download the most interesting audiobook for themselves.

Hoopla website

Adding to it, numerous genres are featured on the platform, and many viewers claim that there would be barely any genre that isn’t featured on Hoopla. So due to this, Hoopla is one of the best platforms where one can download any audiobook for free.

6. BookAudio

BookAudio is another audiobook-downloading platform used by many users, but still, the website is not so popular and is categorized as a hidden gem. The colors used in the website are eye-catching and grab the user’s interest. One can find audiobooks of their favorite authors through the search bar too.

BookAudio website

The collection of the website is also pretty established, and regular updates are done on the website that removes bugs with the addition of new audiobooks according to the demand. The website also features several genres that attract many listeners.

7. LearnoutLoud

LearnoutLoud is a good platform for downloading and listening to audiobooks without headaches. The platform features educational audiobooks that can add highly valued information to one’s life. Apart from this, the platform also helps people with video learning and listening to podcasts.

LearnoutLoud AudiobookBay Alternatives

The interface of the platform is quite welcoming that helps everyone in finding any audiobook without getting annoyed, as the website doesn’t show any bugs. The platform features a wide collection of audiobooks, and all the content uploaded on the platform is of high quality and can be downloaded easily. This saves users time so that they can listen to the audiobook fastly with the least wait.

8. Full-Length Audiobook

Full-Length AudioBook is a website that is sometimes not seen because of its ranking, but if someone has discovered the website, then one can get addicted to the website for downloading audiobooks. The website is simple to use, and there are no difficulties when downloading any audiobooks.

Full Length AudioBooks website

The audiobook library of the website is quite interesting and is loaded up with audiobooks from almost every genre. So every listener and book lover is lured by the services offered by the platform. The website is ok to use and is suitable for mobile users if they can deal with normal ads.

9. ThoughtAudio

ThoughtAudio is a platform from which one can download and listen to audiobooks. The platform is perfectly designed with every essential feature, and developers have coded the website perfectly, as the website doesn’t show any issues. Even the short download time leaves everyone’s mouth open. Also, one can stream audiobooks directly from the website, which keeps many listeners bound up with the site.

ThoughtAudio website

Talking about the collection of books then, the website features various types of audiobooks, but the collection of literature and philosophy audiobooks is extraordinary and of applaudable quality. Adding to it, the website even lets the users download any uploaded book in PDF format, making every reader smile.

10. PlayAudiobooks

When discussing audiobook downloading platforms, we cannot forget about PlayAudiobooks. PlayAudiobooks website features dozens of audiobooks in various genres of both famous and hidden authors. The interface of the website is normal and not so difficult to use.

PlayAudiobooks website

Digging more into the website’s content then, the library of the website is vast, and numerous audiobooks are available. If one is fond of entertaining audiobooks, the website can be your utmost partner in downloading and listening to your favorite content. Also, one doesn’t need to register on the website to listen to audiobooks, which is the platform’s best feature.

11. StoryNory

Moving on to the next addition to the list is StoryNory. Many listeners support this audiobook-downloading website due to the facility of easy navigation of books and genres provided by the operators of the website. The website also has an easy-to-use interface that doesn’t let anyone wait much during any step.

StoryNory website

Writing about the collection of the website, we would say that the website features dozens of genres with a myriad of audiobooks, and the website is the number one option when searching for audiobooks for children as perfect audiobooks for children are added can benefit them with important knowledge while entertaining them.

12. Audiobookexplores

Audiobookexplores website is the last participant on the list. The website is best for the listener who connects with entertainment audiobooks as many entertainment niches are featured, like horror, comedy, and much more, for every kind of audience.

Audiobookexplores website

Moreover, the theme and interface of the website are nice, and one will be able to download any audiobook easily by not getting directed to other unnecessary links. So you can head to the website to download the latest and best audiobooks legally.


Audiobooks are a great and timesaving way to go through various books, whether for informational purposes or entertainment purposes, and here, we mentioned the best AudiobookBay Alternatives from where one can download audiobooks easily as AudiobookBay is currently showing some issues. Hence, users need other sites for listening to audiobooks.

We hope you got valuable information from the article and will now not face any problems downloading audiobooks. Lastly, we want to thank you for dedicating your precious time.


No, the websites that we have mentioned in the article are not paid.

Some of the best Audiobookbay alike platforms are Audiobookexplores, PlayAudiobooks, Full-Length AudiobookBook, AudioGalaxyAudiobook, and Fantastic Fiction.

Yes, there are many great Audible alternatives, such as LibriVox, GalaxyAudiobook, Hoopla, Chirp, Fantastic Fiction, etc.

Audible is one of the best apps to listen to audiobooks for free.

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