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5 Popular Apple App Store Categories You Should Explore

One of the biggest benefits of owning an iPhone is the fact that you can access a significantly huge App Store. So it is obvious that there would be many iPhone app categories. An app category is a type of internal organization system (a sorting mechanism) that makes it easy for users to discover new apps. 

Of course, there are other reasons why iPhones are some of the most popular smartphones on the market, but knowing that you can find an app for virtually everything is a great asset.

Since Apple continues to push new iOS updates and improve the device’s performance, it is unlikely that iPhones are going to disappear. This, in turn, encourages app developers to put effort and coming up with new apps.

All in all, the current situation for iPhone users seems pretty great as far as using applications goes. But the question is what you should look for if you are relatively inexperienced? 

Best iPhone App Categories

The purpose of this article is to cover some of the best app categories that more iPhone users ought to use. And as a rule of thumb, you should keep an eye on the top applications while browsing the Apple App Store because they are usually the best option.

Apps to Plan Your Schedule

Let’s start with applications for planning and scheduling your day. If you are someone who is not that great at remembering things, it is natural to take notes and receive notifications as reminders.

Similar to other categories, it is hard to define the best planning app for iPhone users. Since there are different options, you need to focus on what you expect to find in the app and how it can be of use to you when you have to plan something.

Is it notifications or an intuitive set of features that let you customize the schedule? Or maybe you are looking for a drag-and-drop block-like UI to switch different parts of the day?

Mobile Games

Mobile games are not for everyone, but there is no denying that the industry is doing great. Considering how some mobile game companies are outselling even relatively big PC or console game developers, it is clear that mobile games are here to stay.

A good thing about mobile gaming is that you can find plenty of different genres. Strategy games, educational games, racing games, puzzle games, and RPGs are just a few examples.

Mobile game

Keep in mind that if you played a few mobile games years ago and quit because you lost interest, you are likely to be surprised by how much things have improved.

Graphics and in-game features are different in modern mobile games, and the expectations are that these things will only improve in the future. High-end games these days seem realistic and provide an appealing interface. It encourages users to stay long on the game.

Of course, with these improvements, you also need to consider the fact that mobile games also consume more storage on the smartphone, and that can cause some issues later on, especially if you are someone who likes to play multiple games simultaneously and does not want to remove them from the device unless you complete the game.

Having said all that, if you are looking to pass some time or blow off some steam, then playing mobile games should be a decent option for someone who owns an iPhone.

Storage Cleaners

Storage cleaners are another interesting app category to consider. From app cache to random files you download on the internet, there can be quite a few hogs causing problems to the iPhone’s storage. Sometimes phone storage is filled with unnecessary things. You need to clean them to have more storage space and better performance. Many people prefer to use these apps as they boost their performance.

One of the issues with managing a smartphone’s storage is that it can be quite tricky to keep an eye on the files you have on the device. It is common to download and forget about something, only to struggle with locating the file. Just install the app and it will show you the junk files to clean.

This is where storage cleaners come in handy. They automate the process and get rid of junk files, which improves the overall iPhone performance and leaves you fewer things to worry about.

Security Tools

Overall, iPhones are pretty secure because Apple is known for its innovation in multiple fields, including cybersecurity. It also helps if a user is someone who prioritizes iOS updates because those push for security patches quite often. In the age of the internet, people are more aware of security threats and cyber-attacks. Online security has become a major issue and every user should aware about it. 

Now, that does not mean that you should not have concerns about potential security threats just because. If anything, introducing extra security layers is beneficial. If someone tries to penetrate through your device, these apps would be on the frontline to protect you.

iPhine security

The options for mobile devices are quite limited, especially if you compare them to available tools on computers. 

So, for the available applications, you should look for antivirus apps and password managers. Virtual private networks, while not really in the form of an app, are also worth mentioning if you wish to improve your security and privacy.

Internet Browsers

Safari is the default internet browser for Apple devices, but you can visit the app store and look at the available alternatives. This is one of the most used iPhone app categories having the most downloads.

More often than not, users download and install Google Chrome. Mozilla Firefox is arguably the second most popular option. 

Internet browser

Internet browsers like Vivaldi, Opera, and Tor are not as popular, but they still have certain features to offer, so it again comes down to what you want to see in your internet browser.

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