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12 Best Fanfiction Websites to Read Unlimited Stories

Fanfiction is a way of expressing your creativity through writing. The interesting thing is that there is a particular place on the Internet where all fanfiction lovers can satisfy their thirst for this type of entertainment and it is the fanfiction website. Today, fanfiction websites are very popular among readers as well as writers.

The sites are absolutely free to use. You can simply register on them and get started with the creativity of your mind. You can write any type of fanfiction story and make it available on the internet for the readers. The best fanfiction sites today we are going to talk about are the best places to hang out for you if you are a fan.

Popular Fanfiction Websites

We have already told you how you can write and read fanfiction stories conveniently, now let us tell you the names of the websites that are reliable to use for this particular purpose. Here, go ahead and find the details about the 12 best and most popular fanfiction sites.

1. Archive of our own

Archive of our own is a fan-created and fan-ran site where you can get umpteen numbers of fan works. Just to give you a basic estimate, the site has around 5,344,000 users and 10,450,000 works. Given this fact, you can’t definitely get enough of exploring this wonderful site. Simply make a quick search and you will get different types of fiction to read.

Archive of our own website

To keep you intrigued, the site has different types of activities. You can participate in those activities and make your experience more interesting. From theatre to video games, movies to TV shows, and celebrities to music, you can get all types of fandom here.

2. MediaMiner

Reading long stories can be boring for some people. If you are also one of those people, you would love exploring MediaMiner, which has a huge collection of short stories other than many other types of long stories. You can simply register on this site and get started.

MediaMiner website

The best thing about this site is that it has an extremely easy user interface. There are many ways to search for a story. You can search category-wise, alphabet-wise, or simply type the name of your story in the search box. On the home page itself, you will see a number of stories from your favorite anime series.

3. Wattpad

This site needs no introduction when it comes to reading or contributing fanfiction online. The reason for the popularity of this site is that it offers stories related to the younger generation. Being home to the most popular fanfiction stories, Wattpad won’t disappoint you no matter what kind of fanfiction you are looking for.

Wattpad website

To enjoy reading and writing stories on this site, you need to sign up using your Facebook or Gmail. After that, select the category you are interested in and enjoy unlimited stories. Furthermore, it also features a search box. For a seamless experience, give a try to the mobile application of the site.

4. Webnovel

As the name suggests, a Webnovel is no less than a never-ending web novel that has a lot of thrill, entertainment, and fun to offer you. The best thing we loved about this site is that it will ask for your preferences as you will land on the site. You can choose whether you have a male preference or female preference and then it will present fanfictions according to that.

Webnovel website

On the site, you can see many different categories. Given this fact, you can explore it according to your taste and start reading right away. Sign up on the site to create a library and enjoy many other features.

5. AsianFanfics

AsianFanfics is one of the best fanfiction sites and it features stories from all over Asia. Given the fact, you have a huge variety to explore on this site. On the home page itself, you can find a pool of stories to get into the world of entertainment and joy.

AsianFanfics website

If you are looking for a particular fanfiction, you can type the name of it in the search box and it will be right in front of you. You can also search it category-wise by clicking on the category page. Though you can enjoy stories without signing up on the site, registration will give you some more features.

6. FicWad

Land into FicWad if you want to explore a huge variety of stories from manga to cartoons, theatre to movies, and celebrities to comics. The collection of stories on this site is really huge. There would definitely be millions of stories. All the categories are listed right in front of the homepage. So, searching for a story won’t be difficult at all.

FicWad website

As you will scroll down, you will see a section of featured stories and recent stories. You can find some interesting stories in these sections as well. Like many other fanfiction sites, you are free to create an account on this site as well.

7. Quotev

From short to long, Quotev has all types of stories to satisfy your thirst for fanfiction. There is also a huge variety in the categories of the stories. Given this fact, you will definitely get all types of fan fiction stories on Quotev.

Quotev website

The thing you would love about this site is that it does not only offer stories to read but also offers a lot of quizzes and tests featuring the same fantasy character to offer you a more entertaining fanfiction experience. If reading is not your thing, you can create an account on the side and start writing. Yes, it lets you burst out your creativity as well.

8. WritersCafe

Don’t go by the name. WriterCafe is not just a place for writers but also for readers. Here, you can enjoy a variety of stories ranging from fiction to family and kids to comics. Not just stories but you will also get poetries and books on this site.

WriterCafe website

Simply, sort your search and type the name of the story you are looking for in the search box. That’s it. As simple as it sounds. Register on the site to enjoy a seamless experience and some extra features. With the fact that a number of writers contribute daily on this site, you will get to read something fresh and interesting every time.

9. Fanfiction is one of the best fanfiction sites out there because it is home to almost all types of stories. From anime to books, manga to cartoons, games to movies, and plays to TVs, there is no dearth of fictional stories on this site. You can also find a lot of comics in different genres. The stories from different countries are available in English.

Fanfiction website

On the homepage itself, you will get a huge collection of stories. However, if the particular one you are looking for is not there, you can quickly search for it. The search box is located at the top. To further amplify your experience, sign up on the site, which is free of cost.

10. Fictionpress

Fictionpress is the sister site of fictionnet and here too you can get a pool of stories to slake your thirst for fanfiction. The categories of stories vary though. Major categories you will find here are action essay, historical, humor, manga, mythology, spiritual, romance, and many others.

Fictionpress website

Just click on any category and a bunch of fanfiction will come in front of you. The unique thing about this site is that it does not only offer stories but also poetries in different genres. There is also a search box, so you can search for a particular story as well.

11. Booknet

If you are a huge fan of fanfiction and stories are not enough to satisfy your hunger for the same, you would definitely love exploring Booknet, which is home to several interesting fanfiction books from different genres. You can get started with reading even without creating an account.

Booknet website

On the homepage, you can filter your preference by popularity and by update. To keep you engaged, there are also different contests available to play. If you want to explore each and every feature of the site, create a free account.

12. Commaful

Commaful is another good place to read your favorite fanfiction. On this site, you will get to enjoy the amazing fanfiction work of your fellow writers and you yourself can contribute if you wish to. From short stories to poetries, you will get to enjoy all types of fandom here.

Commaful website

The site has such a huge collection of fanfiction that you will laugh, cry, and smile at the same time. As you will land on the site, you will see lots of popular fandoms reflecting in front of your eyes. If you don’t see your favorite fanfiction here, make a quick search.


Fanfictions are a great source of entertainment and fun. The interesting thing is that you are just a single click away from getting into the world of entertainment if you have our list of best fanfiction sites. So, explore the list and immerse yourself completely in the fanfiction world.


Are these fanfiction sites free?

Yes, all of these sites are completely free and you can enjoy as many stories as and whenever you want. You can register on the site to enjoy all features but it is not compulsory either.

Can I contribute my fanfiction as a writer on these sites?

Of course, you can. The sites are actually run by fanfiction lovers only. People like you who love reading fanfiction contribute to the sites and make their work available to read for other people.

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