Citibank Routing Number List

Citibank routing number is very important for various reasons. Whether you want to make a paycheck deposit, fund transfer, bank deposit, or any other activity, the routing number is a must needed thing.

Knowing your routing number is important as the account number. Finding the number is very simple and you can get it in seconds.

So let’s find out them.

What is a Routing Number

A routing number is a unique nine-digit code that is used by all the American banks for identifying themselves. This is like a numbering system among banks.

People also call this a Routing Transit Number (RTN) or American Bankers Association (ABA). It is used on everything ranges from paper cheques to digital and wire payments online. This number is used on both domestic and international transitions.

A routing number clarifies the bank’s branch location where you opened your account.

Citibank routing numbers

Here is a list of routing numbers for various states of the USA.

State Citibank routing number
Citibank California, Northern 321171184
Citibank Delaware 31100209
Citibank Illinois 271070801
Citibank Nevada 322271724/ 322271779/ 321070007
Citibank New York 21000089
Citibank Texas 113193532
Citibank Washington DC 254070116
Citibank Connecticut 221172610
Citibank Florida 266086554
Citibank Maryland 52002166
Citibank New Jersey 21272655
Citibank South Dakota 21000089
Citibank Virginia 254070116
Citibank California, Southern 322271724


Citibank Routing Numbers for Wire Transfers

Routing numbers are only needed for various domestic transactions. If you need to send or receive payments internationally then you will require a SWIFT code. A SWIFT code is used in the place of a routing number for international wire transfers.

Type of Wire Transfer Citibank Routing Number
Domestic Wire Transfer Check the above list

International money transfer

Wire transfers are always better than an ACH transfer. Because they’re faster by a few days but also expensive as well.

Finding the Routing Number on Your Check

Most banks provide a checkbook to customers. So you can easily find the routing number on Citibank check.

The routing number generally printed in the bottom left-hand corner of a paper check. There would be three sets of numbers printed in MICR code and the first set of numbers is the routing number.

These three number sets are usually separated by symbols, spaces, or a combination of both.

Contact Citibank for Your Routing Number

You can find Citibank routing numbers in this post. We have collected the numbers from the official source.

You can also login to the online banking portal of Citibank and look for the routing number. If you are not sure where you have opened your Citibank bank account or just want to double sure the routing number, then call their support staff.

Citibank customer support number is 1-800-248-4674 (Toll-free). This line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Which Citibank routing number is for me?

I have listed all the routing numbers for Citibank. You might be wondering which number I should go with for the transaction.

A routing number is mandatory for making any transaction. Check the above table to find the right one for you. If want to make sure about it, then contact your branch for more information.

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