Best Event Listing Sites

10 Best Event Listing Sites to Promote Your Events

In the modern digital marketing era, online visibility plays a crucial role in business promotion. You can use different ways for business promotion including the use of event listing sites. By listing your event on such sites, you can improve your business ranking effectively.

These sites serve as platforms where you can promote your business and boost online visibility. You can also create a strong customer base with top event listing sites. It is one of the most effective ways to create high-quality inbound links on your site. Getting traffic to your site becomes very important to improve the search engine ranking of your website. This can make it possible for more and more people to locate you easily. If you list your events on these sites, your event will become more popular.

Best Event Listing Sites

Mostly, people don’t prefer spending money to list their events and they look for a free event listing sites. There are many event listing websites available in the market. Thus, you must be careful when you’re choosing one. If you’re looking for the best event listing websites, here are some of the best ones you can consider:

1. Eventseeker

Eventseeker is one of the widely used event submission websites with a directory where you can find all events. You can also register for this site with the help of the registration service. In this, you can search for your desired upcoming event by typing for location and keyword in the search bar.

Eventseeker website

It also allows you to browse events in categories like free events and paid events. Most event management professionals use this platform to list their events. You can also use it to locate events that are occurring in or nearby your area. You’ll find all events to be categorized under different headings on this site.

2. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is one of the most popular and widely used sites to promote events. It is used for many years now. Though, you can use this service for free and list as many events as you want. You have to pay a certain amount of your earnings to promote a paid event. You will also have to pay when you receive payment through Eventbrite.

Eventbrite website

It is a very useful website for those who are interested in events. You can view all the upcoming events on the homepage of this website. It is the best platform for professionals working in the event planning industry. This site helps you in attaining your business goals and promoting your events to the target audience.

3. Eventful

Eventful is owned by Entercom and it is very famous for music, educational, and community events. It is one of the top-ranked event listing sites. It has an email newsletter for the benefit of users. It keeps reminding users about the upcoming events in and around their region. Eventful is more of a consumer-based site.

Eventful website

You can use it for promotional events, charity or to promote booths at larger events. A user can also find the conference option where you can find all professional events. It provides access to many free-to-use features like social media links, photos, etc. It can help you in improving your revenue and ROI. You can increase the fame of your event by listing it on the site.

4. 10Times

10Times is a website you can use for effective event submission. Here, you can find the details and updates of conferences, online events, virtual expos, workshops, tradeshows, and webinars in your region. You can share all details about events in different categories like training & education.

10Times website

There are other categories too including pharma & medical, industrial engineering, finance & banking, technology & IT, etc. You must use this website at least once to list your events. It can also help you in finding out the latest upcoming events. This is one of the best sites on which you can promote your events. It helps you to increase your customer base by increasing online visibility.

5. Buzzmyevent

The next event listing site you can try is Buzzmyevent. It makes it super easy for you to submit or list your events at ease. You can also search for your favorite event in your region. A user can also try promoting their business and sell or purchase tickets for an online event.

Buzz my event website

You can start your event on this site and make it famous amongst those who are your target group audience. It is free to use event listing site and you don’t need to pay charges to list your event on this platform. This site helps you in enhancing the online visibility of your event in very less time. You can save a lot of time in promoting your business.

6. Myevent

Myevent is a famous event listing site where you can set up an event and you can submit it on this platform. You can make it visible to the group audience. You can plan your event easily with this site. It is also possible for you to choose your fundraisers or event among various categories. This event listing website is an extremely popular website for music, community, and educational events.

Myevent website

These categories are family reunions, Athons, events, tickets, class reunions, and crowdfunding. You can market your business and get the payment easily. The site provides you with excellent customer assistance. It also allows you to sell tickets for your event on this platform. You must use this site at least once to understand how effectively it can list your event and take it to the top.

7. Eventsget

Eventsget is one such event listing site where you can submit the details about your events. Events may include trade shows, seminars, conferences, etc. If you’re looking for events, this platform can help you find some of the best events across the globe. Users can also search for an event by inputting the keyword in the search panel.

Eventsget website

It provides various categories for posting events like fests, expos, meetings, parties, job fairs, project contests, sports, tours, etc. You can find suitable events based on your preferences in the respective category. Once you find your desired event, you can launch it to view more details and see if tickets are available. It also allows you to book tickets for any upcoming event in your region.

8. Allevents

Allevents is such an event listing platform on which you can submit your events easily. You can also promote your events amongst other users on the platform. You can view online tickets and promote your business on this site. It also helps you to discover the latest events which are scheduled to be organized in your area.

Allevents website

This site has a high domain that allows you to drive increased traffic. It also helps to improve the ranking of your website on search engines. With this website, you can also extend the range of your event on many networks. You can create a positive impact on your online visibility by listing your event on this site. It classifies the entire event list into various categories like music shows, trade fairs, car shows, and many more.

9. Eventsnearhere

Eventsnearhere is another free-to-use event listing website on which you can upload the smallest details of your event. You can do this with the help of event listing tools on this site. It enables you to make your event popular amongst those who are looking for events. This free event submission site allows you to submit details of your event.

Eventsnearhere website

The site shows different categories like yard sales, tag sales, music, festivals, car shows, and others. Once you list or submit your event on this website, it also helps in promoting the event instantly on search engines. This way, you can be assured that your event will become popular amongst more and more people.

10. Events Indiaonline

Events Indiaonline is the last option here in this list of event listing sites. It is a free site where you can submit your events. It offers you a platform where you can promote your events and business. You just need to create a profile and start posting events.

Events Indiaonline website

You can post the events under different categories like campus, business, exhibitions& books, lifestyle, religious, wellness & health, special cinemas, nightlife, and more. You can create many inbound links and increase the ranking of your website on the search engines with this website. If you want to promote your event in a distinctive way, this site is the best option to choose.


These are some of the best event listing websites you can try to submit your events. You can use all of these platforms as they are safe to use. Each one of the above-mentioned sites is very efficient and can serve your purpose.

Most of them are free whereas, a few might have a paid version too. However, you can use the free version easily without spending money. If you’re looking for a good event listing website, try these sites and choose the one that suits your needs. You can register and create an account on some of these sites but it is not mandatory. So, this is not something you need to worry about.

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