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15 Best Eventbrite Alternatives to Manage Your Event

Looking for Eventbrite alternatives to handle all your event management needs. Using event management software will reduce your work by half. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that technology has already acquired all most all areas in today’s world and how could the event management sector spare from it.

That’s why tools like Eventbrite and many Eventbrite alternatives are booming up rapidly to lead the event organizers towards a successful result. Talking about Eventbrite, it is one of the popular event management tools that come with many useful features to manage events. It can be used for ticketing and tracking sales as well as managing registrations. You can also find some more information about this on Wikipedia.

But the event organizers who use this tool often face some weird situations like lack of support service, the demand for additional fees, and the absence of some features.

This abnormal behavior of Eventbrite creates space for its alternatives to come in front. They also claim that they have all the features that are essential to make any event memorable for you as well as for the attendees. So, here we have compiled a list of some suitable alternatives to Eventbrite which can match your needs.

15 Alternatives To Eventbrite

You have a full-proof plan to organize an event and to make it successful you need a solid event management tool that should offer all the features you require. These tools listed below offers many excellent features that will help you to manage your event fluently from starting to end. We have described their important features so it will be easy to pick the suitable one for you.

1. EventSprout

EventSprout is a robust online ticketing and event management platform. If you are searching for a trustable Eventbrite alternative then EventSprout is one of the best options. You would get a boatload of features to manage all the aspects of an event.

EventSprout comes with an easy-to-use dashboard that best fits any level of users. You can create a custom ticketing page, add your logo, add stunning images, and other details. The advanced payout system equipped inside this platform directly deposits the ticket sale revenue without a holding period.

EventSprout website

If your event earning relies on more than selling tickets then you can add them too. Ticket buyers can see the addons during the final checkout process and add more items in few clicks. Using the advanced analytics feature, you can track the number of ticket sales, total income, audience demographics, and more in real-time.

One of the unique features of this platform is the ticketing options. This feature allows you to add a pricing tier feature to different ticket types. To solve users’ queries and event-specific questions EventSprout has an in-house event specialist support team. You can reach out to them and get instant help.

2. Ticketbud

Ticketbud is a well-known name in the field of the online event management sector. It is an easy-to-use tool with many comprehensive features like Integrated promotional tools, secure payment processing, robust data processing tools, data segmentation, link tracking, and more.

The interesting thing about this tool is it provides various ways to sell your event’s tickets without taking any stress.

Let’s have a look at the various ticket-selling ways of Ticketbud.

  • Sell tickets door-to-door and collect the card and cash payments with the help of the Ticketbud point of sale system.
  • Sell tickets on your website and Facebook page with the help of the Ticketbud ticket widget.
  • With Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integration you can track all your marketing efforts easily
  • It allows you to manage collaborators and volunteers in one place.

Ticketbud website

Unlike Eventbrite, it doesn’t make you wait to receive revenue from ticket sales until the event is over. On Ticketbud you will receive daily payouts for ticket sales which not only shows their intent for customer satisfaction but also to provide value to their users.

To add more value to their service they offer customer service support through phone and live chat so you can manage your event easily.

3. Eventzilla

Eventzilla is an amazing event management tool and one of the cheaper alternatives to Eventbrite which is there to help businesses to manage their events effortlessly. This tool includes services like event registration, ticketing platforms, fundraising events, social events, conferences, etc.

Eventzilla website

This tool also hosts some other useful features like Mobile Check-In, Multiple payment options, Attendee survey, Attendee Discounts, Social media integration, email invitation, Badge design, On-site ticketing, and cash payments.

It is a great online ticketing and registration tool which helps in promoting events and ensures no downfall of the show as it sends a reminder to all the attendees before the event.

4. Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor is one of the alternatives to Eventbrite that helps to sell tickets online. It is very easy to set up and can manage any event and you can manage multiple events on this platform.

Ticket Tailor website

With the help of this tool, the event manager can easily check the sale summaries and be able to access analytics, and receive notifications related to the status of the event.

To hold their existing users and to attract new ones, Ticket Tailor also offers discount codes and vouchers for using their service.

5. Doubleknot

Doubleknot is another effective event management tool for businesses, zoos, museums, clubs, and other mission-based organizations. It offers easy event registration and management methods which helps the event organizer to run the event smoothly.

This tool also helps you to manage things like Configuring a custom event with ease, create a registration form to collect all the guest data you need, manage capacities and waitlists per event, make unique event categories as per your organization’s need.

Doubleknot website

You can also access all its amazing non-profit features like Reporting and analytics, Communication and marketing, and payment processing. Any data you need will be available in one simple solution.

With the help of this tool, you can make reservations and registrations much easier for the attendees. Doubleknot is designed with the mindset that complex to complex events can manage easily with the help of this tool.

6. Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster is another popular website like Eventbrite to book tickets online. Usually, you would get large size event and shows.

They specialize in various live events like concerts, sports events, art and theatre performances. On the homepage of the website, you would get an upcoming list of events.

Ticketmaster website

Visitors can see seating charts that reflect the general layout of the venue. You can book a ticket accordingly. Access real-time registration and financial reports using a dedicated backend panel. Using this, you can segment different audience members and fans.

7. Event Smart

Event Smart is one of the Eventbrite alternatives which offers services like event registration, ticketing, publishing, and management tools to help the organizers to achieve their expected goal from that event.

This tool also lets you create images and host multiple events at a time by using one account. Create, edit and modify venues so that you can reuse and show them throughout your website.

Event Smart website

With the help of a custom event registration form, you can collect all the data and information that you require for each event. This tool automatically sends tickets online to the attendees after they register.

Moreover, this tool supports multiple payment options such as Stripe, PayPal, Credit/Debit cards, and other online payment methods. You can also encourage your attendees to give their feedback about the event which will help to improve your service further.

8. Configio

Configio is designed with an easy-to-use approach. The interface of this tool is so user-friendly that you can manage all your events at a time with real-time data.

This tool is not only capable of dealing with event registrations but also offers a great list of services as well. It provides so many customization features that you can use to manage and organize your event effortlessly.

Configio website

With social media, integration helps to promote your event on a big scale to reach more customers. This event management tool also works fluently by dealing with customer relationship management, workflow management, and scale analytics. Check this tool to manage your event without any hassle.

9. Aventri

Aventri is one of the free alternatives to Eventbrite which can handle global events as well as big conferences easily. This tool is a cloud-based program that offers great management methods to make any event successful.

Aventri website

The best thing about this tool is it makes registration easier for the attendees, automating events, and delivers a data-driven ROI. Along with that, it provides excellent ways to manage the event from start to end. if you are doing any event management job like rap song show, Movie or TV shows promotions, business events, this is a helpful tool.

In simple term, this platform is a global end-to-end event management tool and if you are in search of a platform which is more flexible than Eventbrite, then you should give a try to this one.

10. Regpack

Regpack simpler your work by providing services like registration, email marketing, report creation, data filtering, dynamic reporting tool, etc. It offers various other useful features like event promotion, attendee management, ticketing, and more.

By using this event management tool, you can install your form on your website, easily create new registration projects, hassle-free communication with attendees, offer discounts, allow one person to register for multiple persons.

Regpack website

With Regpack and Eventbrite you can replicate the event that you organize every year. So, you only need to create them only once. However, Regpack shows more flexibility with registration types like conferences, trips, and one-day events. No matter how complex your event planning is, this tool has a solution for everything.

The best thing about this tool is it offers a dedicated support team and a project manager who designed your event as per your demand.

11. TicketLeap

TicketLeap is one of the best Eventbrite alternatives which helps you to manage your event accurately. It charges $1 plus 2% of the ticket price and a 3% credit card fee. But for the free events, it doesn’t charge anything.

With the help of this tool, you can send invites to your event via Facebook and Twitter. Let your ticket buyers promote your event for you by encouraging them to post on your event page’s social feed.

TicketLeap website

As most people are online now so you need to focus on creating an event page that looks stellar on mobile, desktop, and tablet as well. But don’t worry TicketLeap will help you to design your page in the way you want.

You can easily connect your event page to Dropbox, Google Analytics to go even further for data management. Whether you are looking for Pre-sale, Student discounts, or Group rates, TicketLeap makes it easy to completely customize multiple ticket types for your events.

12. EventBee

Whether you are looking to organize a small party or a big business event or conference, EventBee is suitable for any type of event. It offers many helpful features like Online ticketing and customizable registration form, flexible payment processing, Branded event pages on EventBee’s website, Social media integration, etc.

EventBee website

There are many event management tools available that charge you a standard price for every ticket you sell additionally they also charge a percentage fee on your total earning. But EventBee doesn’t charge any percentage fee for ticket sales so you don’t have to pay something extra for using this tool.

They have a flat fee pricing which includes four distinct fee structures from $1 to $3 per ticket you sold. You can also take advantage of their handy cost calculating widget feature to check how much you will save when you use their tool instead of Eventbrite.

13. SeatGeek

SeatGeek is another best Eventbrite alternative to search for tickets online. It lists tickets for live sports, concerts, and theater events. Search for the next big events and use various filters to get what you are looking for.

SeatGeek website

This website has a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily manage all of their event data without hustle. Select from a variety of ticketing options and payment methods.

Before booking a ticket you can check the seat view that shows how it would look like when you are on the seat. The seller will get all the ticket management systems within the dashboard.

14. ZapEvent

If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use event management tool, then ZapEvent is the one that you should give a try. It is one of the cheaper alternatives to Eventbrite and is known for making online registration easier both for event managers and their registrants.

This tool is suitable for organizations of all sizes. It has a user-friendly interface and many useful tools such as Custom event pages, Integration with social media platforms, multiple ticketing and payment options, provides real-time registration and financial report during the event progress, etc.

ZapEvent website

ZapEvent not only has a pretty interface but also makes pricing easy too. It has a flexible pricing method that helps the organizers to choose how they can handle processing fees and provides a price calculator to make the ticket strategy easier.

What makes ZapEvent stand out from other event management tools is its robust communicational and marketing functionality which helps organizations to promote their events broadly. Along with that it also helps to communicate with past and present supporters and attendees so you can create a strong network of the fanbase.

15. CommunityPass

CommunityPass is one of the best online registration and event management tool that offers an effective way to manage your events properly. If you are searching for sites like Eventbrite, then you can check this site also.

It features some well useful tools like Online registration for community programs, Facility rental, and management service, messaging option, Secure payment option, Multiple catalogs for program and course, etc.

CommunityPass website

If you are a school administrator, league manager, or a community central leader and going to organize an event then CommunityPass is the tool that will guide you throughout the event for a successful ending.

CommunityPass works with the intention to create a strong network of communities with its invaluable support. If you are using this tool, then there is no need to purchase other tools that are worthless for you as well as for your community members.


That’s it from our side, now it’s your turn. Whether it is small or big, managing an event is a tough task. You have to be attentive throughout the program to make it successful and with the help of these management tools, you can remarkably organize your work.

If You ever come across any other Eventbrite alternatives that provide amazing features to manage events even nicely, then mention them in the comment box we will include them in our list.

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