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12 Free Music Download Sites You Should Know

Whether you’re happy or sad, feeling low or enthusiastic, music is your true companion. We can never get enough of music no matter what’s happening in our lives and this is the reason that free music download sites are in huge demand because, obviously, you are not in a situation to stream online music all the time.

This is why it is a better idea to download your favorite music on your device so that you can listen to them l even in no internet zone. For that, you would need a handful of good free MP3 download sites. Right? Well, worry not because this is what today we are going to talk about.

Free Websites to Download Music Legally

Today, we will introduce you to not just one or two but 12 amazing websites that allow you to download music of all genres for free of cost. These sites are completely safe and incredibly easy to use. So, go ahead and check out our list of free websites to download music legally.

1. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is a hub for music lovers, who are looking for royalty-free music. Owing to this fact, you can safely reuse the music after downloading from this site in your YouTube videos or any other type of creation without any worries of getting copyright strikes.

Free Music Archive website

To download the music from this site, simply head to the site and type the name of your song in the search box. Next, click on this song name that will come in a search query and you will see the download button. Just tap on that button and you are done.

2. Spinrilla

If you love English music, Spinrilla is the best site for you because it features English music from different genres. The unique thing about this site is that it displays music category-wise on the homepage like trending music, popular music, latest music, upcoming music, and such as.

Spinrilla website

Just in case you don’t find the song you are looking for on the homepage, use the search box and make a quick search. Other than MP3 songs, you can also get video songs. Plus, you have the freedom to create your own music library on the site as well. To enjoy the maximum features,  register on the site that is free of cost.

3. Musopen

The purpose of Musopen is to set music free and it perfectly fulfills its purpose. You can enjoy unlimited music on the site and obviously download the songs as well. With the fact that it offers royalty-free music, you also don’t need to worry about copyright issues.

Musopen website

To your delight, you can’t only download music from this side but also recordings and textbooks in audio format. This is definitely a unique feature that is hardly available on other free music download sites. There is a music catalog, where you can search for your favorite song or simply go for the search box available on the site.


Another MP3 downloader that offers you effortless music streaming as well as downloading experience. The notable feature of the site is that it allows you to stream video music as well, other than just the audio songs. From Rock to Jazz, you will get all types of music on CC TRAX.

CC TRAX website

Simply, click on the menu and you will find different categories. Besides that, you will also find a bunch of songs on the homepage of the site. However, if the song you are looking for is not there, use the search button to find it.

5. BandCamp

As the name suggests, BandCamp mainly features music from different music bands. Also, it is one of the most popular music downloaders that is incredibly easy and completely free to use. To enjoy the maximum features, register on the site.

BandCamp website

The unique feature of this music site is that it does not have music from a particular country but from almost all over the world. Simply, click on the name of the country, and all the available music from that country will be right in front of you.

6. FilmMusic

FilmMusic is another good music downloading site that features more than thousands of music and lets you download it in a fraction of a moment. Unlike others, the music on this site is not categorized only by genres but also by artists, charts, topics, and even your mood. In addition, the site also has a voiceover tool, which lets you create voiceovers instantly.

FilmMusic website

The site mainly features English music. To let its users enjoy all the features, it allows a registration facility, which is completely free. On top of everything, the site has an easy user interface and it makes sure that you don’t face any problems while browsing through the site.

7. SoundCloud

If you love Punjabi songs other than just English music, SoundCloud is the best place to hang out for you because it features a whole lot of Punjabi songs, Telugu movie songs, along with different genres of English music. As you will land on the site, you will see the trending songs right in the front.

SoundCloud website

As you will scroll down, you will see different categories of the latest and upcoming songs. To enjoy a flawless music downloading experience, register on the site or simply download its app. Yes, the site has its own app and you can enjoy all the features there as well.

8. Gaana

People who are looking for a site to download Hindi music, head to Gaana, which is probably the biggest and most reliable music platform for Hindi music. From the latest to the old, you will get all types of Hindi songs on this platform. The site is completely free to listen as well as download songs.

Gaana website

The interesting thing about Gaana is that you can sort the songs by artist, album, and genre. It saves lots of time and offers you what you’re looking for. Not to forget, Ganna had its own mobile application as well. You can get that too to enjoy a seamless experience.

9. SoundClick

SoundClick is an unfathomable ocean of music, where you can get different types of music including instrumentals, hip hop, electronic, rock, urban, pop, country, metal, jazz, latin, classical, and many others. You will find all these categories in the dashboard itself. Using this free website to download music legally and explore a huge library.

SoundClick website

There is also a search box. Use it to have a more customized search experience. It allows on-site registration in order to offer you a bundle of exclusive features that are available only for registered users. Like many others, Soundclick also had its own mobile application.

10. Audiomack

Audiomack is one of those free music download sites that not only have English music but also Bollywood songs. Given the fact, the song collection on this site is huge. You might not be able to find your desired song on the dashboard. So, make a quick search and you are most likely to get that here.

Audiomack website

There are different options in the menu like trending, top songs, top albums, and recently added, where you can find categorized songs in that particular category. To create your own library on the site, register for an account. In addition, download the mobile application if you wish to further amplify your experience.

11. Jamendo

Here is another music-downloading site that particularly focuses on English music. It has a pool of English songs, which are free to download and even reuse for any commercial purpose. The thing you would love about this site is that it does not only let you explore the music of different tastes but also different artists.

Jamendo website


Needless to mention that the site features music from different genres like pop Hip Hop, jazz, country, and many such others. Unlike its competitors, you can customize your searches on this site according to the location and the genre of the music. You can use it to download free music and listen later.

12. JioSaavn

JioSaavn will delight Hindi music lovers, as it is home to a plethora of Hindi music that is available to listen as well as download. Being one of the most popular sites to stream and download free music in Hindi, this won’t disappoint you no matter what kind of music you are looking for.

JioSaavn website

To your surprise, the site is not limited just to Hindi music. You can explore music in other languages like English and Punjabi as well. To create your favorite playlist and enjoy other exclusive features, register on the site. If you wish, go for its mobile application and enjoy a flawless experience.


You definitely have the flexibility to listen to music online but it is good to download them so that you can enjoy them anytime when you don’t even have access to the internet. So, just pick one of these free music download sites for you.


Do I need any third-party tool or application to download music from these sites?

No, you don’t need any third-party tool to download music from these sites. They allow the flexibility to download music straight away from them.

Do all these sites require registration?

Well, you would need to check this thing on every site because this thing varies from site to site. Some let you download music without registration, while some do require registration.

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