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The Best 7 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Account Quickly And Easily

Instagram is considered to be one of the most popular and in-demand platforms over the past few years for a reason. The site occupies a leading position in the list of the most visited resources this year, and this is not surprising, because the audience of the site is constantly growing, and at the moment about 500 million people visit Instagram daily.

Entrepreneurs, influencers, celebrities, and others use the opportunity to become famous personalities in the media sphere. And most of them choose Instagram to promote on the Internet. But gaining popularity can be very difficult. Moving forward in the network, you should understand that an excellent result will be achieved only if you devote a lot of time and effort to this process.

At the same time, there are only a few really working and effective ways of promotion that do not require special skills and knowledge of the work of advertising campaigns. If you are moving online or have just decided to start doing it, this article is perfect for you. Read on to learn about 5 free and 2 paid ways to attract an audience.

You probably understand that the most effective and fastest ways of promotion are paid. Bloggers who choose this path become more competitive in a matter of days. We advise you to initially use paid quality services in order to be able to use free options in the future, having a base on which you can rely.

How to Attract More Audiences

So, the 2 best ways to attract an audience are for money.

First Way

Subscriber base at the initial stage. Users do not pay attention to the authors of accounts that have few viewers. This is due to the fact that subscribers on the page are an indicator of success and popularity.

Instagram followers

Accordingly, the more readers there are, the higher the probability of attracting new readers. Like millions of other bloggers, you can use the chance to buy real Instagram followers to take your account to a new level. This will help you in organic promotion, and the page will stand out from other newcomers and look more complete and solid.

Second Way

Collaboration with other authors Influence marketing has occupied a niche of paid services and will be at the peak of popularity for a very long time. Users are tired of soulless advertisements that have flooded Instagram and stopped responding to them as actively as before.

Therefore, bloggers make a choice in favor of native advertising, which looks organic and natural. It’s better to use this option after you have the initial subscriber base that we talked about earlier.

Instagram influencer marketing

At the same time, if you sell goods or services, you can negotiate advertising not for money, but on a barter basis. That is, you send the blogger your stuff for a trial, and he tells his viewers about them. Be sure to discuss all the terms of the deal with the authors so that both parties are satisfied with the result of joint work.

Using this method, you can get several hundred or even thousands of subscribers on Instagram, but you need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to spend a considerable amount from the budget.

How to Grow Instagram Subscribers for Free

Here are the free methods to grow your page.

Using Different Content Formats

Use multiple Insta content formats. Content is a key factor that users pay attention to. It depends on your publication whether a potential follower clicks on the “subscribe” button. To increase the chance of getting more new subscribers, it is necessary to use various ways of presenting information and use new features. A couple of years ago, Instagram introduced us to such video formats as Reels and IGTV.

Instagram reels video

Videos of different timekeeping have captured the hearts of millions of people and this trend will continue for a very long time. And if your clips get into the recommendations, then you are guaranteed to get great coverage, but for this, you need to constantly improve the quality of content. Follow the trends in the video sphere to use it in your account.

Cross Promote

According to statistics, now the majority of active Internet users have personal accounts on min. 3 platforms. This means that you probably have pages on networks like Facebook. Youtube, Twitter, etc. Why not use this in your Instagram marketing strategy? Offer users of other platforms unique content that you publish only on Instagram.

For example, if you run an expert blog on Youtube, transfer some of your viewers to Instagram, promising to publish posts about your real life there. This way you will be able to use traffic from other networks and get more loyal viewers on Insta.


Social networks are designed for users to communicate with each other. And you should keep this in mind when promoting your online account. In order to interact with the audience as much as possible and at the same time get more new subscribers, use the opportunity to leave reviews under the posts of popular authors.

This method does not imply meaningless spam (for which your page can get into a shadow ban), you need to write exclusively relevant comments that will be backed up to the topic of the post and have value. In this case, users will pay attention to you, especially if you can start a dialogue with them.


“Travel”, “Animals”, “Business”, “Follow me” – all these are the keywords by which users search for the contacts they are interested in. This is one of the best free tools used not only by beginners but also by popular authors. To use this method correctly and effectively, write only those Instagram hashtags that relate to the subject of your page.

Instagram Hashtag

And if you have just started blogging, we recommend using low-frequency tags to avoid a lot of competition. In one publication, you can add up to 30 keywords, but such a canvas of text can alienate readers, so it is optimal to write from 5 to 15 tags that will not catch the eye.

Mutual PR

This method is suitable for those bloggers who already have a few hundred subscribers. The essence of mutual PR is that you tell the audience about another author, and he does the same in response. You exchange audiences with each other completely free of charge, and this is beneficial for both authors.

It is important to choose an author who has a similar subject but is not your direct competitor. And also keep in mind that for guest posting it is better to choose a blogger who has approximately the same number of subscribers as you. Then mutual promotion will be beneficial and fair for both sides.


There you have it! Now you know which methods are most effective and will help you achieve success on the site. Use them separately and together, combine them with each other, and do not forget about the quality of the content.

Remember that nothing happens just like that. Make an effort, be creative, and spare no money for the development of the page. You’ll be surprised what Instagram is capable of when you start using it wisely. Good luck!

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