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10 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms to Find The Right Influencers

With influencer marketing becoming a popular strategy for businesses, the urge to find the right influencer marketing platform is on the rise. If you are yet to invest in it, here are a few statistics for you.

By the end of 2021, influencer marketing is projected to grow to be a $13.8 million market. Further, 75% of the leading brands aim at using a large part of their marketing budget for this strategy. Here are some top influencer marketing platforms you can use.

Today’s smart marketing platforms offer relationship management, third-party analytics, campaign management, influencer marketplace, and influencer content amplification facilities. Go through the following passages to check out the best influencer marketing platforms.

Best Influencer Marketing Platforms

Here are the best influencer marketing platforms available on the web. Take a look at their features, functionalities, and benefits. We hope it will help you make an informed decision.

1. Locobuzz

Locobuzz is a useful influencer marketing platform that offers holistic social media management. With its detailed market research and insights, Locobuzz ensures smart customer care. The WhatsApp business services further facilitate the users’ convenience.

With its seamless customer experience management and online reputation management, the platform helps to optimize brand presence. This is widely used for social listening and brand monitoring.

Locobuzz website

The platform is the best social media scheduling platform that helps to manage the content calendar. You can analyze and track your social media campaigns with a single smart automation tool.

Its single interface platform helps to manage your entire digital ecosystem. Locobuzz allows marketing and CX teams to make data-driven decisions. Further, use the social listening tool to strengthen your brand reputation, engage with influencers and customers in real-time.

The intuitive platform helps you to derive insights into social media engagement through one tool. With its real-time competitor benchmarking, you can stay ahead of your competitors and ensure a positive brand experience.

2. Upfluence

Upfluence is an all-in-one influencer marketing platform that helps you connect and collaborate with content creators, marketers, manage payments, and more. These ensure to drive meaningful relationships that yield results.

With the free influencer marketing platform, you can drive your brand and more sales from influencer marketing. Here, you can manage influencer and affiliate partnerships more effectively. Some of its features include influencer discovery, automated outreach, relationship management, campaign workflow, payment management, and analytics.

Upfluence influencer marketing platforms

Also, the platform offers a wide array of tools to make it easy to create better influencer campaigns. Integrate your influencer marketing activities into your social commerce and eCommerce strategies to drive more sales.

Check in-depth details of engagement rate, average views, average likes and comments, and more. You can keep track of all the influencers in one dashboard. Filter the results by location, list, and campaigns to effectively find out the best influencer.


IMAI is here to power your marketing strategies with tech-driven influencer marketing techniques. Therefore, you can win a competitive edge without any hassle. The AI-driven platform allows you to explore over 120+ million influencers all around the web. Further, you can analyze their demographics and psychographics.

With the marketing platform at your disposal, you can search through an extensive database of influencers’ profiles across Twitch, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. The platform has a dedicated client reporting dashboard that helps to measure campaign success.

IMAI website

It offers results in real-time through your branded interface. With the combined force of AI and Big Data, the smart algorithms of the platform keep influencer marketing activities on autopilot.

IMAI boasts of partnering with the most sophisticated affiliate technology that drives performance-based campaigns. It helps to track sales as well. Dive into the influencer marketing tool to enjoy a boost in social commerce.

4. SocialBakers

For an entrepreneur, SocialBakers is an end-to-end micro influencer platform to meet every need. From exploring the right influencer for your brand to validating their quality and analyzing the results – you get it all. Connect with YouTubers and other social influencers for brand promotion using SocialBakers.

The best part is that you can save time by skipping tedious manual research. Find the most effective influencers in seconds with its AI-driven search box. Further, you can connect your data to the platform to discover new influencers for your brand.

SocialBakers Influencer marketing website

SocialBakers believes in a detailed approach when it comes to influencer marketing. That’s why the platform enables you to discover influencers based on your criteria. These may include engagement rate, followers, number of posts, and so on.

Also, you can choose influencers by hashtags, mentions, and earlier collaborations. With its easy filters, you can find micro and celebrity influencers. Pick the one that suits best for your brand. The transparent platform lets you get an instant view of the audience base of the influencers.

5. IFluenze

IFluenze makes influencer marketing super easy. The all-integrated platform is tailor-made from brands and agencies to manage and scale various aspects of influencer marketing campaigns. This influencer marketplace connects marketers with leading influencers in similar industries and social channels.

The influencer marketing platform is ideal for small businesses as it let you promote your products and services on a tight budget. Further, brand marketers can create a strong community around your brand with creative influencers. Again, agencies can partner with popular influencers to increase their client’s ROI.

IFluenze website

The platform makes it seamless for brands to collaborate with influencers. Here, you can create a campaign for free. Setting it up takes about 10 minutes. Once set up, you can discover the best matching influencers and receive creative content from them. Then, you can preview, accept, or deny proposals.

That’s all; your campaign is all set to get published by the approved influencers. You can track the campaign performance in real-time and review the influencers. This end-to-end campaign management tool provides clear data to brands and agencies.

6. Traackr

Traackr provides the insights, tools, and expertise to deliver amazing results from influencer marketing. The tool claims to offer basic facilities like influencer discovery, campaign management, collaboration, and reporting.

On top of that, they also offer the largest pool of global data sets, unique market benchmarking, and a team of industry experts. All these measures ensure to help you make a smarter investment.

Traackr website

The platform enables you to build awareness and drive sales with smart partnerships. The user base of the platform asserts that it adopts a strategic approach. Further, it shows the influencers that perform the best for you and your competitors. Hence, you can use your resources smartly.

Leverage the tool to gain visibility and align with agency partners. The insights and expertise of the influencers will help you generate higher revenue. You can also track the amount you have spent, cost per view, cost per post, CPE, CPC, and CPV right at the interface.

7. Influencity

Influencer marketing is made easy with Influencity. The influencer marketing platform powers time and cost-saving efforts. The platform converts the manual campaign process into an automated process and takes the pain out of it.

Here, you can find influencers from around the world who match your campaign’s objectives. You can set up an intuitive database to analyze their scores. Based on these rich insights, pick the best one for your marketing program.

Influencer website

Influencity aims at keeping you updated about real-time results. Therefore, you can rest assured of acquiring minute-to-minute access to the campaign results. With 70 million influencers available on the platform, you can boost your marketing strategy.

The tool generates relevant profiles to help you identify your best match. This makes influencer outreach smooth and hassle-free. The platform is highly secured, so you need not worry about losing your database.

8. Tagger

Tagger is a data-driven influencer marketing platform and a reliable social listening tool. Maximize your return on investment with the SAAS based platform. It is trusted by international brands.

You can leverage the tool to plan your campaigns, understand audience demand, connect with popular influencers, and get accurate results. The tool is ideal for measuring and benchmarking social engagement, comparing and researching competitors, understanding your userbase, and uncovering content insights.

The tool has a massive database of 11b+ posts, 300K+ brands, and 6M+ influencers. Therefore, you can get ideas from different posts, explore your competitors’ strategies and connect with influencers.

Tagger website

The CRM solution allows you to connect with influencers, activate campaigns, review content, and pay the influencers without any glitch. You can measure every step so as to ensure that you are not squandering resources.

Further, you can easily track campaign success using accurate and real-time data. You can generate fully customizable modular reports. The best part is that the platform enables you to track both organic and sponsored mentions. That way, you can get a comprehensive overview of your brand’s social health.

9. TalentSheets

TalentSheets is best-known for its ultimate influencer outreach templates. Here, you can get a hands-on strategic guide for free. With TalentSheets Chrome Extension, you can import influencers directly into your Google Sheets.

The extension enables you to browse Instagram and YouTube. Thus you can add your favorite influencers, contact info, performance data, and payment rates into Google Sheets. Next, all you need is to compare the database and make a decision.

TalentSheets website

Further, you can automate the time-consuming campaign tasks with various Google Sheets templates. The platform has an in-built database of spreadsheet templates. With the Google Sheets add-on, you can optimize for bulk email, automated link creation, shipment tracking, automated reporting, and more.

Next, you can automatically generate influencers’ contracts in Google Docs. The contract template of Google Docs helps in generating 50+ professional legal agreements without any hassle. Influencer marketing helps marketers to invest in the right strategies, streamline campaigns.

From Fortune 500 brands to start-ups – companies with diverse sizes and budgets have utilized the platform. You can also partner with the team to optimize your marketing strategies.


If you are looking for an influencer marketing platform to generate brand awareness and identity, can be the perfect destination for you. With it, you can self-serve or work with a campaign specialist to automate your influencer campaigns.

The platform enables you to connect your eCommerce stores and empowers you to drive sales all the time. Here, the creator community becomes your customers and advocates. Here, you can avail a full range of digital marketing services including social media management, paid ads, and more. website

Launched back in 2018, the platform has emerged as an influencer marketplace. The best part is that you can find influencers by targeting specific demography. You have to enter details like audience age, location, language, type, gender, interests, ethnicity, etc.

Next, the platform will show a list of influencers that match your audience base. Selecting the influencers on the basis of these insights will help you best utilize the resources. The hands-free version of the marketplace is efficient and of high quality.

Brand needs to create their ideal influencers and campaigns. The efficient system will play the role of a matchmaker. With its wide talent pool of 80K influencers, you can pick the right influencer for your brand.

11. Heepsy

Heepsy is a popular influencer marketing tool that helps you connect with millions of influencers across YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and TikTok. You can audit fake followers and check various content performance metrics.

The platform is relied on by thousands of small and big brands which speaks volumes of their credibility. This is an advanced tool for advertisers, agencies, and brands interacting with influencers. Finding influencers is also easy here. You can access more than 11 million influencers with more than five thousand followers on Instagram and YouTube.

Heepsy influencer marketing platform

Once you come across the list of influencers, you can filter them by metrics like category, location, engagement, and audience. Thus, your efforts will be more effective.

The advanced reporting of the platform includes filters like authenticity, demographics, cost estimation, and brand collaboration. Hence, you can rest assured of the transparency of the influencers. This tool enables you to tailor your search according to your industry and discover new possibilities for marketing.


The platform enables you to get connected with thousands of influencers in your niche. Exploring influencers is simple and hassle-free as you can get started with your social account. Connect your social account to build your profile and select relevant categories.

Influencer marketing website

Next, search for CPI and CPA that align with your brand and target audience. Once the influencers create personalized content and promote, you can track the results. Thus, the platform lets every brand scale up across the digital realm, drive growth, and ensure success.

If you have an influencer marketing agency and want to streamline your content marketing and social media operations then use this website. The advanced campaign analyzer of the tool helps you to obtain a deeper understanding of your marketing measures. Depending on the insights, you can pick the right influencer, allot more resources to a specific platform, and make the most of your marketing budget.


We hope the understanding of the top-rated influencer marketing platform will help you select the right one. Each one comes with its benefits. Pick the one that meets your requirements and take your marketing games to the next level.

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