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14 Best Free Instagram Followers Apps for Android and iOS

Instagram followers apps are on-trend. Everyone wants to be popular on Instagram and without continuous user engagement on profile no one can become popular. That’s why people are using the Instagram followers app to get more likes, comments, and followers on their account.

If you are unaware of such apps, don’t worry we came up with a list of apps that will help you to get more Instagram followers in a short time and make your profile look special. Keep in mind that raising followers through bots is not an ideal choice, however, organic growth is always helpful for you.

14 Instagram Followers App

The apps we are going to list here will provide effective hashtags to use in your posts, complete insight of your profile by which you can clearly know about your audience, and manage your account accordingly. Let’s go and check which app will be suitable for you.

1. Socialenablers

Socialenbanlers is a free Instagram followers provider which will help you boost your Instagram followers instantly. It has a clean user-interface and is easy to use.

You can select how much followers you want from 0-50k and you can also select the time when you want to boost your followers from instantly to 60 days. Suppose if you select 30k followers in 30 days, then you will get 1k followers every day until your Instagram followers reach the mark 30k.

2. Instamacro

Instamacro is one of the popular apps that helps you to get more Instagram likes and followers quickly. It is a suitable app to boost your Instagram profile in a short period.

3. Skweezer

Skweezer is a good Instagram follower provider available on the internet. It provides 50 free followers just for signing up on their platform. Then you can purchase followers as per your need.

It is very easy to use, just visit their website sign up with your Instagram Id and password and click on the get more followers button to boost your followers.

4. Fastlykke

Whether you want more likes, followers, or comments on your Instagram account, Fastlykke will help you to get that. All the followers you get though this platform are genuine and they also stay on your page for longer.

However, this platform is not completely free, but it is trustworthy. They also offer a 100% money-back challenge if their service doesn’t work properly for you.


Followers+ is a great Instagram followers app which helps you to find the trending hashtags that you can use in your post to reach more audience. This app also allows you to communicate with your audience while staying connected with the platform. You can download the data that you’d like to use another day. Overall, this app will help you build your Instagram profile attractive with free Instagram followers.

6. Turbo followers

This app will help you to amplify your Instagram account with genuine followers. On this app, you have to like a certain number and types of Instagram posts every day and on return, it will give you some points which you can use to buy followers for your profile. This app has a very intuitive user-interface and is easy to use.

7. Get Followers

Get followers on the Instagram app works similar to Turbo followers. As soon as you download and sign up for this app, it will add some coins to your account after that it will ask you to follow some other Instagram accounts.

For each account you follow, it will gift you some coins which you can use to buy followers for your Instagram account.

8. HashtagsMix

HashtagsMix is a popular app that helps to shape your Instagram account perfectly. It brings all the trending hashtags which you can use in your Instagram post to reach more users.

Along with that it also provides many useful tips on how to make your profile more attractive to other users which will help you to gain more real followers on your account.

9. Followers For Instagram

Followers For Instagram is a popular app that will help you to gain genuine followers on your account. All you have to is like posts and follow a certain number of accounts to get followers. Apart from that this app also insists buzzing hashtags to use in your posts.

It also tracks your account activities and provides analytics on which type of posts are getting more attention and who are following/unfollowing you, etc. These stats will help you to manage your account accordingly.

10. Followers Chief

Follower Chief is a well-known Instagram followers app that will provide you many helpful tips on how to make your Instagram posts more engaging.

It also provides the analytics of your profile from which you can see how many likes and comments you’ve received for each post you uploaded. With the help of this app, you can also unfollow ghost followers and mass unfollow accounts that are not following you back.

11. 1000+ Followers for Instagram

This is one of the get more Instagram followers apps which will raise your Instagram followers instantly. It provides many on-trend hashtags that you can use in your Instagram posts to grab more attention. On this app, you can also buy followers for your account to give it a new look.

12. Followers Insight

Followers Insight is a very helpful app that detects all the ghost and inactive followers on your Instagram account and helps to remove them. Although their presence increases your number of followers, they don’t even add any value to your profile. So, you need to wipe them out to give your profile an authentic look.

This app also provides a complete insight into your account like what type of audience you are attracting, what is the right time to publish a post, how many likes, comments you’re getting on each post, etc. So, by using these data you can modify your account to gain more followers within a short time.

13. Followers Pumper

Followers pumper will help you to get followers on the Instagram app with simple tricks. It collects all the trending hashtags and shows it to you and all you have to do is put that hashtags in your posts to reach a wide audience.

So, this way you can easily get more likes, comments, and followers on your account. It also tells how you can use the hashtags effectively so that not only your post reaches more audience but also seems compatible with them.

14. Get More Followers For Instagram

This app picks all the buzzing hashtags around the world and shows them to you. And you have to use those hashtags with your post which will help you to reach a better and wider audience so that you can get more likes and followers.

It also gives suggestions on how to use the hashtags, how to craft your profile so that it will look appealing to other users and they start to follow you.


So, these are the best Instagram followers apps which you can install on your smartphone to boost your followers quickly. Just link your Instagram account with the app and it will guide you on how to get more followers and craft your profile properly so that it looks attractive to other users.

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