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10 Best Instagram Reels Download Websites

Instagram is a platform loaded with a full dose of entertainment. The most awesome feature of this platform is its Reels, which are really funny and creative. Do you know where these Reels the Instagrammers get from? Well, some of them make their own and some use Instagram Reels download sites, which are free, quick, and easy to use.

If you also want to become an Instagrammer but you don’t have good skills to make attention-grabbing Reels, you can try these sites. They don’t require any skills. In just seconds, you’ll get a mind-blowing reel.

Downloading Instagram Videos

Downloading Instagram videos directly from the platform is not possible. However, it doesn’t mean that it is not at all possible. If you have knowledge of the right tools and sites, you can download any Reels in just a fraction of a moment.

Wondering what those tools are? Well, worry not. We have got your back. Here, we have listed down the top 10 best sites to download Instagram Reels. Through the glimpse on the list and pick the one for you.

1. InstaFinsta

Finding a site that offers you to download reel in HD quality is really difficult. However, with InstaFinsta, you don’t need to worry about that because it offers you that feature. This site lets you save videos in high quality directly in your phone gallery.

InstaFinsta website

The best thing is that you don’t need to create an account or login into the site to download the Reels. Simply, paste the link of the video that you want to download in the input box and press download. That’s it. Your video is ready for download.

You are free to download unlimited Reels with this site. Not just Reels but the site also helps you to download other Instagram videos, photos, DPs, stories, and even highlights. What else can you ask for?

2. Snapinsta

If you are looking for a site with the easiest user interface, Snapinsta is the best choice for you without any doubt. The site works on just ‘copy and paste’ formula. Except that, you don’t need to do anything. Like, you don’t need to sign up or login into the site.

Snapinsta website

Unlike many of its competitors, this site allows you to download videos from Instagram without watermark and in HD quality. Not just that, the site is available in different languages, just in case you want to use it in your own language.

In addition, the site is completely free. With this site, you don’t need to worry about your identity when stalking someone else Insta account, as it keeps everything anonymous. After downloading the reels from this site, you are free to share them on your other social media handles or just anywhere.

3. IGDownloader

Look at this wonderful site that is specifically dedicated to download Instagram Reels only. Given the fact, it is extremely easy and hassle-free to use. Just copy the link to the Instagram Reel and paste it here in the input box. That’s all. Within a few seconds, your download link will be ready. Now just hit the download button and your desired reel would be in your phone gallery.

IGDownloder website

The site has four sections, meant for profile, IGTV, reel, and avatar. Just click on the section that you want to download. Like, if you want to download an Instagram Profile picture, simply click on the profile tab.

To your surprise, this site allows you to download multiple Instagram Posts and unlimited Instagram Pictures in original resolution. Another great thing about this site is that it is compatible with almost all devices. You can even run it on the PC and download Instagram Reels.

4. SSSInstagram

Known for its easy user interface, SSSInstagram is a darling of thousands of users. The reason people love this site is that it allows them to download unlimited videos of original quality. Plus, this whole process is awfully easy too. Just paste your link and hit the download button. That’s it.

SSSInstagram website

To add further, SSS Instagram supports not just Reels but other Instagram post types too. With this site, you can download Instagram stories, IGTV, photos, videos, and even carousels. This one-click tool will help you to download almost everything from Instagram.

Despite having multiple features, the site has an extremely easy user interface. The videos and Reels you will download from this site will appear in your phone gallery. You’re free to repurpose them on any of your social media handles. As an Instagram user, you should keep your Instagram bio appealing to drive more followers.

5. instaDP

Another wonderful site that is made solely to play around with Instagram anonymously. The best feature of this site is that it lets you do everything while maintaining your anonymity. Download anyone’s reel and the owner won’t get even a whiff of it.

InstaDP website

Like other online Reels downloaders, this site also allows you to download Instagram profile pictures, stories, videos, and IGTV. Using all the functions is super easy. Just copy the link of the content you want to download and paste it into the input box of this site. You are done. As simple as it sounds.

The site is completely legit, safe, and easy to use. You can use it without any problems. The videos downloaded from this site will be stored in your phone gallery. You are free to use them for any purpose anytime.

6. InstaSave

True to its name, InstaSave is the site that allows you to save Instagram content uploaded by other users. It takes just three steps to download an Instagram reel with the help of this site. Copy the link, put it into the input box, and hit the download button. That’s it.

InstaSave website

As you might be expecting, you can download not just Instagram Reels but also Instagram photos, videos IG TV, albums, and any type of multimedia content from this site. The interesting thing is that the quality remains original even after downloading.

As for its user-friendliness, the site has a super easy user interface. You don’t need any login or signup. Just navigate to the homepage of the site and you are ready to go.

7. Igram

Another site that is known for its remarkable Instagram Reels download functionality. In fact, not just Reels, but the site will help you to download Instagram photos, videos, IGTV videos, and even stories on your device without any problem.

Igram website

The thing that makes it popular is its easy user interface. The site gives you one-click results. You just need to paste your copied link into the input box of this site and hit the download button. That is all. Your desired Instagram reel would be in your phone gallery.

With the fact that the site is light, it can be effectively used on any device, be it mobile, tablet, or computer. If you are concerned about the quality of content, worry not. It retains the original quality.

8. Reelit

Look at this video downloader for Instagram reels if you want to download reels anonymously. Unlike many of its competitors, this site gives importance to the anonymity factor while downloading the reels of other users. Given the fact, you can download just anyone’s reel and your identity won’t be disclosed.

ReelIt website

To download reels on your device with the help of this site, you don’t need any installation, signup, or logging in. Just enter the link you want to download the content from or the Instagram username that you want to stalk. That’s all. Instagram story viewer is also there and you just have to put the username.

The site makes sure to offer you videos in high resolution. On top of all, it is super easy to use. Not to forget, it lets you download everything including videos, photos, IGTV, and stories from Instagram other than just the reels.


The worst thing with free tools is that you have to bear with their annoying watermarks. Isn’t it? Well, with Instavideosave, you don’t have to go through all this. Unlike other Instagram Reels download sites, this site offers original quality Reels, that too without any watermark.

Instavideosave website

To add further, the site is compatible with all devices including mobile, PC, and tablet. The functionality is the same on all devices. You just need to paste the targeted link into the input box of this site and hit the download button. Voila! your job is done.

Other than Instagram Reels, the site allows you to download Instagram DPs, stories, audio, photos, videos, and even FB videos. The downloaded file is saved on the media gallery of your device. You can access it anytime.

10. Downloadgram

As the name suggests, Downloadgram allows you to download all types of content from Instagram. Be it images, videos, IGTV, or Reels, you can download anything in just a single click with the help of this site.

Downloadgram website

There is no daily limit for the images or Reels that you’re allowed to download from the site. This means, you’ll get to enjoy unlimited Reels or Instagram content with this site. The content will be saved on your device’s gallery.

Another good thing about this site is that it is compatible with all devices and all web browsers. Given the fact, that you have the flexibility to use it on any smartphone or web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, UC, CM, Dolphin, and all other browsers


Use one of these Instagram Reels download sites and take your Instagram reeling experience to a whole new level. To get clickbait Reels from these sites, you don’t need to do anything. Just copy the URL of the reel that you want to download and paste it into one of these sites. That’s it.

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