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8 Best Kids Search Engine (100% Safe)

There is no doubt that the education system in almost every developed country is rapidly switching to online mode. And studying in online modes means more exposure to the internet which might be risky as the internet has both dark and good sides. That’s why kids search engine might prove to be an effective way to safeguard kids from accessing bad content.

Safe search engines will block every kind of unauthenticated and irrelevant content while browsing Google searches. This software or search engines can be installed on your child’s smartphone for a better and safer internet surfing experience.

Teaching in online modes is improvisation or enhancement over old traditional teaching methods. Kids too prefer to study online on their laptops which helps them to understand every concept with great efficiency.

Animated video lectures help students to understand every complex concept in an easy manner. Kids can study online whenever they want to and can attend online classes right from their home.

However, it is also true that studying online has its cons too. The internet is flooded with a lot of irrelevant things and bad content. That’s why parents are always concerned about this issue very much. And in this perspective, safe browsers are best to ensure the safe search for kids with better protection.

What is the need for kids search engines?

Nowadays, there is a very strict need for kids safe search engines. We all should agree with it because we will never want our kids to access adult content without any authenticity.

Putting restrictions on searched results for whatever our kids search will help a lot to the parents in this concern. Search engines designed especially for kids are pretty much interactive and useful to them.

Kids can search their subject-related doubts and queries through these search engines. Moreover, kids can also explore other fun and creative stuff to enhance their extracurricular activities and talents.

So, we don’t see any valid point why we should not use these specialized search engines for our kids’ safety. Let the kids study online whatever is in their area of interest without worrying about anything.

Kids are very creative in their early stages of school and letting them explore their hidden talents will ensure their exponential growth.

How do the kids search engines work?

Kids search engine works on an algorithm to protect them against the dark side of the Internet. There is a whitelist under which there are a whole lot of websites for kids that are harmless and do not contain any adult content.

The safe kids search engines only show whitelist websites while browsing the internet. Most of the search engines only display Google Certified search results.

Whereas some of them run on their own algorithm to restrict bad content in filtered results. Typically, those websites which are identified to have bad content on their webpages are blocked by the search engine before showing the filtered results. Most people use a VPN for accessing this type of website.

And these types of websites are marked under the Blacklist category which is typically the opposite of whitelist. All those websites which are restricted by Google are not displayed in these types of search engines.

There are a whole lot of search engines kids specific are well-specialized for this task. Explore all of them and decide what should be the best choice.

Best Safe Kids Search Engines

We will list down the best kid-friendly safe search engines that are designed with smart technology to avoid displaying all the bad content on the internet. Just have a quick look at all the options below and pick the best out of them for your child

  1. Yahoo Kids

Yahoo Kids does not require any kind of introduction as the Yahoo kids platform is undoubtedly the safest search engine for kids. This search engine offers plenty of features and a safe browsing experience guarantee.

There are cool stuff and a lot of animated 3-D graphics spread all over the layout of this browser. The kid-friendly user-interface impresses kids a lot and hence enhancing their learning desires and capabilities.

Yahoo Kids website

Every search made over this search engine is organic and free from bad content. It simply removes everything irrelevant for our kids to watch out for.

That’s why placing this option in the very first place makes every sense in this world for your kids safe from inevitable content.

  1. International Children’s Digital Library

This is a directory in itself that does not show results from other search engines. In simple words, it is not an internet filter that just filters out bad content visuals.

This Kids safe search engine contains more than six hundred sources of different subjects related to study and learning things. Additionally, the Graphic user-interface is pretty much appealing that contains a lot of animated graphics and better visualization.

International Children's Digital Library website

And the best thing about this option is it doesn’t show any kind of ads in between. Children can learn anything related to their subjects and can do regular assignments to keep a track of their progress.

It is one of the most promising kids’ search engines that guarantees complete safety and protection against irrelevant content.

However, the availability of limited resources of study material and subjects is one of its significant drawbacks which may prompt you to check other great options we have below.

  1. KidzSearch

This is a very formidable choice for every parent that wishes to show only Google Certified results to their kids. This search engine runs on an algorithm that strictly removes the Google Restricted content to be displayed.

That’s why it is a safe option for your kids that does not let any adult content in filtered results. It is one of the finest options available that is specially developed from the perspective of the safe search for kids.

KidzSearch website

Moreover, this independent search engine does not make any use of stored web cookies while searching the content. It is quite a popular choice on the internet and you must install or use this web search engine on your child’s device.

You may make KidzSearch the homepage on a web browser so that your kid may access it directly.

  1. Wacky Safe

Designed by tech giant Microsoft, Wacky Safe is another very comprehensive choice as a safe kids search engine. It only displays all the appropriate webpages having only relevant content.

The best thing about Wacky Safe is that it is available in the Android and PC app versions so that kids can use it easily. Its attractive graphic user-interface is also a key highlighting feature.

Wacky Safe website

The searched results that are displayed are organic and free from adult content. And due to this, it claims to provide an “Ultra-safe” browsing experience for the kids.

It has thousands of positive reviews on the internet and because of that, Wacky Safe is one of our strongest recommendations to you people.

  1. WolframAlpha

WolframAlpha is typically a kind of computational search engine which is useful in many aspects. All the questions that are related to numbers and computations can be solved with the help of this.

Kids can get solutions for complex mathematical problems very easily and reliably through this search engine. Furthermore, it can also be used for general queries.

WolframAlpha website

Filtered searched results are free from any unwanted bad or adult content display. This kids search engine is fully optimized and it is having an in-depth amount of huge study resources.

That’s why it is surely one of the best picks in this list which is providing good stuff of resources.

  1. Refseek

Refseek is an incredible search engine that is precisely developed for students and scholars. This search engine is useful for Researchers too.

It performs an organic search from hundreds of websites to help researchers in their studies. The major advantage of using Refseek is that it does not show any kind of bad content by restricting the search algorithm very strictly.

Refseek website

Many experienced academic scholars have ranked Refseek as a better option than Google. That’s why there is no reason why it should not be listed here in this incredible list. Browse our other phenomenal options too and then decide to pick your favorite.

  1. Kiddle

Kiddle is another very interesting option as a safe kids search engine. It is certified by Google and it is much more relevant and effective than other options mentioned so far.

The graphical user-interface is pretty similar to Google. Additionally, the Kiddle search engine just filters out those websites which are somehow related to kids-only content.

Kiddle website

And it is surely a massive advantage because all we want is to show only those results that are in the best interest of our kids. Kids usually get distracted by bad content very easily.

That’s why this search engine is designed in such a way that it won’t allow showing results for those queries which are completely irrelevant.

  1. Famhoo

Last on our bucket list is Famhoo which is one of the brilliant search engines kids specific for safe browsing. It contains a lot of built-in enhanced safety features that simply restrict the bad content in searched results.

Famhoo website

Famhoo is a great pick for both our kids and family members too. It has a simple to use interface with an input search box on the homepage.

Regular up-gradation in its working algorithm makes it much more promising than other competitors. Do check out this option now and start searching your queries without worrying at all.


To conclude this article on one note, we all must agree that there is a hard need for kids’ search engines to safeguard our kids. All these listed options are superb in the functioning and offer an extra advantage over one another.

Grab your favorite pick now and make it a default homepage in your web browser. If you have a good option rather than these listed ones, then do let us know in the comments section. We hope you have a good time reading this blog. Do share it with your friends and family because sharing is caring!

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