Limetorrents Proxy and Mirror Sites

Limetorrents Proxy and Mirror Sites | Limetorrents Unblocked

How long have you been using Linetorrents? Your answer may be some months or years. Unfortunately, this site is blocked and you can’t access it anymore normally. Don’t worry, you can use some Limetorrents proxy & Mirror sites as well.

We have seen some Torrents are shutdown before and now it’s Limetorrents turn. If you still want to open it, then we have some recommended methods to unlock Limetorrents.

Many people are still finding the answer to why Limetorrents is down? Instead of that, you can use these proxy and mirror sites and enjoy the same content.

About Limetorrents

As we know, Torrents are made for content downloading and Limetorrents is not an exception. It is a very popular Torrent site among all.

Limetorrent is a hub of commercial content like movies, videos, Anime, software, games, music, TV shows, and other digital content very easily. Best of all, all the contents are absolutely free to download and won’t need to pay a penny.

Limetorrents website

As most of the Torrents are verified and well structured, you won’t find any harmful or Adult contents here. There is also very little risk of malware and virus.

The official site, is blocked in many countries now. If this site is not opening in your country, then you can use the following list.

Limetorrents proxy and mirror sites list

Many people are complaining that the official Limetorrnts site is down. So we have does some research and found some Limetorrents proxy sites. These sites will have the same contents and you can download it for free.

Important Note – Never visit the below links without having a premium VPN service. We use NordVPN to access the below websites.
Limetorrents Proxy/Mirror Sites Status Speed Online Fast Online Fast Online Fast Online Fast Online Very Fast Online Fast Online Fast Online Slow Online Fast Online Slow Online Fast Online Fast Online Fast Online Fast Online Fast

Note – Some sites many to work when you open it for some reason. So try one after another until you get the content you want to download. We consistently update the list. If any URL will down permanently, then we will remove it and place a new one. There are some sites that contain obtrusive ads. You need to be careful within sites.

How to unblock Limetorrents website

IsLimetorrents blocked and you can’t access it? Then you might want to unblock it and searching for some ways.

There are mainly two reasons that won’t allow you to access Limetorrents.

Firstly, it might have blocked by your ISP (Internet service provider) or Network Admin. Currently, Limetorrents is blocked in countries like UK, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Norway, Australia, and India. If you belong to any of these countries, then it is obvious that you can’t access the site directly. Because your ISP is now allowing you to do so.

The second reason is the Limetorrents is permanently down. You can check whether Limetorrents is up or not using this website. At the time of writing this article, the official site is up and working fine.

Other reasons include DDoS attacks, ISP block, DNS problems, server maintenance, site update, bandwidth limits. These causes should be temporary, and easily solvable in a few hours.

Well, here are some methods that you can use at your end.

Clear your web browser cache

This the first and easiest thing you can do. Clear the web browser’s cache and refresh the page. Most of the time, the problem is solved after clearing the cache. Sometimes, websites stores some information in cache memory so that it can provide better services.

Another thing you can do in your end. Disable the anti-virus software or firewall software temporarily. Sometimes this type of software blocks the site to load.

Use Tor browser

The Tor browser is the best option for this purpose. It is similar to Chrome, Firefox but with some extra features. Tor browser has its own proxy network and it helps you to access blocked sites easily.

Tor browser

Every time you open an URL, this browser changes your identity (IP address) and helps you to open the site without leaving any footprint.

Web Proxy

A web proxy is also a known method for hiding your IP address from the search engine and websites you visit. It is very widely used in schools and workplaces to bypass the block. You can use it to unblock Limetorrents as well.

A quick Google search shows dozens of web proxy sites each of which functions basically the same. However, web proxy has its own limitation and it is never recommended as the first option.


If none of the above methods works, then you can use this method. This is the most secure and recommended method to unblock any site. VPN allows you to surf the site from another location anonymously.

There are many free VPNs are available and one can start using it. But we have done extensive research and found that most of the popular free VPNs contain malware and steal user’s data. So we never recommend you to use a free VPN.

Our recommendation is to use the Nord VPN. Currently, NordVPN is giving a flat 70% off to our readers for a limited time. Grab this offer by clicking the below link (discount would be automatically applied after the link clicked).

Get 70% Off On NordVPN

You can choose this one to browse the Limetorrents anonymously.

Sites like Limetorrents

If none of the URLs or the methods work, then you have to go for some alternatives. There are some other torrent sites that can fill the space in the absence of this site. These are some of the best Limetorrents alternatives you can use.

Top 4 Limetorrents alternatives


Kickass is also well-known among the torrent sites having thousands of movies and TV shows to download. Its community is always active and consistently adds new and latest content.


If you love to explore the torrent sites, then you must come across Extratorrents. This is also a popular torrent site and you can find various contents here. If you want to watch the latest movie or TV shows then visit their website. If the Limetorrents or it’s proxy and mirror sites won’t work, then you can explore this site also.


YITF is known for its simplicity and many people prefer this torrent site among all. I think you would notice it first is the ease of use. Generally, torrent sites have very big size files. But YITF contains a small downloadable movie file as low as 300 MB only.


1337x is among the greatest torrent to get the newest movies, games, TV series, music, APK files, and applications. All the contents are absolutely free and you will get the most content here.

Disclaimer: All the information in this post is for educational purposes only. We do not condone piracy.


These are some of the proxy and mirror sites of Limetorrent. If the site is blocked in your country or not opening for some reason, then you can follow the above methods. VPN is the best method if it is geo-blocked. We consistently update the proxy list. If any link is not working then feel free to comment and let us know so that we can replace it with a new one.

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