How to Make a Good Impression on First Date (15 Secret Tips)

In this era of fast lives, social media, and dating apps we can fairly say that dating has become more of a game than finding love. The first challenge arises that how to make a good first impression on a date. Many people have failed at making a good impression on their first dates and are still out there looking for love.

However, even in this game, many lucky winners have found the love of their lives and settled with them happy forever. Whether we call it a game or not, going on a date is not an examination. You can easily make a good impression on your date by taking care of a few things.

And we are here to tell you all about the little tips you need for your first date. Believe it or not, they do work. It’s all about a little hard work and soon you will be able to find love too!

First Impression Is The Last Impression!

So you have got a first date to go to and you are nervous as hell. Well, that’s quite common as first dates are nerve-wracking. You might be shivering while thinking about first date impressions but that’s okay.

However, if you end up being the same during your date, it’s going to be a problem. Even if you are feeling nervous on the inside, you shouldn’t be showing it outside to your date. This would be the time when you should apply some of the first date tips that we are about to reveal.

  1. Dress Well

If you are going on a date, especially a first date, you better not go in your casual jeans and tee; this goes for both men and women. This is the time when you can show your dress sense and style. Women can go for a chic LBD or better a red dress and men can go for a nice fitting suit.

This is one of the great tips for dates as it shows that you are interested in meeting that person and dressed up for them. Coming in casuals will only show that you had nothing better to do. This is how to be a good person on the first date.

Although, we do have a long list for that further.

  1. Chuck the Restaurant

Whether in the movies or real life, we always think of a restaurant when it comes to a date, first or not. But this time, forget about the restaurant and plan your date as an activity. This is a first dates tip that always works as they get to talk a lot.

You could go to the beach, a museum, walk around the city, have some street food. This will help you come out of your shell and you will have some real fun. You will soon realize that you are no longer nervous and are feeling more confident about the date.

  1. Me Me Me!

If you have a habit of talking all about yourself on dates then it’s no surprise that you haven’t been able to make a good impression. Men or women, in order to keep a conversation going on, let your date speak up as well. We are not saying that you shouldn’t tell about yourself.

However, the more you keep babbling about yourself and not let the other person speak, the worse impression you are making of yourself.

During the conversation, you should apparently ask questions about them and their life. This will make them feel that you are interested in the date and them.

This will lead to them asking questions about you and then you can then tell them everything you want to. However, make sure that you don’t end being a chatterbox!

  1. Eye Contact is Sexy

Often on dates, some people let their eyes wander around instead of making eye contact and then ask how to leave a good first impression on a date! Well, you could have if you had made eye contact with your date. Seriously, eye contact does wonder on a date and says a lot which you can’t speak.

Eye contact is necessary because firstly, it tells that you are confident about yourself. Secondly, it says that you are interested in the date. And it definitely says that you will be scoring a second date soon enough.

In our first date tips, we have always recommended eye contact as it connects you with your date through a vibe. And a smile along with it certainly works!

  1. No Phones Allowed

Sure, you must be the CEO of your company or you might have clients waiting for your mail or call. But all of that must be left back if you want to make a good first impression date.

If you keep checking your phone every five minutes or so, you are giving your date a reason to leave the date in between.

The best thing to do is to keep your phone on silent and inside your pocket so that your attention doesn’t wander. Your focus should be on your date and not your phone.

Picking up calls or checking texts is the worst thing to do on a date. Without even knowing, your date will be impressed because of all the attention you gave them.

  1. Confidence is the Key

So, you’re all dressed up and styled, reached the location, and meet your date. You are nervous and sweating like hell. This not exactly what anyone wants on a date.

It will only make a bad first date impression and you might not even see them again. If you are one of these people, don’t fall apart, all you need to do is gather some confidence and believe in yourself.

Make a Good Impression on First Date

If they liked while texting why won’t they like you in person? You need to stop thinking negatively and get some positive vibes in you.

Be confident about yourself. If you are still not able to do well, try an activity that you are good at, and you will soon be gathering some confidence. If not, you can talk to a therapist about it too.

  1. Be Punctual

Keeping your date waiting for you is not exactly how to start a date, especially a first date. According to our first date tips, you should always be punctual for your date, first or not.

In fact, we recommend that you should reach a few minutes early just to be sure. Punctuality is one of our main tips for dates and you should certainly abide by it if you are going on a first date.

Whether you’re doing your make-up or grooming your beard make sure to be on time for your first date. Time management is always important.

  1. Have Some Manners

Table manners and etiquettes are highly required for that first date first impression. You might be grabbing chicken wings at home with your hands, but on your date, it’s a complete no-no. Apart from that, the elbows should be off the table.

Along with that, the napkin should be on your lap, and no talking while chewing. Make sure you follow these simple, yet important manners and your date will be impressed by your table etiquettes.

  1. Limit Your Alcohol

When you go on a date it is quite obvious to have a drink or two while conversing with the other person. While some prefer to have coffee dates, some opt for beer or wine, whatever they prefer. It is always according to the aura of the restaurant as well as how the date is going.

Make a Good Impression on First Date

However, if you are planning to get drunk on your date, you better not go in the first place. We are not calling you a drunkard but if you are not able to control your alcohol, it could destroy your first impression date. The best thing would be to go to a place where there is no alcohol.

However, if you do opt for a place with a bar, just go for one drink and not more. It’s better not to behave like an alcoholic in front of your date the very first time!

  1. No Small Talk

Yes, the weather is nice, the sky is blue, the elections are about to be brutal and you both have two siblings. So the small talk is over. What next?

Don’t bring in awkward silences, with looking here and there, thinking what to say next that starts a conversation. According to us, first date first impression is instantly made with an engaging conversation. And you need to be prepared for it.

So, before you go on the date, prepare a few nice and fun topics which you can talk about. Make sure that these topics aren’t all about you.

For instance, a topic like make-up would a flop as your date would not be interested at all. You can even do a little healthy flirting to keep the date fun and the conversation flowing.

  1. Don’t Talk about the Ex

We are sure that your ex is not your favorite person. However, talking about them to your friends is different from talking about them to your date. Bring up the ex in your conversation in any way on a date is a turn-off.

Whether you hate them, miss them, or still are in love with them, one of our dates tips is that just don’t bring them in. It is only going to make the other person feel uncomfortable or worse; they might want to leave. If you want to rant about your ex, you always have your friends for that.

Apart from that, talking about your ex non-stop might also make your date feel that you aren’t over your past relationship. So, talk about your ex and your first date becomes your last too.

  1. Reveal, but Not Everything

When you go on the first date one of the dates tips we give is that you should reveal information about yourself. Don’t be a closed book while the other person is telling everything about themselves.

However, there’s a catch.

Don’t be an open book where they know everything from your birth to till date. Tell them things you think they should know but don’t oversell, thinking they might like you for doing so.

Impression on First Date

Sometimes this backfires the plan and the impression you are trying to make on them turns into a bad one.

This happens due to revealing more information than was required and their quick judgment about you. Therefore, keeping more information to yourself is a better idea.

  1. No Badmouthing

Sure, your boss gets on your nerves, your mom wants you to get married, and your dad still hates that you didn’t become a doctor like him.

Well, doesn’t everyone have problems in their life like you, or maybe worse? And talking about all of this during a date isn’t going to help you out in any way.

One of our tips for dates is that do not badmouth other people during the first date. It is a huge turnoff and will only make your date feel how to make an excuse to leave in between.

Badmouthing others will only be making a bad impression of you on the first date.

Apart from that, it will also show that you are a negative and toxic person. And in order to make a good impression, you need to be positive, not negative.

  1. Go Dutch

This is for the women, especially those who think that only men are supposed to pay on dates. It’s 2021 and women are as independent as men.

So, while you show that you are independent and don’t rely on anyone, you should split the bill as well.

This will certainly make a great first impression and show that really are independent as you exhibit. This is how a classy woman behaves and we believe that splitting the bill should be the way to go.

  1. The Second Date

Once all has gone well and the night has come to an end, don’t just leave it to the first date. You both know that you like each other so get on with the second then and there.

For instance, if he is into action movies, tell him that you would like to go watch one with him. Or if she is into shopping, tell her that you need a change in your wardrobe. There it is! This is how you can get a second date there itself!


All those who keep thinking about how to make a good first impression on a date, let me tell you, it is easier than anything. You just have to look into the details. If they are talking, ask questions instead of nodding.

Tell the woman she looks beautiful. Bring flowers for her; it will be a plus! Smile while talking, joke around a little but don’t make offensive jokes. The first date is like the first chapter of a book, it depends on you if you will be able to make it to the last chapter or not.

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