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15 Best MangaDex Alternatives to Read Manga Online for Free

You’re looking for MangaDex alternatives, which means, you really love reading Manga. Right? Well, then you’re in the right place. Here you’ll find a handful of sites that will allow you to read your favorite Magna anywhere at any time and from any device.

These graphic comic novels got their roots in Japan, but today their popularity is spread worldwide. From kids to adults and women to men, everybody enjoys reading Manga. This is the reason that online sites for Manga reading are on boom.

Sites Like MangaDex

You have a pool of sites that will let you read Manga stories online for free. However, they can’t be completely safe. I mean you might risk your device’s safety with some of those sites. Better, look for authentic sites like Mangadex.

To save you from the hassle of finding such genuine sites, we have already researched and put together the top 15 best alternative to MangaDex, where enjoy reading Manga free of any cost.

1. Mangafoxfull

The first on our list is MangafoxFull, which is very popular among Manga lovers. The site is absolutely free to use. No registration and no signup are required. Just visit the URL and you’re ready to enjoy your favorite Manga. On the homepage itself, you’ll find a slew of Mangas from different genres. If you want to sort out category-wise, head to the genre section.

MangafoxFull website

Just in case you’re not finding the Manga that you’re willing to read, you can make a quick search. The search box is located on the top in the right corner. To get the best search results, narrow your search down by ratings, trending, most views, latest, and others.

2. Mangakakalot

If you are new to the Manga world and searching for a simple website to read new Manga then visit Mangakakalot. Among all the countless Mangas, you’ll be able to easily check out the reviews of each one. You never know which storyline will catch your eye. This website has a basic design making it simple and easy to read Manga online. It is totally free of cost.

Mangakakalot website

Here, you’ll find all the leading titles on this website. Old or new, you can find all the Manga with high-quality images. This website is also Cloudflare inc ECC CA-3 certified, which makes this website safe to use.

3. Mangareader

A website for Manga enthusiasts where they can not only read numerous Mangas but rather submit their Manga and get feedback from others. You can also stream anime on Mangareader and play countless hentai video games. Browse the trending area to find all the top Manga and anime to stream, totally free of cost.

Mangareader website

One of the best features is the mobile application of this Manga platform. With the mobile application, you’ll be read Manga even without an internet connection. So, now you have the freedom to read Manga anywhere, anytime with any device.

4. Manganato

With over 98 million monthly readers, Manganato is one of the most popular free websites to read your favorite Manga. Access the vast library of Manga available on the website, including all the genres. Be it Comedy, Mystery, Thriller, Science Fiction, Action, Fantasy, Horror, or Adventure, you’ll find all types of Manga.

Manganato website

With Manganato you won’t experience any disruption like an advertisement, pop-up ads, or any other banner ads. You also don’t need to create an account to read free Mangas. The loading speed on this website is also fast so that you can easily continue your reading marathon.

5. KissManga

A modern-style website for Manga lovers, KissManga offers an exclusive collection of Manga as well as anime to stream. You can explore various genres, including love, romance, school, sci-fi, drama, and many more. Save your favorite Manga and also share it with your friends and followers on different social media platforms.

KissManga website

One of the unique features of this website is that it offers two themes to its readers. So you can choose between a light or dark theme which makes reading Manga even more exciting. Dark mode, advanced search box, and basic user interface are some of the main functions of this website. Even some of the Manga and anime developers share their ideas on this website to get the reader’s feedback.

6. Mangaowl

Another great MangaDex alternative is Mangaowl. It offers a wide range of Manga based on genre, popularity, or series. From big publishers like Shogakukan and Kodansha to small publishers of Manga, Mangaowl has everything for its readers. At Mangaowl, you can search for Mangas by their keywords or topics including crossovers between different worlds that haven’t taken any place, like what if Harry Potter met Iron man?

Mangaowl website

The Top Night Owls section will let you know who is reading the Mangas for the longest time. This website offers its readers to read comics in many different languages. Similar to MangaFox, it has an orange theme and a well-organized database. The Manga fans can also interact in the discussion section and share their thoughts on the comic they are reading.

7. Mangapanda

Mangapanda is an absolutely free platform that will give you access to read all the newly released Mangas as well as the classic ones. This website does not compromise on the quality of the print, even the classical Mangas are available in a great print. This website also ensures a great reading experience with no ad interruptions.

Mangapanda website

The search feature is easy to use and the layout is designed according to the reader’s convenience.  To keep you up with the trends of the Manga world, Mangapanda frequently keeps adding the latest stuff to its site. This website arranges all its content in alphabetic order and by different genres so you can easily search for your favorite Manga.

8. Bato

Bato is also a well-liked site for Manga enthusiasts, especially Japanese Manga fans. You can find a vast collection of Japanese Mangas and comics here. You do not need to register to enjoy the reading experience. Your Mangas are only a click away from you.

Bato website

Apart from reading the newest Mangas, you’re also allowed to upload your creative work on this site. To get access to the features of Manga download, content read, and upload, all you need to do is register for a new account. Go ahead by creating a new chapter and a series of files to add any new information.

9. Mangapark

Mangapark is a great MangaDex alternative that has all its services including many new tools and features. All you need to do is click on the URL and visit its website. Search for your favorite Manga or any related words. You can also find the Manga by its author, genre, or storyline.

Mangapark website

Mangapark is not only a website where you’re offered Manga to read but it is one of the largest networking applications for Manga geeks. It provides the readers with a social platform to discuss their interests, share reading experiences, share their views and idea about Manga, and many more. This application lets people connect and become part of the world’s largest Manga communities.

10. Mangaclash

If Manga, manhua, or manhwa are some things that you enjoy reading, then you should definitely try this website, named Mangaclash. HD quality Mangas are available on this website. It doesn’t cost you anything to get access to all its latest Mangas. You can also get all the Manga updates in one place, that is

Mangaclash website

At Mangaclash, you’ll get a wide range of Manga as well as manhwa. If you didn’t know what Manhwa is, let us tell you.  Just like Manga are Japanese comics, Manhwa is South Korean comics. You’re free to download all the latest Manga from this site, free of cost. This website is totally safe to use and read your favorite Manga, manhua, or manhwa.

11. Animeplanet

A website created for fans by fans, AnimePlanet is a popular online Manga reading and anime streaming site. The creators of this website are also anime fans and they voluntarily contribute to this site. You’ll find a wide range of Manga on this website. This is safe and free to access.

AnimePlanet website

AnimePlanet offers thousands of the latest Mangas and animes for you to stream. You can search for Manga, reviews, and animes in the exact similar manner as you do in MangaDex. You can also browse the collection of Japanese Manga movies available on this site.

12. Asurascans

Asurascans has one of the world’s largest collections of manhwa on their site which makes them unique and gives them an upper hand when it comes to its competitors. You can read manhwa in the English language on this website, on any device. Asurascans has over 16,032 unique visitors on its website every day.

Asurascans website

Asurascans has recently launched its app, which is available to download from Apple Store Or Play Store. The app includes all the things that any adolescent would want in a Manga application. The app has a user-friendly interface and it is very simple to use. There are thousands of images available in various genres that can be searched and also bookmark. The font size can be adjusted by you as per your convenience.

13. Webtoons

Webtoons have more than 3 million range of Mangas on their website. They are categorized into 70 different genres. Each category has a different group name that you can search for in the search box. Webtoons also have an Android and iOS application that includes many more new and exciting features for Manga lovers.

Webtoons website

Other than only reading Manga at this site, Manga geeks can easily create their Manga storyline and upload it on this website. The site offers a wide range of templates for you to sketch your characters and create an amazing story of your own. It has all the key features and tools that can help you create an appealing Manga story.

14. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a popular site among Manga lovers. The reason being, it has an easy interface and it offers many Mangas from all genres. After visiting the site, just click on the Manga section and head directly to the pool of Mangas and start reading whatever you want to. The unique feature you will find in Crunchyroll is that it has a forum page, where you can participate in a discussion with like-minded people and have all information and updates about Mangas.

Crunchyroll website

Other than written Mangas, the site also offers a variety of animated videos and shows. So, if you are not fond of reading, watch the videos and enjoy Mangas in video form. The best thing about Crunchyroll is that it has its own Android and IOS application. Simply, download the application and enhance your reading experience if you don’t want to visit the site.

15. Viz

The pure essence of this website has attracted Manga followers from all over the world. It is now available in all the places like- the UK, South Africa, Ireland, India, and many more. To find your favorite anime, all you have to do is search for the keywords. The Mangas can also be converted into English for you.

VIZ manga website

If you want to enter into the Manga and anime world through only one application then Viz is for you. Its mobile application can be downloaded on APK and iOS, free of cost. However, to access the Vis application on your PC, you must buy the membership package. This application also contains a huge collection of Japanese stories and movies for you to view.


There might be many more MangaDex alternative available on the internet. However, the 15 websites mentioned above are the most similar and popular. They do not cost you anything to get access to a wide range of Mangas. On some of the websites mentioned above, you can also stream anime and movies. No matter whether you are a newbie or a Manga fan for a long time, these websites have something for everyone.

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