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18 Free NFL Live Streaming Sites to Watch American Football

Are you a fan of American football and searching for some of the best free NFL live streaming sites? Fans of the NFL are also very much acquainted with the websites for NFL live streaming free online. NFL or National Football League is one of the most popular sports in the United States, but it is no more region-centric.

Over time it has generated much enthusiasm from all around the world and now people are so much passionate about this league that they don’t even want to miss a single match of their favorite team.

But due to their hectic schedules, they have almost no time to sit in front of their tv set to catch the live action of their favorite team. This is where free NFL streaming sites play a vital role and allow them to catch the live action of their favorite team at any point they want.

All you need is a healthy internet connection and a laptop or desktop or even a smartphone and you are a few clicks away from streaming your favorite sports online. But not all of the sports streaming websites are authentic, some of them come with unnecessary downloads while others redirect users into signing up for fees. That’s why finding a suitable website can be a time taking process.

But don’t worry we have compiled some of the best websites to watch NFL live stream for free online, so no need to boil down your energy in the search process. Just browse these websites and enjoy the live stream.

Best NFL live streaming websites

No one wants to miss the crucial match of their favorite team because each goal can make a difference. The websites we have picked allow you to watch NFL games live broadcast from your comfort. Not only NFL you can stream a live broadcast of other popular sports as well. So, let’s have a close look at our selections.

1. Fox Sports

Fox Sports is a wonderful online sports streaming site that lets you watch your favorite team playing in the NLF. Apart from NLF, you can also able to stream sports like MLB, NBA, Boxing, NASCAR, WWE, Basketball, Tennis, and more.

The website has a premium user-interface where along with streaming different sports you can also find other useful information on teams, Players, gear, schedules, features, stats, etc.

It also brings videos on Postgame interviews, popular videos, highlights, etc. So, you will be updated with all your favorite sports news, if you missed any.

FOX Sports website

This website is so popular that it receives more than 20 million monthly visitors. To stream the live matches of your favorite sports, you need a connection from tv service providers like Frontier, Spectrum, Directv, Xfinity, AT&T, U-verse, Verizon, etc.

You only have to do is share the same User ID and Password with Fox Sports that you use with your tv service provider and you’ll start enjoying NFL live stream free online straightway.

2. WatchESPN

ESPN is one of the popular sports streaming websites that any sports fan would know about it. It brings live action as well as highlights of many popular sports like NFL, Tennis, NBA, MMA, Formula 1, Kabaddi, Hockey, Golf, Cricket, MotoGP, and many more.

It has a clean user-interface which helps users to find their favorite sports easily. Moreover, it provides HD video quality both on mobile and desktop, so you can enjoy your favorite sports with enhanced clarity on every device.

ESPN offers both free and premium subscription services. For the free sports category, you don’t need to sign up or pay any additional fees but there are not many popular sports are available to stream.

ESPN Website

On the other hand, for the premium category, you can stream many popular sports if you have a connection from tv service providers like DirectTV, Verizon, Xfinity, HULU, Cox, etc., or have a subscription to ESPN Plus.

For now, ESPN brings live action and highlights of popular sports only in the US region. But if you don’t want to miss the action of your favorite team in the NFL, then take the help of a good VPN service to stream your favorite sports from the US server.

3. VIP League

VIP League is one of the suitable websites for NFL live stream free online. Along with the NFL, you can also stream other popular sports such as Boxing, Fighting, Formula1, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Golf, and more.

VIP League website

The website features a clean and simple user-interface. On the homepage, you will find small boxes carrying the sport name and its symbol so users can easily select which sports they want to watch.

This website is free to use but it is restricted in some regions. In that case, you can use a good VPN service to bypass the restriction and catch the live action of your favorite sports easily.

4. NBC Sports

NBC Sports brings the live-action of many popular sports like Golf, Motor Sports, Rugby, NBA, NFL, NHL, Tennis, Nascar, and more. It mainly broadcast sports that are popular in the US.

It has an intuitive user-interface which makes navigation easier for users. If you are looking for any future sports event, then on the home page you can find the schedules of all upcoming sports. Apart from that, you can also find live scores, news articles, short videos on the home page.

NBC Sports website

This website is completely free to access but to stream live matches of your favorite sports you need a connection from tv service providers like DirectTV, Cox, Xfinity, Dish, Spectrum, Verizon, U-verse, etc. or you can purchase its subscription to stream sports.

Moreover, NBC Sports support multiple streaming devices like Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, etc. If you are unable to access NBC Sports due to area restrictions, then take the help of a good VPN service to unblock the restriction.

5. FromHot

FromHots is a good website to watch NFL live stream for free online. It comes with a simple and responsive user-interface that enables smooth browsing. Apart from American Football, it also provides live streaming links to other sports like Golf, Tennis, Racing, Boxing, Basketball, Football, etc.

On the homepage of this site, you will get the streaming links which you can use to watch the live broadcast of respective sports. This website is completely free to use, and you can stream your favorite sports without even sign-up.

FromHot website

Though this site is free to use so you will face some annoying ads while streaming sports. In some regions, FromHot is restricted to use but you can use a VPN to bypass the restriction and enjoy the live broadcast of your favorite sports.

6. VIP Stand

VIP Stand is one of the free NFL streaming sites that bring the live action of NFL matches with the best video quality. Other than NFL you can also watch live sports like Formula1, MotoGP, Golf, Rugby, Aussie Football, Hockey, Basketball, and many more.

VIP Stand website

It simply provides multiple streaming links for each game which you can use to watch the live-action. The homepage is very organized which shows the name of sports and their symbols in small boxes so users can find their favorite sports easily.

You can also search for the sports that you want to watch, or you can click on the “Live Now” button to see the sports that are going on. Interestingly, you can start streaming sports without even sign up.

7. Laola1

This is an Austria-based excellent sports streaming site available in two different language versions, one is German, and another is English International. It brings live broadcasts of many popular sports like NFL, Hockey, Table Tennis, Basketball, Motorsports, Handball, and more.

Laola1 provides HD video quality whether you stream a live video or a highlight. It ensures that every time you watch a video on their site you will get an immersive viewing experience.

Laola1 tv website

It features both free and premium versions, the free one is ad-supported whereas the Premium one offers some extra functionalities and an ad-free streaming experience.  Moreover, it also lets you record any match so that you can enjoy it in your free time.

This is an excellent website to watch NFL live stream free online anywhere you want. You can also join forums and share your opinions on your favorite sports. Laola1 is also available in Android and iOS apps so that smartphone users can access this website easily.

8. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is another good sports streaming site that collects streaming links from various other websites and shows the same to you. It also provides many Live TV channels from Canada, Russia, the UK, the US, Italy, and other European countries.

Whether you are looking to NFL live stream for free online or to stream any other sports then give a try to this website and you’ll find it very useful.

Stream2Watch website

It has a dark-themed user interface that is suitable for indoor use. On the homepage, it shows the schedule of live matches and links to stream them. You can also select your favorite sports to see whether there is any live match going on or not.

As it provides streaming links to external sources, so you may face some annoying pop-up ads. So, while browsing this site it is recommended to use an Ad-blocker to avoid sudden pop-ups. In spite of using an Ad-blocker if you still see ads, then try to close them manually.

9. SonyLIV

This website is highly popular among Asian sports streamers as it legally brings many local as well as global sports channels on its platform where you can watch NFL games live online with just in few clicks. Apart from NLF it also brings live broadcasts of other sports like Cricket, WWE, Racing, Tennis, Rugby, Soccer, etc.

SonyLIV offers both free and premium versions. The free one is ad-supported, and the live video will always be delayed by 5 minutes. Whereas in the premium one you can enjoy on-time live action without any disturbing ads.

SonyLIV website

In case if you missed the live broadcast of your favorite sport, then you can catch the highlight of the match on this website. It also brings previews, fixtures, sports news, talk shows, etc. which will help you to stay updated with the sporting world.

This website is not only popular among sports streamers but also with movie streamers as it also hosts many popular and latest movies and TV shows to stream online. You can also download its app from the Play Store and App Store for easy and quick access to your favorite sports.

10. Bosscast

Bosscast is a well-known sports streaming site where you can find streaming sources for almost every sports event. It hosts many popular sports channels such as Euro Sport, ESPN, NBA TV, TSN, etc. so you can stream your favorite sports easily on this site.

It lets you stream sports like Rugby, WWE, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, etc. You can also enjoy National Football League live stream free no sign up on this website.

It has a straightforward user interface so finding your favorite sport won’t be a difficult task. As this website offers its service for free, so you may face some invasive pop-up ads while browsing. It is recommended to use an Ad-blocker every time, you open this website.

Bosscast website

Streaming sports on this website is not similar to other sites, you need to install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player first and then allow it to run on the site.

To make streaming sports more interesting for users, it also provides a chat box at the top right corner of the homepage where you can join the heat and funny banters along with other users at the same time streaming.

11. NFL Stream

This is a great place to watch NFL live stream free online. It lets you watch live action from events like NFL Network, NFL Redzone, Monday Night Football (MNF), Thursday Night Football (TNF), Sunday Night Football (SNF), etc. for free.

No matter whatever device you use PC, Mac, Mobile, or Tablet this website runs smoothly on each of them. It collects the best streaming links and shows them to you. By using these links, you can stream live NFL matches easily.

NFL Stream website

It provides videos in HD quality so you will get an immersive streaming experience but during a slow internet connection, the video quality falls to SD quality.

Apart from the NFL, it also brings live broadcasts of some other sports such as NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAAF, NCAAM, Tennis, Rugby, Soccer, Boxing, etc. On the homepage it provides the schedule of all the upcoming NFL matches, so you won’t miss any.


This is one of the free NFL streaming sites that provide multiple streaming links to watch live NFL games in HD. This website aims to help all the National Football League fans across the world by providing access to live matches for free and without even signing up.

LIVE NFL website

It doesn’t host any video on its database rather it collects streaming links from other services is embedded here. So, by using these links, you can easily watch live matches of your favorite team easily.

The website has a clean user interface where the homepage shows the schedule of all upcoming matches which helps users to find live matches easily.

13. 720P Stream

This is another useful website for football fans to watch NFL live streams for free online. It neither asks for any fee nor to sign up to stream NFL games live.

It brings the 24/7 live-action of NFL games, so you don’t have to miss any match of your favorite team. This website also features a simple user interface and on the homepage, it shows the schedules for all the ongoing and upcoming matches.

720pStream website

Just click on the match that you want to watch and select one streaming link from the multiple options to start streaming. The videos are in HD quality which means you’ll get a good streaming experience on this website.

14. Sky Sports

Sky Sports is one of the front-liner sports streaming sites that brings the live broadcast of many popular sports such as Cricket, Rugby, Golf, Boxing, tennis, Formula 1, Cycling, Racing, NFL, NBA, Netball, WWE, and more.

It has an intuitive user interface which makes it easy to use even for a new user. Not only live streaming but also brings match previews, highlights, post-match shows, interviews, etc. so you will be updated with the sports world.

Sky Sports website

Choose the particular sport that you want to watch, and it will present you with all the available videos related to it. There is a list of some channels for individual sports which you can also select to stream your favorite sports.

This website is completely free to use, and you can even watch your favorite sports without even signing up. It also provides podcasts of your favorite sports which is an ideal way to stay tuned to the live-action while driving.

15. NFL Live Stream

This website is a nice place to watch NFL live streams for free online without signing up. Moreover, It is compatible with any device allowing sports fans to access it comfortably.

It has a simple and clean user interface which helps in easy browsing. At the top of the homepage, it shows the schedule for all ongoing and upcoming matches so you can stay updated with all sporting events.

Football Stream website

You can also browse sections like Live Sports, NFL Live Stream, and NCAA Football to see if there is any live match going on or not. If there is a match going on, then click on the Watch Live button to start streaming.

16. Reddit

Reddit is a great source to find stuff going around the world. From getting the latest news, and updates on movies, TV shows, sports, politics and even buying and selling things, Reddit can assist you more than expected.

You’ll get passage to NFL live stream free online through the subreddit page r/nfl. It has over 2 million members and most of them remain active and post the latest updates on different NFL matches across the world.

Reddit website

The members also share high-quality links to stream NFL games for free. Though most of the links are unofficial, so you have to check which one is working, and which one is blocked. You can also share updates on the NFL network by joining this subreddit.

17. LiveTV.SX

LiveTV is an excellent website to watch NFL live streams for free online. It also provides live scores, schedules, highlights, results of previous games, and much more without even signing up.

The website has an attractive UI and is available in different languages like English, Spanish, Russian & Italian. This allows sports fans from across the world to browse the website easily. The website is also mobile-friendly and can be accessed easily on Android and iOS platforms.

LiveTV website

It offers live streaming for other sports like Cricket, Football, Ice hockey, Basketball, Table Tennis, Golf, and more. You can find all the live events on the left side of the website or in their respective category.

You can use the search bar to directly reach your favorite sporting event. The only downside of the website is the annoying ads and pop-ups during the start of streaming, so you need to have some patience to remove those from your screen.

18. StreamsHunters

StreamsHunters is a wonderful website to watch NFL games live for free. It has such a simple and straightforward user interface that even a new visitor can find it easy to browse. This website doesn’t even ask for registration to watch live sporting events.

StreamsHunters website

It provides multiple direct streaming links for sports like Football, Basketball, Handball, Hockey, Moto sports, NFL, Rugby, Tennis, and more. If you don’t find the live stream on one link, then try the other available ones.

The website has no ads on its interface but on the streaming page, you’ll see several ads that you have to remove carefully.

Is It Safe To Use Free NFL Streaming Sites?

Every free sports streaming site is safe to use until it asks for submitting any personal details or enabling settings on your device. Because this is where the problem arises. The fraudulent are always on the hunt for people who could easily fall into their trap, allowing them to inject malware and steal their sensitive data.

So, if you ever come across any free streaming site asking to summit bank, credit, or debit card details to enjoy its service, close such sites as they are fake.

But, the websites we have listed above to stream NFL games live are genuine, so you don’t need to worry about browsing them. However, most of them bombard annoying ads and pop-ups which you have to bear as you are getting live games streaming service for free.

How To Watch NFL Online Safely?

Watching NFL live stream is no longer confined to TV, as there are websites available to access the live broadcast of every NFL game. However, some of the websites are geo-restricted and allow people of a particular region to access their streaming service.

This is where you need a reliable VPN service to unblock the restriction and allows you to access any website you want. There are several benefits of using a VPN such as securing your internet activities, hiding your IP address for complete anonymity, and more. But we never recommend a free VPN.

So, once you connect to a VPN service, neither your internet activities nor your location can be tracked by your ISP or any other people. This helps to avoid the risk of facing any legal action for violating copyright infringement.

We recommend using the Nord VPN to watch NFL games live. As it has over 5,500 servers across 60+ countries, so you will get a wide range of options to choose from where you want to access a website.

Some of its useful features include support for six simultaneous device connections, special servers for P2P, dedicated IPs, double encryption, and many more.

You could also consider using a good ad-blocker as most of the free NFL streaming sites have annoying ads and pop-ups.

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That’s it from our side, now it’s your turn. These are some of the best websites to watch NFL live streams for free online. Not only live streaming these websites also brings Match Previews, Highlights, short sports clips, Interviews, schedule for upcoming matches, etc. So that you can get complete information about your favorite sports.

There is a possibility that you may fail to access some of these websites because your country or your internet service provider (ISP) has blocked them. So, in such situations, a good VPN service like NordVPN will help you access these websites easily. If you know any other suitable websites for NFL live stream free online, then mention them in the comment section we will include them in our list.

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