Online Learning Platforms in Australia

10 Best Online Learning Platforms in Australia

With social distancing becoming neo-normal, eLearning has become mainstream these days. As the Australian job market has a highly competitive landscape, it’s important to select the best eLearning platform in Australia. That way, the students can rest assured of the value of an online certification course.

There are several other benefits of online education. The students can join various courses right from the comfort of their homes. It helps in developing skills that are in great demand in the contemporary job market.

Now, when you look for the best eLearning platforms, you will be overwhelmed with lots of options. It will only lead to confusion and you will fail to pick the right platform. Not to worry as we have made it easier for you.

Below is a comprehensive list of the top-rated online learning platform in Australia. Give it a read and pick one that suits your requirements.

Best Online Learning Platforms in Australia

Here are the 10 best online learning platforms in Australia. All of them facilitate remote education and you can easily learn using internet-connected devices like laptops or even smartphones. Such Australian eLearning providers impart online health and safety training, advanced technological courses, regulatory or legal compliance, business skill development, and more.

  1. SchoolBox

SchoolBox acts as a single platform to communicate, connect, and collaborate with students, teachers, and the broader school community. The teachers can use the latest in pedagogy, support innovative teaching, and track students’ progress. It is designed for K12 schools. The platform supports the development of the students while powering their academic growth, wellbeing, and extracurricular involvement.

SchoolBox website

Recognized as the best eLearning platform in Australia, SchoolBox enhances daily workflow and centralizes the system. It is powered with seamless SIS and third-party integrations to ensure a smooth operation.

It offers a calendar and eDiary unique to every user. Resource booking eliminates glitches and ensures that all events are seamlessly executed. Its push notification will keep teams on the same page all the time.

  1. Go1

Go1 aims at making learning easier. The platform provides thousands of courses and enables the learners to access these via a simple solution. It is counted among the best eLearning companies in Australia.

They claim to offer the world’s largest marketplace for online training.  You can meet diverse workplace training requirements right at Go1. It is one of the largest and most enriching digital learning libraries in the world. With more than 10,00,00 tools and a wide array of topics, the platform offers industry-specific training to the learners.

Go1 website

Enterprise owners can upgrade the Go1 platform and enhance the skill set of their employees. This will let them create a robust workforce without having to invest in a new team-building program.

The platform is available for the students as a stand-alone SCORM-compliant solution. No wonder that the platform is considered to be one of the top eLearning providers in Australia.

  1. Cornerstone

As the contemporary job market is extremely volatile, it’s important to stay updated with the latest tools, technologies, and requirements of the industry. Cornerstone, acclaimed as the best eLearning platform in Australia, lets people and organizations adapt and navigate change without any hassle.

With features like automated assignments, version control, comprehensive completion records, auditing, and multilingual content, the learning management system supports the learners’ needs around the world. It also helps in building custom reports to track metrics and improve learning.

Cornerstone website

As today’s workforce is always mobile, Cornerstone has dedicated Android and iOS apps that facilitate remote learning and allow people to learn anytime and anywhere.

There are many Australian online short courses available to anyone. It offers a wide array of formats such as audio, digital docs, video, virtual reality, and others to power effective learning.

  1. Moodle LMS

As a popular online learning platform in Australia, Moodle LMS is an open-source platform that can be downloaded and used for free. There are plenty of resources and documentation to help the learners easily access the platform.

There is a wide range of features including interaction with MCQ, support for third-party cloud storage providers like DropBox, integrated text editor, assignment submission, and so on. All these make the platform highly user-friendly. It is one of the best educational websites for students.

Moodle LMS website

Further, the platform is multi-language capable and facilitates open standards like SCORM. Here, the teachers can comment on assignments and there is an integrated all-in-one calendar. It allows educators to create a private online space and build courses and activities with robust and flexible software tools. Thus, it facilitates collaborative online training.

No wonder that the open-source platform has a huge user base of 200 million. This is an ideal platform for K12, higher education, and workplace training. Study online for free with leading Australian universities and observe how studying in Australia can help you reach your goal.

  1. Odyssey Training

Odyssey Training is gradually earning popularity due to its customized training programs. Some of their courses include professional development courses, leadership training, computer courses, business skill development, and more.

The platform offers both live and in-house training. It boasts of several skilled and experienced facilitators. Customized training of the platform properly meets the students’ requirements. It provides various online courses Australia.

Odyssey Training website

From enhancing hobbies to developing new skills – Odyssey Training is the one-stop destination for all your learning needs. The platform even offers the right assistance for dealing with difficult customer behaviors and complaints. Such courses are highly beneficial for organizations.

Odyssey Training also offers post-course support. You can easily reach out to them and resolve your concerns. This makes the platform highly user-friendly.

  1. Canvas LMS

Used by the top institutions worldwide, Canvas LMS is the best eLearning platform in Australia. It boasts of over 6 million users with over a 90% satisfaction rate. It can integrate well with popular apps used by the students such as Adobe, Microsoft, and Google Workspace.

Canvas LMS has 30 days free trial and the lowest Teacher Tier plan. It is free for the long term for the teachers and students that encourage mass education. The platform is designed to meet the requirements of K12 and higher education. It offers ease of system access and industry-standard graphic designs.

Canvas LMS website

Some of its features include asynchronous learning, learner portals, course authoring, etc. Functionalities like integration with Twitter and Facebook, mobile learning, etc. power social learning. If you are searching for free online courses Australia with certificates then this website is for you. Receive a digital certificate upon completion of some courses.

Its robust community forum helps to find answers to the common user issues. Multiple communication options are provided including text (individually or as a group), audio, and video.

  1. Skill Lake

Skill Lake recognizes itself as more than a learning management system. It helps organizations and institutions create a holistic learning ecosystem beyond functional skills. Various organizations also use it to speed up the onboarding of customers, employees, vendors, and contractors.

The platform offers both asynchronous and synchronous delivery of content. It provides self-paced learning, blended delivery, and instructor-led courses. The integrated gamification feature helps to make learning progressive and engaging.

Skill Lake website

Its personalized approach goes beyond the one-size-fits-all method. Students can learn at their pace and convenience. It offers personalized learning plans along with mentoring and coaching.

Skill Lake also promotes collaborative learning by enabling learners to showcase their achievements and share expertise. It inspires employees to learn and progress by watching their peers’ accomplishments. That way, it cultivates a culture of holistic learning.

  1. Skillshare

Mastering creative skills require a reliable online platform. As one of the top eLearning providers Australia, Skillshare ensures just that. It is aimed at developing creative skills like animation, graphic designing, creative writing, web development, etc.

There are various courses on freelancing and leadership which makes the platform extremely freelancer-friendly. It’s a perfect place to hone one’s creative talent and pick up various entrepreneurial skills. Skillshare is a good learning platform that offers great value for money that provides unlimited access to over 27,000 classes.

Skillshare website

Recently, Skillshare has also added lifestyle courses such as self-improvement, interior designing, gardening, and more. With this platform, you can inspire your team with on-demand classes, customized learning paths, in-person events, and so on.

  1. Axonify

Trusted as the best eLearning platform in Australia, this learning management system offers modern frontline training and communications that translate well for the learners. It makes learning super engaging with gamification. Further, its AI-powered adaptive learning and bite-sized microlearning ensure effective learning.

The best part is that the users can know the efficacy of the training in real-time. They can track how the training is impacting businesses beyond test scores and completion rate. This insight will boost your confidence and take you one step closer to your goal.

Axonify website

The tool is powered by Capability Group – a comprehensive online solution provider. Some of its solutions include blended learning, leadership development, digital learning strategy, diversity and inclusion, talent development, and management development.

  1. Acorn LMS

For those who are looking for competitive pricing, Acorn LMS is one of the best eLearning platforms in Australia. It offers two types of learning management systems – one without content and another with content. Further, the platform offers a flat fee for the first 100 users and an additional student fee for every user thereafter.

Acorn LMS website

The system has the ability to make individual student pathways via LinkedIn Learning content. It adopts a white label approach to ensure customization for consistent branding at any organization. Further, the administrator can easily manage multiple acorn LMS accounts through a single set of credentials.

This online training platform Australia offers a generous 60-days free trial. The teachers can also import video content which is much in demand these days. Whiteboard training is yet another facility of the platform that makes learning seamless.


Now that you are aware of the best eLearning platform in Australia, you can select your favorite one and start learning. These platforms foster remote learning and boost your career prospects.

In the coming times, the scope of online education will be further enhanced. Therefore, it’s time to dive into the world of eLearning and leverage its benefits. All the platforms we highlighted above offer a flexible and personalized learning culture. So, you can learn at your own pace and convenience without any hassle.

Check out the learning management systems and pick the one that best suits your requirement and budget.

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