10 Best Online Slideshow Maker for Instagram in 2021

Video-based content marketing strategies have an intense impact on business enhancement. Customer engagement and revenue increase is the prime agenda behind video marketing campaigns.

Indeed, social media platforms like Instagram and their usage are the premium target of most organizations. With increasing complexity in the technical aspect of video making, an excellent slideshow maker in the market can serve the same purpose as the video editors. 

Best Online Slideshow Maker for Instagram

Most of the video editing software acts as a presentation maker for your business too. This article lists the top 10 online video editing software that helps you make delectable slide shows with minimal technical knowledge. 

1. Apple iMovie

One of the premium social platforms integrated a video editor for business purposes. The seamless integration and green screen background make this tool a delectable one. Of course, predominantly compatible with iOS, this is the best tool for Instagram reels.

Recently, Apple added some additional hand-drawn filters and a load of new soundtracks. You would get complete control over the editing of your footage. iMovie comes with 20 audio effects, 24 transitions, 32 backgrounds, and 35 visual effects to choose from.

2. Lumen5

If your blog posts could become a social promo, then Lumen5 can get it done in a blink of an eye. It is an absolute no-brainer tool with all the features inbuilt, and you can drag and drop to create your video content.

lumen5 website

While blog-to social promo creation is one of the stand-out features, the drag and drop interface makes it the most accessible tool on the list. Create engaging videos that can attract the audience and hence convert them to be your customers. 

3. InVideo

If you are looking for a video editor that requires significantly less technical knowledge, then it must be your prime choice. The online slideshow maker is suitable for beginners as well as professionals. With numerous templates ranging up to 4500, it helps you make a video quickly. Unbelievable features and highly compatible software in any Operating system, this is the tool for the year. 

It is about the library of templates that make it stand out and the ability to add a voice-over. It is straightforward in turning text to speech as well. The video assistant to correct the alignments and texts makes it a fabulous video editor for making slideshows.

Invideo website

The customized tool allows you to select from the templates by selecting the type of video you are planning to make. The best part is, you can find templates that are most appropriate for your niche too. You can use the software for free for a lifetime. Yes, you heard it right, and it does not have any free trial period as such. 

4. Nero Video

It is one of the less expensive software that you can find in the market. While the other video editors come with templates, Nero Video has its stock in place for you to use. The tricks to making use of the features make it a conducive tool for beginners as well.

Learning becomes easy, and you can create professional videos in no time. However, you may not expect the speed you experience in the other tools, but it is commendable for its features and attributes.

5. Corel VideoStudio

Corel VideoStudio matches the premium video editors in the market. The 360-degree Virtual reality functionality and 4K support make it the best tool for an incredible output. Even if you are a beginner and beginning to create videos for developing your brand image, it is for sure that you will make a mark among the professionals who do so. The motion tracking functionality is not there in most of the software. 

6. Filmora Wondershare

This multifaceted video editing software helps you create flashy and attractive videos in a relatively shorter duration. The 4K supported video editor offers excellent titling features that you cannot resist using.

Wondershare website

With various price plans available for subscription, all of them are worth a try. You can learn the tips and tricks using the tutorials, and it is commendable to use them to create a video in a snap. 

7. Cyberlink PowerDirector

PowerDirector is featured in the list for its excellent interface and features. It is indeed straightforward, no doubt. We recommend you go through the tutorials before getting a hand on the tool.

It is a bit overwhelming as you attempt it initially but can get you the best of the videos, which you would not have imagined otherwise. Beginners can take some time using the tool, but the price plans are competitive with attractive subscription ranges. 

8. Adobe Premiere Elements

How can we miss out on this premium software while we talk about business presentations? Instagram mainly features videos made by Adobe. It is for the fact that the professionals prefer Adobe for its high-class features. It is expensive compared to the other software but the one you would relish to have your video rendered quickly. 

9. Pinnacle Studio

The user-friendly software is a higher-end version of the Corel VideoStudio. It has all the features that you find in VideoStudio but is a bit faster in rendering than the former. Yet, you might look for a faster tool. The price is twice that of the VideoStudio, and it is great after its easy-to-use interface and templates. 

10. Adobe Premiere Pro

The high-end tool of Adobe is exclusively for professionals. The lightning-quick rendering process of even the most complex of videos makes it the best choice. The color adjustment functionality makes the tool a highly commendable one in the market so far.

Adobe Premiere Pro website

Of course, Adobe Premiere Pro is for both beginners and professionals, but we recommend the beginners start with Adobe Premiere first to get a hands-on experience with the tool. 


These are some of the best online slideshow makers for Instagram. Social Media Marketing is the pivot for your revenue improvement. You must focus on incredible videos to get the desired results. Moreover, the tools that we discussed are on par with each other in several aspects. We recommend users select the one that is suitable for their style.

Experts suggest using the trial version of 2 to 3 tools in the list and choose the one that suits your style. In one way, it might help you select the best tool for your convenience. On the other hand, you will compare the rendering speed and features all by yourself. 

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