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Reddit Soccer Streams Is No More: Top 10 Alternatives to r/SoccerStreams

Popular subreddit, Reddit Soccer Streams is no longer available. It is a piece of bad news for users who regularly uses it for streaming live football matches. But some Reddit Soccer Streams alternatives are still available.

The r/soccerstreams was of the top-ranked subreddits that get removed from operation over copyright allegations. As it was one of the trusted places to get live soccer streaming links for free, so the exclusion left thousands of users in misery.

Though not all sports fans prefer spending money on premium services as their plans are too high, they always look for free services as a substitute. Luckily, there are some subreddits and free sports streaming sites that fill the hole perfectly created due to the stoppage of Reddit soccer streams.

About r/soccerstreams

You must have known about Reddit, right? r/soccerstreams is a subreddit page that was used by thousands of users to stream live football matches for free.

The people who are not willing to spend money on premium streaming services were heading towards this page to enjoy live matches without any cost. It was one of the popular subreddit pages that had 500k members and they were the ones who shared streaming links to different soccer matches.

When the page was live anyone could find at least one streaming link to a soccer match playing any part of the world. It also had a number of streaming links to the matches of many popular leagues such as La Liga, Premier League, EPL, Spanish League, and many others.

During the FIFA world cup 2018, its popularity soared and more than 100k people regularly visited this page to get live football streaming links. The page was filled with hundreds of quality links just 30 minutes before the beginning of any match.

Most of the links were of Acestream which a well-known streaming service that works on BitTorrent technology. All the links were of high quality, using which one could stream live football matches in HD or SD without buffering.

But unfortunately, due to copyright issues from Premier League Team, this popular page was taken down by Reddit officials. At that time, it was one of the reliable subreddit pages to get high-quality scorer streaming links but now it is no more active.

This downturn severely hurt many users as it was their main source to get live streaming links to any soccer matches. That’s why here we have compiled some suitable Reddit soccer stream alternatives that will help you watch live soccer matches free.

10 Best Reddit Soccer Stream Alternatives

After spending some valuable time in research, we’ve found out these soccerstreams Reddit pages for you.

But after the Premier League allegation, Reddit has become very much restricted on their policy and taking down every subreddit page that is involved in sharing illegal streaming links.

So, there is no guarantee on how long these pages will survive. All we can say is that until they are Live keep taking advantage. Apart from subreddits, the list also includes other sports streaming services as well.

1. r/soccer

This subreddit immediately surfaced after the shutdown of Reddit soccerstreams or r/soccerstreams. It has over 1.8 million active members who keep posting football-related stuff like Fixtures, Live Scores, and other related news.

So, here any diehard football fan can get the latest news on different football clubs and matches going across the world. The links that are posted here to stream the soccer highlight are of high quality. The members who are allowed to upload streaming links on this site have to follow certain rules to do this.

Whereas, newcomers are allowed to upload direct streaming links. Millions of users visit this page every day, so if you are looking for someone to discuss matches, then you can find many. You can improve your football knowledge and stay up to date with the latest football news.

Visit this Subreddit

2. r/LiverpoolFC

For the fans of Liverpool FC, this subreddit site is the best place to get the latest news and updates about their favorite team. This page has a family of over 200k members from which most of them visit the site regularly.

You need to create a Reddit account to join the ongoing discussion. On this page, you can also get information on where to watch the live Liverpool matches, upcoming fixtures, a ticket-buying guide,s and more.

Visit this Subreddit

3. r/fantasyfootball

r/fantasyfootball is a good place to get all the latest football-related news. It has over 500k active members who continuously post stuff like fixtures, scores, comparisons, and other related news.

You can also post updates by joining this subreddit page. The active members also upload streaming links which let you stream highlights in HD.

Visit this Subreddit

4. r/Footballtactics

This is a suitable Reddit soccer streams alternative where you can find the streaming link to the football match that you are searching for. However, it has a small family of only 15k members, but it is much effective than other subreddit.

Streaming links to various football matches are uploaded by the members. You can find more than 1k active members on this website at any moment of the day.

Most of the links uploaded on this website are of AceStream, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of the links. Apart from streaming links, you can get other updates like schedule, live score, the preview of matches, and much more.

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5. r/USsoccer

r/USsoccer is one of the most use subreddits after the shutdown of r/soccerstreams. This is a discussion point of many supporters of US national men and women football teams.

It has more than 50k active members who constantly post the latest updates about the US men and women football team. You can filter the updates through Hot, New, Top, Rising, etc.

On this page, you can see the upcoming matches for both teams. By joining the page, you can also share the latest updates, streaming links, and start conversations with other members.

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6. r/chelseafc

This soccerstreams Reddit page is dedicated to the Chelsea Football Club which has over 160K active members who regularly post updates about the club.

On this page, you can get the latest news, fixtures, scores, football memes, and a lot more. Everything you want to know about Chelsea FC can find it here.

You can join this page and discuss with other members about the Chelsea team and share your opinions. But you have to follow the page rules otherwise moderators will kick you out from this subreddit.

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7. r/Redsoccerr

This is another suitable subreddit that came into play after Reddit soccer streams get banned. It has not too many members, but those who are active provide streaming links just before the starting of different soccer matches.

The moderators have set several rules to make this subreddit spam-free. So, all the streaming links you get on this site are working that you can use to stream live matches in SD or HD quality. So you may try this subreddit once.

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8. r/MCFC

This subreddit page is dedicated to the Manchester City Football Club. It has more than 60k active members who keep posting updates about this club.

So, on this page, you can get information like upcoming matches, live scores, pre/post-match updates, stats, Football memes, and much more. In other words, this page will help you to stay up to date with the latest news on Manchester City FC.

Many members also upload streaming links which you can use to watch highlights easily. There are some rules set by moderators, that you should obey while sharing or posting anything on this page. Otherwise, they will remove you immediately from the group.

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9. r/football

This popular subreddit is the center of discussion of soccer updates across the world. It has over 175k members who constantly post the latest football news, articles, and also links to live matches. Fair to say that, it nicely holding up soccer fans after the ban of Reddit soccerstreams.

You can also share the latest soccer updates in this subreddit, but for that, you need to create a Reddit account first. There are some rules set by the moderators which every member should follow to maintain the standard of the subreddit. You’ll get to watch live matches in high-quality, as the shared links are either in SD or HD.

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10. r/PremierLeague

Fans of the English Premier League can get all the latest updates, statistics, highlights, and even links to live matches on this subreddit. This community has over 282k members whose activities are constantly monitored by the moderators.

Most of its members are active most of the time and involved in discussions, polls, questions, and a lot of other interesting things. You’ll find this subreddit quite engaging and useful to get every update on the EPL. The links shared by the mods are of high-quality and load very fast.

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5 Best Websites Alternatives to r/soccerstreams

1. Sony LIV

Sony LIV is one of the popular sports streaming sites where you can watch most of the high-rated sports like Football, Cricket, Rugby, NFL, NBA, Tennis, WWE, Racing games, eSports, and much more.

The reason for considering it as a r/soccerstreams alternative because it brings live-action of different football leagues such as La Liga, UEFA Champion League, UEFA Europe League, Series A, etc.

SonyLiv website

So, for any football fan, this is the best place to watch their favorite team in the action. Moreover, it is the official broadcaster of many games, which means streaming sports on this site is completely legal.

You can also get to watch match previews, highlights, sports news, fixtures, etc. It automatically adjusts the video quality as per your internet speed, so you can enjoy the uninterrupted streaming of your favorite sports.

Visit this website

2. Bosscast

Bosscast is one of the Reddit soccer streams alternatives that provides links to many sports streaming channels where you can stream your favorite sports easily.

You can watch sports like Football, Hockey, tennis, Rugby, Baseball, Basketball, WWE and more. You just need to find out which channel broadcasting your favorite sport, then select that one from the list and enjoy the live-action.

Bosscast website

As this website is free some annoying ads may pop-up while using it. So, make sure to enable an Ad-blocker to defend those pop-ups. In case you failed to access this website then use a trusted VPN to unblock the restriction.

Moreover, it also provides a chat box at the top right corner of the homepage, where you can share your thought and discuss sports topics with other members.

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3. SoccerStreams

This website is created by the founders of r/soccerstreams, after the exclusion of their subreddit by the Reddit officials. Since then they are actively providing live streaming links to matches of all major football leagues.

They also cover other sporting events like NFL, NBA, NHL, MBL, and MMA. The website shows scores of all the ended and ongoing matches as well as schedules for upcoming matches.

It has a clean and organized user interface that helps in smooth browsing. It provides multiple streaming links for all the live matches and informs on which TV channel you can watch the match too.

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4. Laola1

When it comes to Reddit soccerstreams online free, you can’t just close the list without including Laola1. This website is quite familiar to sports fans and receives millions of visitors from different corners of the world.

Here, you can catch-up with live soccer matches of leagues like Europe league, NFL, EPL, Champions League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Series A, and more. Apart from that, you can also stream Winter sports, Moto sports, Tennis, Basketball, golf, and a lot of others.

Laola1 website

It offers basic streaming for free where you’ll get good video quality, but if you pick its premium membership you can get access to some additional benefits. Those benefits include ad-free streaming with HD video quality, replay live stream, and stream four events simultaneously.

You can also join the discussion forum and have some fun through the heated and funny banters with other sports fans.


5. First Row Sports

First Row Sports is a suitable place to get direct soccerstreams links to the ongoing matches across the world. The website has a simple user interface and can easily browse from smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

It not only provides streaming links for soccer matches but also other popular sports like Basketball, Rugby, Ice Hockey, Moto Sports, Tennis, Boxing, and more.

FirstRowSports website

It lists multiple streaming links for every live sport and all of them are very responsive and loads quickly. The video quality also maintains the high-standard to give users a productive streaming experience.

However, the website has some annoying ads, but they can be easily ignored. If you are a smartphone user, it is suggested to install the Skyfire browser to enjoy seamless streaming on this website.

There are several sites like FirstRowSports that offer sports streaming free which you’ll also find worthy.

Visit website

Best Discord Channel To Get Live Football Streaming Links

Most of the Pc gamers will be familiar with Discord. And if you are a high tech enthusiastic, then you know about it. In short, Discord is a voice over IP and messaging platform that is designed to assist video gamers to fluently communicate and coordinate with each other while playing.

Moreover, Discord also supports video chat, video calls, text, audio, and image sharing. So, users can get in touch as per their choice. You can run the Discord app on different platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, etc.

When r/soccerstreams pulled offline by Reddit, Discord saw the opportunity and has started a channel for sharing live football streaming links. This Reddit soccer streams discord channel gained popularity and more than 1.5 lakh members joined it within a few weeks. You can find thousands of active members on this channel at any moment.

The Discord channel functions the same way as Reddit soccer streams. Members are allowed to send direct messages to the admin panel or moderators regarding upload live streaming links. When your message is approved by them, you can upload links to any live soccer match.

They may also give you the role of a streamer for future link sharing. Streamers can share links to live matches only 1 hour before the beginning of the match. The links will be live only for 30 minutes after uploads. So, when there is no live match going on, you won’t find any links on the channel.

Join the best Discord channel here


That’s it from our side, now it’s your turn. Although, shut down of Reddit Soccer Streams was very unfortunate but that is not the end of getting direct streaming links. These are some of the best Reddit soccerstreams alternatives that will help you to get links to live football matches and related news as well.

Moreover, the Reddit soccer streams discord channel is a great place where you can also find quality live streaming links 1 hour before the beginning of the match. If you know any better alternative to get streaming links to soccer matches, then mention them in the comment section. We will include them on our list.

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