14 Best Sites Like eBay to Sell Your Stuff Online

Small as well as big retailers and sellers are bringing their products online with the help of many e-commerce sites. eBay is one of them, it has a huge audience base that allows sellers to reach new potential customers all around the world. But there are some downsides of it that promote sellers to look for other online selling sites like eBay.

As an e-commerce seller, you should keep looking for different online selling sites. Because not all online marketplaces are created with the same concept so you may find a better place where you can sell your products with a more profitable margin. We have listed some sites like Zillow where you can list your real estate property that acts similar to this.

Whereas in the case of eBay, it has heavy traffic which is good for your sales but at the same time they also charge high commission fees which may cut down the profit that you are expecting.

But fortunately, there are many online sales sites other than eBay that are available which not only charge less commission and listing fees than eBay but also allow you to target a more specific audience.

Here, we compiled some of the best websites for selling items online for free which you can also use as eBay alternatives to list and sell your items to local as well as global customers.

14 Best Sites Like eBay

These online marketplaces we are listed below charge very minimum fees from their sellers and help them to grow their business on a large scale. We also mentioned how much listing, commission, and maintenance fees they charge from their sellers so you will get a better idea about their working process. Let’s see and find out which one will suitable for you to start your online business.

1. Bonanza

Like eBay, Bonanza is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell products such as men’s and women’s clothing, fashion accessories, beauty and health items, home and garden items, and more.

This e-commerce platform comes with the tagline “Find everything but the ordinary”. This means the items you like to sell need not be the finest, but they should be unique which can’t find on every other site.

Bonanza doesn’t charge its sellers any listing fees, monthly store fees, or any other additional fees but only takes 3.5% on the base price of every item they sold. Whereas eBay charges a huge 10% fee on every item sold by sellers.

Bonanza website

However, traffic engagement on Bonanza is lower than on eBay, where the shopper to seller ratio on Bonanza is 1300:1 and on eBay, it is only 10:1. But this stat shows that the competition between sellers is less on Bonanza which means your products will be seen by more buyers.

Bonanza is one of the suitable places to spread your business. It has merchants and shoppers from almost all parts of the world. Interestingly more than 40,000 sellers have successfully run their business on this platform.

2. Etsy

If you have any unique handmade products which you are looking to sell, then Etsy is the perfect platform to do so. It is an online marketplace that emphasizes more on handmade items and vintage goods.

Currently, more than 1.8 million active sellers are selling their products on Etsy, as a result, more than 38 million buyers visit this e-commerce platform every month.

Etsy website

As this platform is specialized in selling handmade products so there are some limits on selling other items. But if you make hand-crafted jewelry, fashion accessories, home decor items, unique gift items, handmade furniture, or any other similar kind of product, then this is the place to sell all those.

Moreover, to list your items on Etsy you’ll have to give $0.20 per item you list and a 3.5% commission for each item you’ve sold. Etsy also offers a high-quality program to its sellers which costs $10 per month. This program provides some useful tools which help sellers to reach new customers.

3. Newegg

Newegg is one of the best online selling sites like eBay that emphasis selling tech products. That means you can sell gadgets, gaming consoles, computers, and their parts, smart home products, and other electronic goods.

It offers its service to 50+ countries and receives more than 45 million monthly visitors. So, this is a huge marketplace to sell tech products and grow your business globally.

If you want to be a seller, you can choose its free or premium tiers. In both tiers, you have to pay a commission between 8% – 15% based on the category of product you sell.

Newegg website

In the free tier, sellers are given access to their seller portal where they can list up to 5,000 products in bulk or one by one. From here they can change the different aspects of their listing and can handle order shipment and returns.

Whereas the premium tier starts from $29.95 per month (For Professionals) and $99.95 per month (For Enterprise). This enables sellers to list up to 25,000 products and provides other advanced facilities like a dedicated account manager, customizable seller store, access to a top seller program, and discounts on fulfillment and shipping service.

The only difference between the Professional and Enterprise tier is sellers can list unlimited products in the Enterprise tier. If you are looking for where can I sell my stuff online for free, then Newegg’s free tier is a suitable place for you.

4. Storenvy

Storenvy is a leading eCommerce platform and marketplace-only platforms like eBay. It was originally designed as an online store builder platform and later expanded into an online marketplace in 2012 with the addition of Storenvy Marketplace.

Storenvy website

It allows sellers to build their own fully customized store. You can customize the store using a theme editor and use any styling. It combines all the features and benefits of a fully independent online store with full access to an active marketplace.

Storenvy is taking 15% of every sale made through the platform. It won’t take any upfront fee. There are three plans available for sellers. “Hobbyist” is the free plan and allows for up to 1000 listings. It is one of the best solutions for small independent sellers.

5. Amazon

Amazon one of the biggest e-commerce marketplaces is suitable for selling anything from handmade items to machine-made products. Millions of customers from across the world visit this website to buy stuff, so the chance of your product gets sold is high.

This website doesn’t work on the auction-based model of selling products like eBay, rather it functions as a retail store where you get an instant sell for a fixed price.

Amazon website

Where eBay charges its seller a listing fee and commission over every product they sold, over there Amazon doesn’t charge any product listing fees but sellers only have to pay $0.99 per item they sold.

You can also choose the Amazon Fulfillment program where you have to send your product to their warehouse and when you get an order Amazon will ship the product for you. So, you don’t need to worry about the packaging and shipping of your products.

6. eBid

eBid is one of the online sales sites other than eBay. It is an auction-based online marketplace that features a fixed price sale, just like eBay. But interestingly it doesn’t charge any listing fees, however, sellers have to pay a commission of 3% on selling every item.

eBid website

Though it is not so much popular as eBay and Amazon, it is a cheaper platform to start selling your stuff. You can also purchase its lifetime selling plan for $99.98 to cut off the commission fee for every product you sold.

If you want to be a seller, then there are plenty of categories available where you can sell your products. More than 600,000 customers visit this site daily, so if your product has uniqueness, then you can attract many potential buyers.

7. Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the websites to sell items online for free. It charges neither listing nor selling fees from its sellers. You can sell almost everything from books to real estate properties without any hassle.

This is a forum for sellers and buyers. So, if you want to a seller on Craigslist, you have to handle everything from sales to shipping and after-sale service also.

Craigslist website

If you want to sell your products locally then Craigslist is a suitable place to do so. You can also sell classified ads here.  If you are looking to sell products that are big in size or expensive like cars or properties, then you can meet the buyer personally for more convenient and safe selling.

8. Mercari

Mercari is a leading online marketplace to buy or sell items. It is one of the best online selling sites like eBay. You can buy and sell just anything you can imagine on Mercari.

The company has been around in this space since 2013. It has grown drastically to become one of the leading buying and selling apps in the United States.

Mercari website

Mercari allows sellers to set a lower price for an item. It would be listed at a “buy it now” price. But buyers are allowed to offer a discounted price with the mobile app. Visitors can like an item by clicking the heart icon present in the top corner of the catalog image of an individual item.

Selling items is very easy on Mercari and you don’t have to fill bulky forms. It does not charge an initial fee to list items. Mercari charges a flat 10% fee for each sale. Just make sure that you have added that fee to the item at the time of listing.

9. Walmart

Walmart is one of the biggest online retailers and a strong competitor of Amazon. It has a huge base of customers which will be an advantage if you become a seller on this platform.

But the catch is not everyone can sell products on Walmart, only selected sellers can able to list and sell their products. There is no auction-based selling program available, just a fixed price listing.

Walmart website

Moreover, it doesn’t charge any listing or maintenance fees, sellers only have to pay a commission between 8% – 20% on every product they sold. With a wide customer base, this is one of the online selling sites like eBay where you can spread your business globally.

10. Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is a suitable online marketplace to buy or sell Antiques and Vintage goods. More than millions of unique customers visit this site every month from which 85% are women aged over 40 and claiming themselves as “collecting enthusiasts”.

So, if you have any antique or vintage items and looking for where can I sell my stuff online for free, then Ruby Lane is the marketplace to list your products.

Ruby Lane website

However, Ruby Lane is not completely free. For listing products on this platform sellers have to pay $0.19 per item and a $69 per month maintenance fee. Sellers can also choose a one-time setup cost of $100. The interesting part is Ruby Lane doesn’t charge any commission fees from its sellers.

On this platform, you can sell your products under categories like Antiques, Vintage Collectibles, Dolls, Fine Art, Glass, Jewellery, Furniture & Lighting, Silver, Porcelain & Pottery, and Vintage Fashion.

This is a great place to increase your business of selling vintage goods as you will get more genuine customers who are willing to spend more money on a product than those who prefer to bargain.

11. Microcenter

Microcenter is a leading electronics all the components starting from screens to machines. You can also get refurbished computer hardware and electronics.

The website interface gives a similar experience to Amazon. The company was founded in 1979 and now celebrating the 40th anniversary. Microcenter has more than 30 million registered users and regularly shop using their website.

Microcenter website

Like eCommerce giant Amazon, Microcenter also offers its own fulfillment service. It saves your time and you can leave stock keeping, labels, orders, shipping, and returns management.

Using the standard seller profile one can list up to 5000 items for free. Microcenter takes commission between 8% and 15% depending on the product category.

12. LetGo

LetGo is one of the websites to sell items online for free locally. It doesn’t charge any listing or commission fees from its sellers. You can sell different products like Books, Electronic goods, Home and garden products, furniture, cars, etc.

When you upload a picture of your product, its AI automatically categorizes it under the correct section. So, when a buyer visits this website, he/she can find products that are for sale right on the homepage. Which makes it more convenient for buying products.

LetGo website user interface

On this platform, you can also sell used products as well. It also provides a chat box where sellers and buyers can communicate with each other, so the buyer can get a better idea about the product that they are looking to buy.

13. Wish

Wish is a very easy-to-use platform for both sellers and buyers. Here you can sell all trendy fashion items, clothes, electronic goods, mobile accessories, jewelry, and more.

This platform also features a mobile-optimized app through which most of the customers visit their store. When a customer visits this site it tracks their searches, liking, disliking, and wishlists based on which it shows relevant products the next time they visit this site.

If your product has uniqueness, then you can easily attract a wide range of customers from this site. It doesn’t charge any fees unless you make a successful sale. So Wish is a good eBay alternative.

Wish website interface

Wish reaches more than 80 countries around the world so this a good platform to take your business to the global market. You can also download its App version from the Play Store and App Store and can sell your products just by using your smartphone.

14. Tradesy

Tradesy is a shopping site like eBay. It is heaven for users who want to sell high-end designer clothes to women. The platform offers both buying and selling an option.

Tradesy allows anybody to post and sell their high-end fashion items. It is an online platform for fashion lovers and can make money by selling clothing, shoes, accessories from the top designer brands, handbags, wedding special attire, such as gowns, tuxedos, and more.

Tradesy website

Sellers have to pay a 15%-20% commission of the selling on the platform. They also take an additional 3% fee when you want to withdraw the money. Its high commission structure puts it in the costly category for sellers.

This platform also allows sellers to list all the secondhand clothing and accessories. It is an easy way to sell your unworn clothes and accessories to make some additional space in your closet. One can use the Tradesy website or app to buy items.


That’s it from our side, now it’s your turn. Selling stuff online is no longer a difficult task, with a little bit of technical knowledge anyone can sell anything online. As you can see eBay is not the only option out there, many eBay alternatives are available which are cheaper and offers better features than eBay.

We mentioned some of them here which will help you to grow your business locally as well as globally. If you know any other online selling sites like eBay, then do mention them in the comment section, we will include them in our list.

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