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10 Best Social Media Management Tools in 2022

A large number of small businesses utilize social media management tools as a marketing platform due to simple reasons. Social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Meta have millions of users. Having an innate presence on social media allows small businesses to have higher engagement with customers.

However, due to the availability of numerous platforms on the internet, it can become difficult for users to manage multiple social media accounts at once. The best free social media management tool can help you in managing all your social aspects at ease.

Many small businesses are shifting to various tools of social media management which allow them to develop a comprehensive strategy for social media. This helps them in managing everything together at once. There is numerous social media management platform available presently and choosing one of them might be a task for you.

Best Social Media Management Tools

With different price ranges and a variety of features offered by some of the best social media management tools, it becomes important that you make the right choice. You must choose a tool that can save your time by automating the actionable insights, collaboration workflows, and social media marketing processes. Furthermore, we shall discuss the 10 best tools you can use for social media management purposes:

1. is a cloud-based social media management tool comprising of separate tools for publishing content, customer data management, social media engagement, etc. They claim to offer unmatched versatility that can serve all kinds of marketers including digital agencies or solopreneurs. It provides the users with a content calendar that enables planning, creating, and scheduling content with marketing teams.

Falcon website

You can use this tool for month-based planning on various social media platforms as it offers features like visual planning and auto-queue posting. Apart from social listening and monitoring, you’ll get a social inbox feature too. It also allows you to create pages through a campaign builder. If you’re using this social media management tool, you’ll get support via online tutorials, guides, and email. It is priced at $129 which varies as per customized features.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the oldest social media management tools since 2008. You’ll find its existence on most of the lists as it is one of the most hyped social media platforms. It allows bulk scheduling which means the users can upload many posts together apart from client management support.

Hootsuite social media manager

They are famous for RSS integration, scheduling, content curation, organization, monitoring and have a remarkable reputation. It is popular mainly as a unified tool that offers attractive features like social listening. You can also avail of their free trial for 30 days. The price of this tool is $29-$599. There are many appreciable features of this tool like market progress, overall size, etc. The Hootsuite Academy helps users learn about social media marketing.

3. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is a well-combined social media management tool inclined towards mid sizes businesses or digital agencies that manage multiple accounts or clients. You must give this tool a try if your team has an interest in creating workflows with collaboration tools, permission settings. It ensures the basics and also offers a social inbox feature allowing higher audience engagement apart from auto-posting.

SocialPilot website

Though they don’t incorporate an influencer search feature they allow social listening and monitoring features. This is one of the primary features in most businesses as the focus is shifted to remote environments. The price of this tool is $30-$100 every month.

4. Buffer

Buffer is an easy-to-use tool used for social media management. It offers to publish social media posts using the same engagement, queue, analytics, and other features. Buffer is regarded as an instinctive and efficient social media management tool. Several agencies, businesses, individuals, and brands entrust this tool to promote user engagement on social media platforms.

Buffer website

Buffer can also provide you with a social inbox by connecting to a different product. The price of this tool varies from $15-$399. It also enables user permissions and develops a smooth user workflow. Although, it doesn’t offer the feature of influencer search and has a restricted client management system but is easy to use.  You can simplify the entire process of content planning using this tool.

5. Sendible

Sendible is another popular tool you can use for managing all your social media stuff. It is the best option for those digital agencies who are searching for a CRM-included end-to-end tool. Sendible offers many unique features like a smart queue that allows repressing content by social media managers.

Sendible website

You must use their social listening tools and social inbox to control mentions, keywords, and competitions of your brand. It doesn’t allow influencer search which can be a drawback for some users. But, you’ll get a CRM system that allows real-time communication and interaction between influencers and users. You can get it at a price of $29-$299 a month.

6. Loomly

We have Loomly as the next option here in this list. Loomly is a tool used mainly for the purpose of branding as well as creating content. In comparison to other tools of this kind, Loomly is not so well-integrated. Because of its main emphasis on content creation, it fails to provide other features like monitoring and listening which are considered important by big businesses.

Loomly website

You’ll also get features of content suggestion and visual calendar in this tool which can help in the curation of strategy by social media managers. Presently, they don’t have a social inbox, but you can get client management and social monitoring features. Loomly can be a great option for small business owners and solopreneurs. It is priced from $34-$332.

7. Eclincher

Users refer Eclincher as a robust tool or platform used for social media management. It has all that you’ll require in the execution of your social media strategy. This tool offers many valuable features like drop visual calendar, savvy drag, content publisher, competitor analysis, campaign tracking, and customized social media post editing.

Eclincher website

It allows you to schedule your Instagram posts and stories as per your preference. With an intuitive scheduler, auto-posting, and a social inbox it ensures that you don’t miss our engagement, review, RSS fees integration or message, hashtags or keyword monitoring, social media analytics, campaign tracking, and a lot more. It offers a 14-day trial period for all users and doesn’t require you to have a credit card.

8. Later

The next one in this list of social media management tools is Later which is mostly used as a content scheduler. It was originally launched ad a tool used for social media posting and was more focused on Instagram.

Later also provided features of content planning for optimizing the aesthetics of the Instagram feed. Now, it has emerged as a visual calendar functioning with almost all social media platforms. What they offer is mainly focused on visual planning. Many Instagram influencers are using this social media planner for regular posting.

Later social media management tool

You’ll not get RSS integration or social inbox either this tool but, it offers a separate analytic feature. You can use this feature for the optimization of your content planning. The price of this tool ranged from $7.5-$41 every month. Though it supports many social media platforms, mainly focuses on Pinterest and Instagram for now.

9. MeetEdgar

What makes MeetEdgar stand out from the crowd is its scheduling and automation features. They also provide constant posting, which means that they can auto-curate and share the relevant posts on all your social media channels. You’ll want to use this tool due to a number of features like a 7-day free trial, the Edgar Lite plan that starts just at $19 for 1 month.

MeetEdgar website

It also provides response and engagement analytics, superb automation, and scheduling features. You’ll get two primary plans with this tool out of which, one is the Edgar Lite and Edgar that starts at $49 every month. Both of these plans provide the same tools, though the Lite plan enables integration with three social media channels. The high-priced plan offers almost 1,000 recurring time slots every week. However, the Edgar Lite plan is best, to begin with.

10. Zoho

Zoho is considered an all-in-one tool used by consumers to maintain the social aspects of their business together in one place. It helps them in the management of webinars, projects, email, and accounting. Zoho also provides a CRM that enables you to manage everything under one roof.

Zoho social media tool

Zoho mainly has three plans to offer namely, standard, professional, and premium. You can also try your hands on a free version with limited features and an upgrade option. Regardless of which plan you choose, you’ll be able to schedule and publish posts on various platforms, view analytics, and summarize reports. The professional and standard plans are restricted to just a single brand and team member, but users can include traffic team members for added charge in both these plans.


Here was a comparison of some of the best social media management tools you can use for your business. You can use any one of the tools mentioned above in this post as all of them have distinguished features to offer.

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