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How to Start a Tinder Conversation (10 Pro Tips)

So, you have finally downloaded Tinder and set up the perfect profile to be swiped right. And the good news is that you are even getting matches. However, after all this work, you need to know about how to start a Tinder conversation that leads to a date as well.

Most of the time, when you start a conversation on Tinder, it often leads to a certain amount of awkwardness at the beginning. So, your first tinder message is basically your first impression when you are just getting started. And if you can nail it, there is quite a possibility of a relationship to grow from it.

Let’s have a look at some valuable tips on how to start a conversation on Tinder.

Tips for How to Start Tinder Conversation

Conversing on Tinder is like an art form; you need to send the right message at the right time. Apparently, when you start Tinder chatting, it takes from the first 30 seconds to 3 minutes of the chatting to make an impression on the other person. To ease your worry, here we are with some best ways to start a tinder conversation.

  1. The First Message

When it comes to sending the first Tinder message to start the conversation, it’s better not to send a random ‘Hey’ or its GIF. If you do then you are already set to start a boring conversation and lower down your chances of turning it into a date. Surprise the other person instead of amusing them with a different first message.

This can be a compliment or even a suggestion and the best way to start a tinder conversation! Tell them that they look beautiful in those curls or suggest that they should wear their hair open all the time. This is just one way of chatting on Tinder. The basic idea is that sending a normal ‘Hi” or ‘Hello’ is too mainstream.

Apart from that, you can open up with a good joke, funny GIF, photo, or a classy pick-up line. Don’t feel shy from texting first, whether you are a guy or a girl, just do it. And of course, exhibit your personality without showcasing any attitude.

  1. Ask questions

Apart from what’s up, ask anything that you can during a Tinder conversation. ‘What’s up’ is more of a conversation killer as most of the time, it doesn’t lead to anywhere and the chatting becomes either awkward or dead. Usually, you will be asking your match that what do they do, where do they live, where are they from, and more.

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However, to spice up your conversation you can play question games like truth, dare, or situation. Along with that, you can also ask certain personal questions, but not too personal, like whether they prefer an adventurous vacation or a relaxing one? Do they like to read or not? As soon as you start getting comfortable with them, that’s when you can carry on the conversation more smoothly.

  1. Basic Knowledge

It’s really important that once you’ve matched you get to know the person before you start a conversation. So, read their bio and get to know them as a person. A Tinder bio can tell a lot about the person, especially their job and education.

It can be a cringe-worthy moment when they have mentioned their job and yet you ask them that what they do for a living. It tells them that you couldn’t spare a few seconds to read their bio. And that can easily make them drift off their attention from you.

  1. Flirting

Now that you have an idea about how to start a tinder conversation, let’s talk about flirting. One of the biggest mistakes made on Tinder by men is that they start sending flirty first messages which turn off most of the women.

Flirting should be done once you have made the women feel safe and comfortable while talking to you. First date conversation tips suggest this step.

When you are trying to flirt with your match during a tinder chatting, you might not want to go all in. You can always compliment them while flirting or say that you were hoping that you could match while asking intriguing questions.

During a tinder conversation, don’t be in a hurry. Of course, don’t reply after 5 hours but make sure when you reply, it’s not a 1-word reply.

  1. Random Questions

After a while, you will feel that there is nothing really left about the person to ask. This is the time when you can ask your match different and random questions about life.

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For instance, if you are planning to go on a vacation you can discuss the different destinations and ask for a suggestion that would suitable for you.

Along with that, you can talk about the different upcoming movies, books if you like to read, your hobbies and even plan to do different things together.

  1. Talking to Girls

Most men make their profile on Tinder but have no idea about how to start a tinder conversation with a girl. Well, pay close attention to what I’m going to say.

Some men think if they show their overconfidence they will get a women’s attention, while others think that their high-class attitude will work on women.

Sorry to shatter your dreams but in both cases, men repel the women rather than attracting them. You don’t have to intimidate your match but make them feel safe. Your overconfidence or attitude makes them feel uninvited.

  1. Ask Opinions

When you are in a conversation with a dating partner, ask their opinion. If you guys have now become quite friendly and chat more than frequently it’s more than obvious to ask about each other’s opinions. Whether you have to get dressed for a certain event or are buying new headphones, let them have a say in it. It will make them feel that they are important in your life.

  1. Commonalities

Now as you get some good ideas on how to start a tinder conversation, find out what all is common between you and your match. If your interests are similar, there is a high chance of you guys getting into a relationship.

And these interests could be anything, like traveling, reading, poetry, going to the beach, photography and the list goes on.

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Even if you have a couple of similarities, it could make your bond quite stronger. And the best part about it is that you could do so many things together. These could be hobbies or work, or just some things you both adore.

  1. Typing

We all can accept one thing for sure, that we are no longer teenagers anymore so typing like them won’t be cool while chatting on tinder. Correct English with no grammatical errors is a plus when you have a conversation on tinder. So, it’s better to forget about typing like a teenager type like a true adult.

  1. Follow Up

So, it’s been a day since you had a chat with your match? What are you waiting for; grab your phone and send them a follow-up text. This is important because at one time they can have a handful of matches, and you need to show them that you are the extraordinary one. So, a follow-up really counts and makes them aware that you do care for them.


In this digital world when dating problems can be solved from an easily accessible app like Tinder, all you need to be aware of is how to start a Tinder conversation. We have listed some useful tips about tinder chatting which can be easily applied whether you use Tinder or any other dating platform. These will certainly level up your dating life from every aspect.

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