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Super People – Beginner’s Guide To Classes And Combat

Super People is the game that will make you feel like you have played it before. Only now, it has elements that you hadn’t seen before. The battle royale generation is evolving and wants to try new games.

People who have played PUBG (Playerunknown Battlegrounds) before would see similarities once deployed on Super People’s battlefield. If you want to try something new in this genre then this game can be beneficial.

However, the characterization sets this game apart from others in this genre. Super People lets you level up your characters to unlock special abilities, there are over 12 different classes to choose from, and you can craft and upgrade items.

Sounds complicated? No need to worry! This Super People beginner’s guide has got your back.

Super People: What Are Classes?

In the game Super People, classes are just different categorizations of characters. The classes are assigned based on what kind of weapon the character uses and their unique abilities.

Here’s what makes the class system in Super People interesting- you cannot choose your class. You will randomly be assigned a class at the start of each battle.

The randomization is how the game ensures that there’s never repetition.

Super People game

Going into battle without knowing specifics about your class can throw you off. But this allows you to explore and master various classes steadily and vastly.

Here’s a list of classes in super people:

  • Demolisher
  • Gatling Soldier
  • Shotgun Master
  • Strike Force
  • Sniper
  • Seeker
  • Gas Soldier
  • Marine
  • Teleporter
  • Swat
  • Firearms Expert
  • Nuclear
  • Driver
  • Titan

There’s also randomization regarding each class’s skills and weapons and what you will get assigned in each battle.

The only way you get to pick your class is by bearing the costs with Gold; a game currency earned while you’re on the battlefield. A few free class change tickets will get you started, but they run out quickly.

The good news here is that there’s a Training Ground mode in Super People. Training allows you to try out and get accustomed to different classes. Here, you can also figure out what items work best with each class.

Soon, strategizing will begin to feel like muscle memory.

Super People Combat

There are some common themes in every military shooter game. You already know that a high-tier weapon is better than a low-tier weapon when it comes to shooting range and dealing with damage. The same goes for backpacks regarding how much loot they can hold.

Super People map

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty details of the combat style and gameplay of Super People. These aren’t Super People hacks, but they’ll definitely get you started. We’ll slip in some valuable tips to help you win.

Getting to Know the Controls

You can’t possibly get to win if you spend half of your time trying to figure out which button controls what. Here is a list of some of the most basic combat controls in Super People.

  • Left Mouse Click – Shoot
  • Right Mouse Click – Scope And Aim
  • R – Reload Your Weapon
  • F – Unselect Skill
  • B – Select Different Firing Mode
  • Right Mouse Button – Change Throwing Stance
  • R – Pull Safety Pin
  • G – Use Healing Item
  • 7 – Use Emergency Kit
  • 8 – Use First Aid Kit
  • 9 – Use Compression Bandages
  • Mouse Wheel Up – Choose The Next Weapon
  • Mouse Wheel Down – Choose The Last Weapon
  • 1 – Select First Weapon
  • 2 – Select Second Weapon
  • 3 – Choose Sidearm
  • 4 – Access Special Equipment
  • 5 – AccessThrowables
  • G – Implement Active Skills
  • X – Holster Weapon

Getting to Know The Battlefield

Here’s what you need to know about the battlegrounds. The name of the Super People in-game map is Orbs Island. There are urban areas with lots of buildings and places where you can hide. There are also massive open fields. Each has its pros and cons.

Super People Fire gun

Super People begin with a territory that is closed. The battleground of Super People is 8 km square. The starting zone’s size might vary based on how many people have entered the arena; a wider zone ring equals more participants.

Across the map, you will come across things you can pick and use as resources. These can be used to craft equipment or to upgrade their strengths. Leveling up keeps the game interesting and interactive.


Super People brings you a new way of playing battle royale shooter games using the shell of the classic game mechanics. Level up, master different classes, and prepare for battle now that you’ve gotten a gist of what to expect.

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