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15 Best Terrarium TV Alternatives to Watch Movies and TV Series for Free

Terrarium TV was one of the best platforms to stream movies and TV shows for free. But unfortunately, it was pulled offline by its developer team, NitroXenon in September 2018. Since then, many Terrarium TV alternatives have come and go but no one able to replace it completely.

Everything happened all of sudden that it became hard for its long-term users to believe that their main source of streaming movies and TV shows would no longer be available. This was a heart-breaking moment for them.

In 2018 Terrarium TV was one of the leading streaming apps. There were several reasons behind its popularity, one of them being that it used to updates its content library faster than anyone else. That’s why it was able to become the center of attraction by many users.

But without disclosing any solid reason its developer decided to close the app forever. As an end gesture, they thanked everyone who supported them throughout their journey and helped them to grow as one of the biggest streaming apps.

There was no other choice for the users rather than looking for some suitable alternative to Terrarium TV. Fortunately, in the age of online streaming craze you can always find something new and interesting being developed and so did we.

15 Best Terrarium TV Alternatives

After a bit of research, we have found some suitable apps like Terrarium TV that let you watch movies and tv series for free. So, we thought why to keep it only with ourselves, why not share it with others. That’s why we listed them here with their link to download. We hope from the options you will find your next source for streaming movies and tv shows online. So, let’s proceed.

1. CyberFlix TV

CyberFlix TV has thousands of on-demand movies and TV shows to watch for free. It features similar user-interface and categories like Terrarium TV, but the streaming quality is much better than that.

CyberFlix TV doesn’t host any content on its server, rather provides links to third-party sources where you can stream the video. It updates the collection with every latest released content, so the user can find everything of their need.

This app is free and very easy to use and doesn’t even require registration to stream videos. You can also enable notification so that whenever a new video is added to their database, you’ll be notified.

Moreover, you can download movies and TV shows to your local files from this app. It also allows you to choose the video quality as per your preferences.

Download CyberFlix TV App

2. Cinema APK

Cinema APK is one of the Terrarium TV alternatives that bring the latest movies and TV shows to stream for free. People also know it as Cinema HD or HD Movies. It comes with a simple user-interface and well-organized content category which makes it much easier to operate.

Its content library is filled with many latest and popular movies and tv shows. Which means you can surely find the content of your demand. Moreover, they frequently update their library with fresh content that increases its reliability.

This app doesn’t host any movies or tv shows on its server, instead, it provides quality streaming links that are hosted somewhere else. No subscription or registration is required, just install it on your device and start streaming your liking contents.

Cinema APK supports multiple streaming devices like Amazon Firestick, Kodi, Roku, Samsung Smart Tv, Nvidia Shield, Apple TV, etc. It also allows users to download their favorite content to a local file that they can enjoy later.

Download Cinema APK

3. UnlockMy TV

UnlockMy TV is one of the names that came to spotlight after the shutdown off Terrarium TV. It has a wide collection of movies and tv series, so you’ll never get out of content on this app.

The app has a simple, user-friendly interface, so even a new user can run this app smoothly without any issue. You can find content across various genres and in regional as well as international languages.

After installing this app, you won’t need to spend money on different premium streaming services to get amazing content, as you can find them all in this app and that for free of cost.

It has many interesting features like a favorite, History, Backup, genres, etc. which enhance user’s streaming experience quite well.

Download UnlockMy TV App

4. Titanium TV

Titanium TV is one of the apps like Terrarium TV for firestick. From the latest movies to trending tv series, you can find them all in this app. Its organized content category also helps you to locate your favorite content easily in this app.

It provides multiple quality streaming links for each video, so in case if any link doesn’t work, you can try another available one to stream the video. It also supports resume playing, which means you can start watching from where you left.

Titanium TV app

Apart from giving links to the latest movies and tv shows, it also provides access to many TV channels across the world. Moreover, the Titanium TV team regularly updates its content collection, so that users don’t need to search for any other platform for TV content.

The app is completely free to use and there are no hidden in-app purchases. It also supports multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Firestick, Windows, Mac, etc. So, you can enjoy seamless streaming on your preferable platform.

Download Titanium TV App

5. Kodi

Kodi is a popular open-source media player that is used as an alternative to Terrarium TV by many users. It neither hosts any video content on its server nor provides streaming links to third-party sources. You can play media files from your local storage or download Kodi add-ons to stream wonderful movies and tv shows.

A person with the right technical knowledge can build an add-on for Kodi. There are several add-ons for Kodi that can found on the web that let you watch movies, tv shows, live sports, live TV, and much more.

Kodi app

There will never be a threat to the shutdown of Kodi as it is doesn’t depend on a single developer. So, in case one developer turns off access to their add-on, then others will take its place immediately. Moreover, new add-ons for Kodi will just keep coming every now and then.

You can install Kodi on Firestick, Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Raspberry Pi, etc. and yes, you also need to download Kodi add-ons to enjoys unlimited hours of entertainment.

Download Kodi App

6. OneBox HD

OneBox HD is one of the best Terrarium TV alternatives that comes with an extensive collection of movies and tv shows to entertain users. They frequently update their collection with the latest content, so you can surely find the content that you are looking for.

As its name suggests, all the contents it offers are in HD quality. It has a great user-interface and offers multiple options like Popularity, Recent Added, Genres, Rating, etc, to categorize contents.

OneBox HD supports multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Firestick, Chromecast, and Kindly as well. So, you can easily install it on your preferable device and enjoy watching endless exciting movies and tv series with your family.

Download OneBox HD App

7. CatMouse APK

Want to watch all the recent release movies and episodes of popular tv series? CatMouse has it all for you. Whether the search is for top working streaming links or HD video quality, it won’t disappoint you at all. This is one of the best streaming services like Terrarium TV.

It provides content in international as well as regional languages. You can find content across multiple genres that you can stream through the in-built video player or can choose other external media players.

This app is completely free to use, and you can stream or download your favorite video without even signing up. It supports Real Debrid integration which helps you to get quality streaming links.

CatMouse supports multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Firestick, etc. The best this about this app is it allows you to sync your streaming history across different platforms with the help Trakt account.

Download CatMouse App

8. Stremio

Stremio is a great place to watch amazing movies and TV shows for free. You can also watch content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, iTunes, YouTube, etc for which you’ll have to download add-ons for Stremio.

Stremio app

Unlike Kodi add-ons, Stremio add-ons don’t install on your device, rather it stays within the app. So, there is no threat of any malware attacks.

Their official team regularly updates their content library, so you will always get fresh content to stream. It supports multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, etc.

Download Stremio App

9. Megabox HD

Megabox HD is another Terrarium TV alternative that provides access to thousands of latest movies and tv shows for free. You can either stream online or download your favorite content to watch them later.

As all of their contents are hosted on the cloud, you will experience fast streaming speed on your device. You can also add movies and tv shows in the Megabox calendar to catch them later.

Although the Megabox app supports only iOS and Android devices, you can run an emulator on your PC/laptop to enjoy amazing content from Megabox HD.

Download Megabox HD app

10. ShowBox HD

ShowBox is one of the popular media streaming Apps that lets users watch content like movies, tv shows, and even popular sports. It has a very simple user-interface and organized content categories, which helps to find your liking media easily.

The app neither asks for any subscription fees nor sign-up process, just download and start streaming your favorite content. In its wide content library, you can all the on-demand contents as they update it quite frequently.

As it has HD in its name, so all its contents are available in HD quality, you can also change the resolution as per your preference. You can also install it on Firestick and Fire TV cube to stream content on a large screen. However, if it doesn’t support your Firestick remote, then install a mouse toggle app on your device to get the work done.

ShowBox supports other platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, etc. To catch up with the latest movies, tv shows, or even sports, this app will be a good choice indeed.

Download ShowBox HD App

11. Bee TV

Bee TV is another suitable place to stream the latest movies and tv series for free. It doesn’t host any copyrighted content on its server, instead provides links videos that are hosted on third-party servers. You can use these links to stream your liking videos easily.

Bee TV app

It has an in-built video player and also supports subtitles to enhance your streaming experience. Moreover, they update their collection regularly with newly released content. So, every time you will find something fresh and new to stream on this app.

Download Bee TV App

12. MediaBox HD

MediaBox HD is one of the best Terrarium TV alternatives that let you watch amazing movies, tv-series, cartoons, Anime movies, and much more for free.

Its developer put so much work to make a clean user-interface so you can enjoy the seamless streaming experience in this app. The good thing about this app is it always in search of the latest content. So, users can find every content of their liking.

MediaBox also lets you sync your watching history across multiple devices through the Trakt account. It supports multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Roku, Fire TV, Smart TV, Chromecast, etc. So, you can install it on your preferred platform to start streaming favorite content.

Although it updates its content library frequently, if you don’t find the content that you are looking for, then request to their team to add that to their library. You can also enjoy offline watching and downloading media files to your local storage in this app.

Download MediaBox HD App

13. TVZion

TVZion is one of the streaming services like Terrarium TV. You can watch all the latest and popular movies and tv shows in HD quality. It has a clean and organized user-interface, so finding your favorite content will be a lot easier.

However, high-rated movies and tv-shows are available on the homepage for quick select, but you can also browse the movies and tv-shows category separately and apply filters like Genres, Release Year, Rating, etc. to find content as per your liking.

TVZion app

It provides support for Android TV integration with separate UI, so you can easily enjoy streaming on a big screen. Moreover, with Trakt.tv integration, you can resume playing where you left.

The only drawback of this Terrarium TV alternative is it offers only 500 hours of streaming at first and to increase this time period, it asks to download certain apps from the play store. Generally, no one wants to download unnecessary apps, so to bypass this restriction, delete TVZion and reinstall it to get the original streaming hours.

Download TVZion App

14. TeaTV

For streaming the latest to popular movies and TV-shows on a reasonable user-interface this alternative to Terrarium TV is worth visiting. You can download it on the Android platform above 4.4.3. Moreover, it supports 40+ languages which makes it easier to use.

No doubt, it has a great content library where you can find movies and top-rated tv-shows of your choice to stream. It also supports external media players like MX Player which you can use if you want.

TeaTV not only allows online streaming but also provides the option to download videos to a local file and with Real Debrid integration you’ll get high quality streaming links.

The interesting feature of this app is it shows a preview of videos before you start streaming them and its in-built AI arranges all the movies and tv-shows as per your interest. Moreover, you can also watch LIVE TV on this app.

It has an option called “safe mode” which you can apply to keep away your children from age-restricted content if they are using this app to watch their favorite content.

Download TeaTV App

15. Morph TV

Morph TV is one of the best Terrarium TV alternatives where you can watch popular movies and tv-shows in high-quality for free. In its content library, you can select content across multiple genres like Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, Mystery, and more.

It has a user-friendly interface and many useful features that give a wonderful streaming experience. It allows to choose the video format and provides 20+ subtitle options, which means you can also watch the content that is not in your native language. Just select the subtitle and enjoy streaming.

In case if you don’t find any particular content on Morph TV, then you can send a request to their development team to add that content to the collection. It also allows downloading videos to the local files which you can enjoy without even an internet connection.

This is one of the streaming services like Terrarium TV that is compatible with multiple devices like Android, iOS, Firestick, and PC. So, you can install this app on your device and enjoy streaming top-rated shows and movies for free.

Download Morph TV App

Importance of Using a Reliable VPN Service

Most of the internet users are familiar with different VPN services. Especially those who don’t want to share any kind of data with apps or streaming services, often use VPNs.

VPN or Virtual Private Network is the most secure and trusted method to protect your browsing and downloading history from snooping, interference, and censorship.

As you know your IP address is always showing to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and they can also track what you are watching and from where you are watching it.

So, via using a VPN service you can easily hide your IP address and avoid being tracked by your ISP or any unauthorized people. When you activate a VPN, it simple camouflages your IP address and make it look like that you are operating from somewhere else.

While accessing these apps like Terrarium TV or any other free streaming services which generally host copyrighted contents, it becomes necessary to hide your IP address and browsing history as much as possible. Otherwise, if your ISP got to know that you are accessing copyright-protected contents, then you might be in trouble.

Our VPN recommendation

You can find several free as well as Premium VPNs on the web. But we always recommended using Premium VPNs as they offer solid protection to your privacy as well as better security features.

We recommend NordVPN because of its outstanding service. Enjoy instant secure access to hundreds of streaming websites worldwide. You can easily bypass geo-restricted websites using this VPN.

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That’s it from our side, now it’s your turn. We’ve mentioned some of the best streaming apps that you can use as an alternative to Terrarium TV. All of these apps have rich content libraries and updates them frequently with new releases to keep user engagement on their platform.

Never get too much carried away, if one streaming platform is close down, several others will come to take its place. They might not have all the features of the goner but will provide access to the latest and popular movies and TV shows. If you know any other best Terrarium TV alternatives, then don’t forget to mention them in the comment section, as we are looking for new ones all the time.

We also want to warn you that accessing copyrighted content is illegal and can put you in jail or penalized some money if get caught by your ISP. So, before you start browsing any website or app that hosts or links to copyrighted material, make sure a premium VPN service is activated on your device to hide your IP address from being tracked. Because spending a few dollars on a VPN service is always better than going to jail.

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