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15 Best Torrent Sites in 2021

The torrenting world is taking new shapes day by day. As more content is releasing on OTT platforms, more people are looking for the best torrent sites to download their favorite content for free. Not only movies or tv series, but people also visit torrent sites to download eBooks, apps, games, music, and many other things.

However, if you are looking for only video content like movies and tv series, then there are several websites available that allow you to stream and download content for free of cost. On the other hand, if you are looking for multiple stuff in one place, you may prioritize the best torrenting websites.

But finding the right one from the heap of options won’t be easy at all. So, to make your task easier, we have compiled some good torrent websites to use in 2021.

Disclaimer: This article is only for informational purposes. SharpHunt does not promote or encourage the use of torrent websites for downloading copyrighted content.

Best Torrent Websites

We have picked these sites based on their popularity and the wide range of content they provide. Moreover, all the stats we provided about each torrent sites are available at the time of writing and they might change with time, we don’t have any control over them. Now let’s have a close look at them one by one.

  1. Zooqle

Zooqle is a comparably new torrent site but able to gain the trust of millions of users with its excellent content collection and search features. Its collection caters across every category that users’ are looking for. But its Game section has some special attraction that makes it one of the best torrent sites for gaming.

It has games for both PC and consoles and some even can’t be found on any other torrent sites. The website has an easy to use interface that allows users hassle-free browsing.

Zooqle website

Zooqle has over 3.5 million torrents and new ones keep adding every day by its staff and moderators. It generally brings torrents from sites like Katcr and Torrenthound and indexes them in its library.

It provides useful information about every torrent like the ratio of seeders to leechers, resolution quality, uploaded time, files included, as well as comments and feedback.

You can also subscribe to different categories or titles to get notified when new torrents are added. However, the website has some drawbacks like ads intrusion while browsing and clicking on torrent files. But you can easily overcome it with the use of a strong ad-blocker.

Key Features of Zooqle

  • Year of established: 2013
  • Alexa Rank: 6391
  • Torrent Type: Public
  • Number of torrents: 5 Million+
  • Suitable for: Games, Software, Movies, Tv Series
  • download speed: 2.5Mbps
  • Mirror sites:,,,,
  1. Demonoid

Demonoid is one the oldest torrent communities that faced a lot of complicacy, still manage to survive and came back strongly. The original site went offline, but its staff and moderators start a new site named to keep the legacy alive.

However, it faces some chaos with a scam site which forced them to change the domain name to It has over 10 million users and 1 million+ torrent files across movies, shows, eBooks, games, software, and others.

Demonoid website

This is one of the top-ranked torrent sites where you can find almost all your required contents. However, you’ll need to create an account to access its all files and join its forums and chat sections.

Key Features of Demonoid

  • Year of established: 2003
  • Alexa Rank: 97138
  • Torrent Type: Public
  • Number of torrents: 1 Million+
  • Suitable for: Movies, Shows, Games, Software, ebooks
  • download speed: 2.1mbps
  • Mirror sites:me,,
  1. H33T

H33T is a popular torrenting website that indexes high-quality torrents for users to access without any cost. You can find torrents for movies, shows, games, software, eBooks, anime, music, and more.

The website was started in 2005 with .com extension and later moved to different names to escape from copyright violation. As of now several H33T mirror sites are in action and serving on-demand users’ content.

H33T website

It has a nice user-friendly interface with icons representing categories that allow easy and quick access. Its library has over 1.5 million torrents which update on regular basis by the officials.

All the available torrents on the site are checked and verified by its staff and the low-quality torrents are removed as well. So, you can confidently download torrents files from this popular torrent site. However, you’ll need to download a torrent client like uTorrent on your PC for smooth download.

Key Features of H33T

  • Year of established: 2005
  • Alexa Rank: 515
  • Torrent Type: Public
  • Number of torrents: 5 million+
  • Suitable for: Movies, Games, Tv Shows, Software
  • download speed: 1.7Mbps to 2Mbps
  • Mirror sites:,,,
  1. IsoHunt

IsoHunt is one of the best torrent sites 2021 that was started in January 2003 by Gary Fung. It has a large number of torrents to download across categories like movies, music, software, Anime, Tv series, and more.

It has a simple, yet the impressive user interface with organized categories for easy browsing. The first time when you visit IsoHunt, you’ll be amazed by its collection of contents, as they are over millions.

ISOHunt website

The original IsoHunt website faced some legal issues over allegations of copyright-infringing and went offline on 21 October 2013. The current is an incarnation of the original website. However, there are several other IsoHunt mirror sites available on the internet.

The annoying thing about this website that it asks to download the IsoHunt client in order to download torrents. However, that is free and only needs an email address.

Key Features of IsoHunt

  • Year of established: 2003
  • Alexa Rank: 184,790
  • Torrent Type: Public
  • Number of torrents: 15 million
  • Suitable for: Movies, TV Shows, Software, Anime
  • download speed: 3.5mbps
  • Mirror sites: tv,,,,
  1. TorLock

TorLock is known for providing verified torrents and it even paid $1 to its users for reporting every fake torrent. It provides details of torrents like the number of seeders, leechers, time of upload, etc.

TorLock website

It has a rich library of torrents across various categories and is arranged precisely for easy access. However, the downside of this website is it displays many ads on its interface and several torrents have no seeders to download. There are several TorLock mirror sites available which you can try too.

Key Features of TorLock

  • Year of established: 2010
  • Alexa Rank: 19920
  • Torrent Type: Public
  • Number of torrents: 5 Million
  • Suitable for: Movies, Tv Shows, Music, Games, Software
  • download speed: 2.5 Mbps
  • Mirror sites:,,,
  1. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a torrent search engine and an aggregator of many torrent sites. So, you will find more torrents to download than any other listed sites.

You can find most of your desired content on this website, but its music collection is quite impressive which makes it one of the best torrenting websites for music download.

Torrentz2 website

There is nothing much to say about its interface as it has only a search bar on the homepage and no categories of torrents for easy access. So, you have to enter the torrent name in the search box, and it will show you a list of relevant results along with their file size, seeds, leechers, category, and download links.

Key Features of Torrentz2

  • Year of established: 2016
  • Alexa Rank: 30994
  • Torrent Type: Public
  • Number of torrents: 10 Million
  • Suitable for: Music, Movies, Games, Software
  • download speed: 2.5Mbps to 3Mbps
  • Mirror sites: is,,,,
  1. Torrent9

Torrent9 is one of the best torrent sites for video content like movies TV shows and documentaries. However, you can also find content like eBooks, games, software, to download.

The website is specially designed for French users who are looking for dubbed Hollywood content. However, if you’re a non-French user, you can translate the page for easy understanding.

Torrent9 website

It asks to open an account in order to download torrent files, but if you have a good torrent client like uTorrent, you can easily download content through a magnetic link.

Key Features of Torrent9

  • Year of established: 2013
  • Alexa Rank: 13046
  • Torrent Type: Public
  • Number of torrents: 5 Million
  • Suitable for: Movies, Tv Shows, Music, Games, Software, eBooks,
  • download speed: 1.5Mbps to 2Mbps
  • Mirror sites: pe,,,,
  1. TorrentFunk

TorrentFunk is a wonderful torrenting website that offers content in every category and updates the library quite frequently. It has a refreshed user interface that helps in discovering content quite easily.

The homepage shows the top 50 torrents with details like time of added, file size, seeds, peers, health, etc. However, you can browse sections or search for the required content.

TorrentFunk website

The website often redirects to third-party websites while browsing and also shows some pop-up ads on its interface. So, it is recommended to use a good ad-blocker to prevent such annoying obtrusion.

Key Features of TorrentFunk

  • Year of established: 2010
  • Alexa Rank: 59258
  • Torrent Type: Public
  • Number of torrents: 2Million
  • Suitable for: Movies, TV Shows, Music, Software, Games
  • download speed: 2.5Mbps to 3Mbps
  • Mirror sites: com,,
  1. ZonaTorrent

ZonaTorrent is one of the best torrenting sites for movies that lists movies across every genre. The website is designed in the Spanish language, but you can easily translate it into your preferred language.

Apart from movies, it has a large collection of TV Series where you can find your desire one easily. The website comes with a clean and organized interface that allows users to get what they are looking for without any interference.

ZonaTorrent website

Another positive the website provides for being in Spanish that the language learners can easily learn a new language through entertainment.

Key Features of ZonaTorrent

  • Year of established: 2018
  • Alexa Rank: 83756
  • Torrent Type: Public
  • Number of torrents: 500K
  • Suitable for: Movies, Tv Shows
  • download speed: 1.5Mbps to 2Mbps
  • Mirror sites:,,
  1. Nyaa

Nyaa is a well-known torrent site among Anime lovers. It provides download links to the all latest and popular anime shows’ episodes. You can find anime in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English, and several other languages.

Apart from anime, Nyaa also provides torrents for Manga, Graphics, Photos, Software, Games, and more. It has a dedicated section for adult anime which has thousands of files to download.

Nyaa website

Due to its amazing anime files collection, it is highly popular among Chinese, Korean, and East Asian Japanese users.

Key Features of Nyaa

  • Year of established: 2017
  • Alexa Rank: 754
  • Torrent Type: Public
  • Number of torrents: 1 Million+
  • Suitable for: Anime and Manga
  • download speed: 2Mbps
  • Mirror sites: com,,,
  1. Seedpeer

When it comes to get verified torrents, Seedpeer is one of the best torrent sites to visit. It has over 6Million torrents across different categories. Whereas the Verified section has over 2Million torrents that are completely safe to download.

It also allows users to upload torrents and magnetic links anonymously. If you create an account, you’ll get access to manage your uploaded torrents.

Seedpeer website

Seedpeer is banned in many countries over copyright infringement. So, if you failed to access the websites, you can try using Seedpeer proxy and mirror sites to download the required torrents.

Key Features of Seedpeer

  • Year of established: 2005
  • Alexa Rank: 1061188
  • Torrent Type: Public
  • Number of torrents: 6Million
  • Suitable for: Movies, Music, Software, TV Shows
  • download speed: 2Mbps to 3Mbps
  • Mirror sites: eu,
  1. TorrentHood

TorrentHood is one of the best torrenting sites to use in 2021. It lists torrents for movies, TV Shows, Games, and Software. The website has a nice and clean user interface with an organized content category for easy access.

TorrentHood website

For the game lovers, it has torrents in several sections like Action, Adventure, Fighting, Horror, Racing, and more. It uploads new content frequently which ensures that you can find required content on its website.

Key Features of TorrentHood

  • Year of established: 2010
  • Alexa Rank: 325560
  • Torrent Type: Public
  • Number of torrents: 2 Million
  • Suitable for: Movies, TV shows, Games, and Software
  • download speed: 3Mbps
  • Mirror sites:,,
  1. Monova

Monova is one of the top torrenting sites that was initiated back in 2005 and gradually gained popularity among torrent fans across the globe. The design of the website is pretty impressive and allows users to browse through categories or use the search bar to find desired torrents.

Monova website

The website is blocked in many countries across the globe. So, may need a reliable VPN service to bypass the restriction. It is also advised to use an ad-blocker while visiting the website, as many will pop-up while browsing, especially on the download page.

Key Features of Monova

  • Year of established: 2005
  • Alexa Rank: 139434
  • Torrent Type: Public
  • Number of torrents: 2 Million
  • Suitable for: Movies, Shows, Games, Software, Music
  • download speed: 2Mbps
  • Mirror sites: to
  1. FanTorrent

FanTorrent is dedicated to movies and TV shows. Its collection includes contents that most users look for. You can filter content through genres or by years or even search box to find content quickly.

FanTorrent website

However, the website is available in the Spanish language, but you can translate it into the language that you are comfortable with.

Key Features of FanTorrent

  • Year of established: 2016
  • Alexa Rank: 240286
  • Torrent Type: Public
  • Number of torrents: 650K
  • Suitable for: Movies and Tv shows
  • download speed: 2.5Mbps to 3Mbps
  • Mirror sites: not available
  1. TorrentGalaxy

TorrentGalaxy is one of the best torrenting websites and truly reflects its name. Its library has a collection of millions of torrents ranges across anime, movies, tv shows, games, software, music, and others.

It has an excellent search feature where you just need to enter the movie or TV show’s IMDb ID and it will show you all the related results. It is also the first torrent site to be featured with arcade games.

TorrentGalaxy website

If you create an account, you can join its forum and discuss it with other members, and ask them the torrent that you are looking for. The website shows a lot of ads on its interface, so it is advisable to visit with an ad-blocker.

Key Features of TorrentGalaxy

  • Year of established: 2017
  • Alexa Rank: 5038
  • Torrent Type: Public
  • Number of torrents: 8 Million
  • Suitable for: Anime, Movies, Music, Games, Software, Ebooks
  • download speed: 2Mbps
  • Mirror sites: mx, ,,

Why You Should Never Visit Torrent Sites without a VPN?

Torrenting is an online activity that is naturally pretty dangerous given the way how people utilize it. The legality of this activity is dependent on what you actually do on torrenting sites.

For example, downloading royalty-free music, games or videos is not dangerous. However, if you go for a copyrighted movie, game, music album, or e-book you’re in for a rude awakening.

There are torrent websites such as 1337x, The Pirate Bay, YTS, and many others store your IP address which violates your privacy and exposes you to your internet service provider also known as the ISP.

So, when you use a torrent website you should know that some of your identifiable information is always there online on these sites and can easily get in hands of your ISP and authorities per request.

Basically, when downloading torrents this is something you want to avoid at all costs especially if you download copyrighted files for which you can be sued. This is by the way the answer to the question of why you should use a VPN for torrenting. Most people prefer to go with free VPNs. But this would be the worst choice and you should not pick one.

Benefits of using NordVPN

So, how can you change your IP address and enjoy torrenting safely? Well, the answer is by using a reliable VPN service like  NordVPN. It doesn’t store any logs of your personal info such as downloads, IP addresses, and so forth it even has an audited zero-logging policy.

This means that if any torrent site records an IP you got from NordVPN, it can ask the provider to give out your personal info but due to its zero-logging policy, it won’t have anything to hand out.

Moreover, NordVPN uses military-grade encryption and IP and DNS leak protection to hide your real identity online making it untraceable by your ISP, governments, or hackers. This ensures that your privacy will remain safe and secure online while torrenting.

NordVPN has 5600 servers in more than 60 countries around the globe and allows for up to six simultaneous connections. On top of that, it offers a whopping 70% discount and three months free for the two-years plan plus a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t like its service, or you simply don’t need it anymore.

However, NordVPN is not free but free VPNs aren’t great for torrenting due to their logging habits that will compromise your privacy. They not only store logs but also sell your information to third parties. So, your best bet is to use a premium VPN such as NordVPN. Grab the amazing deal by clicking on this button below.

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That’s it from our side, now it’s your turn. We tried to provide all the possible details about the best torrent sites 2021 and hope you find them useful. You might not find a particular torrent on a single website, so having multiple options is always a good choice.

Always, protect your connection with a reliable VPN service like NordVPN while browsing or downloading torrents that will help to stay away from the radar of hackers and your govt. authorities.

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