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15 Best Websites to Watch Cartoons Online for Free

Watching cartoons on TV is one of the most favorite pastimes of our childhood. Even after growing up we still love to watch cartoons for amusement and relaxation. Many people love to watch cartoons online than any other medium.

With the rapid growth of the internet and the evolution of technology, it is now even easier to watch cartoons online. There are numerous websites radially available that offer episodes of new as well as old cartoons to watch for free.

These sites are now the source where you can again watch the cartoon shows that you’re used to watching in your childhood. You can also find shows that you missed for some reason. They often update their collection, so the user could easily get the required content at their fingertips.

The best thing is those sites don’t even charge a single penny to users for using their service. So, with the luxury of such websites, you don’t need to sit in front of the TV to watch cartoon shows. Instead, you could visit those sites and stream favorite cartoons and get instant relief from all kinds of stress.

No matter whether you are in your office, at a coffee shop, or in a hotel room in a different country, you can easily access those websites and have some great fun.

But the only issue is to find the right platforms among the widely available options on the internet. So, to make your task easier, we have compiled some of the best websites to watch cartoons online anime free.

Best Websites to Watch Cartoons Online

These sites come with a large collection of cartoons and anime and let you watch them in HD quality without even sign up. So, let’s have a quick look at them.

  1. CartoonCrazy

CartoonCrazy is an amazing website to watch cartoons online for free. It has a wide collection of cartoons and dubbed anime episodes with fine video quality.

The website has an easy-to-use interface, that looks pretty straightforward. The homepage lists all the latest episodes, updated cartoons, and updated anime for a better user experience.

CartoonCrazy website

There are sections like Toons list and dubbed anime list where you can find many popular contents to watch. You can also use the search bar to get the required content quickly.

  1. AnimeToon

AnimeToon is one of the popular watch cartoons online free websites. Its database includes cartoons, dubbed anime, movies, and series to watch without even registration.

AnimeToon website

The website has a clean user interface and separate sections for each topic. So, you can browse the section as per your requirement. It also allows to filter cartoons list by Popular, New, Recent, Ongoing, Completed, A-Z list, and even by genres.

It also provides high-quality videos and multiple video player lists to ensure a pleasing streaming session at any time.

  1. WatchCartoonOnline

WatchCartoonOnline needs no introduction, it is synonymous to watch cartoons online. It has a huge library of cartoons and anime which attracts millions of visitors across the world regularly.

It has an intuitive interface which is very smooth to navigate. It also categorized cartoons in different sections like movies, series, subbed, dubbed, etc. You can find much popular content like Atomic Betty, Super Friends, Rick & Morty, The Superhero Squad, and a lot more.

WatchCartoonOnline website

The only downside of this website is its excess pop-up ads nature which keeps distracts users from streaming. It also has been banned in many countries for violating copyright laws. So, along with an ad-blocker, you might also need a reliable VPN service as well to access favorite content.

  1. SuperCartoons

SuperCartoons has a super collection of cartoons to watch online for free. Its collection includes old, classic, and current cartoon shows like Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Donald Duck, Goofy, Road Runner, Mickey Mouse, and many more.

If you want to relive your nostalgic days, then you should visit this website once to see the magic. It also has cartoons from top-rated studios like MGM, Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney, Hanna-Barbera, and others.

SuperCartoons website

The website has a nice and clean interface, even kids can use it on their own once guided. No need for registration just pick your favorite character and start watching cartoons online for free.

  1. Toonjet

Toonjet is still able to hold its popularity even after growing old. And the reason is its excellent collection of classic cartoons like Betty Boop, Felix, Looney Tunes, Superman, Popeye, and many more. It also includes some current cartoons like Pokémon, Samurai Jack series, etc.

Toonjet website

The website has little decrepit user interface but easy to use. Although registration is optional, if you go for it, you can access some additional features like commenting on cartoons, give ratings, add cartoons as favorite, and private messaging.

It also provides info like what was happened today in cartoon history. So, you’ll get to know some interesting facts as well.

  1. CartoonsOn

CartoonsOn is a great place to watch cartoons online anime together for free. The website has an extensive collection of both new and old toons and anime in HD quality.

You can explore its collection through popular studios, characters, shows, and series to find favorite content. Moreover, it constantly updates its collection, so you’ll get new content on daily basis.

CartoonsOn website

It allows watching cartoons for free and without even sign up. Another positive of this website is its user-friendly interface and can be accessed on any device without any glitch.

It provides direct streaming links to cartoons, so you can watch them without even downloading. In case if you don’t find any cartoon shows on this website, you can send a request to the admin to include that into their list.

The website also has a blog section, where you can find articles on the evolution of animation, life-changing cartoon lessons, and the coolest cartoon duos ever. So, considering the stuff it has, it’ll worth visiting when you feel bored or have some free time.

  1. Cartoonito

Cartoonito is a wonderful website for children to get entertain and learn new things at the same time. It has videos from different shows such as Fireman Sam, Super Wings, Curious George, Thomas & Friends, Daisy and Olie, and more.

Cartoonito website

There are many interesting games, songs, and activities that children would definitely enjoy. Moreover, its amusive user interface makes it more interesting to use. You can easily pick the show that you want to watch. In one line, it is a perfect way to teach your kids in form of the watch cartoons online.

  1. Cartoons Network

This is a very familiar name to cartoon lovers as most of us grown up watching cartoons on this channel. Now you can also stream cartoons on its website for free.

Its database has hundreds of cartoon episodes of different shows which you can filter by selecting a favorite character. Moreover, new videos upload regularly to keep you entertained all day.

Cartoons Network website

There are several free games like Action games, Adventure games, puzzles, quizzes, fantasy, football, and a lot more to play with your favorite cartoon character in your free time.

The website has a lovely user-interface with minimal ad interruption in between browsing and streaming. It offers its service for free and no wonder why this is one of the most popular websites to watch cartoons online anytime, anywhere.

  1. Go Go Anime

Go Go Anime is one of the popular anime streaming websites, where you can watch cartoons as well. It has a huge collection of anime across genres like action, adventure, dementia, demons, fantasy, hentai, josei, kids, and more.

Go Go Anime website

The website has a well-organized user interface that is very easy to navigate. You can browse the anime list section to find required cartoon shows or use the search bar to get a quick result.

It provides good video quality and multiple streaming links so that you won’t face any difficulties in watching your favorite cartoon shows.

  1. KissCartoon

KissCartoon is one of the watch cartoons online free websites that don’t ask for any registration and still let you watch cartoons in HD quality.

It has an impressive collection of cartoons that includes many popular series like Rick and Morty, Steven Universe, Samurai Jack, King of the Hill, Teen Titans, and many more.

You can filter the whole collection by A-Z list, genres, or by status like ongoing or completed. You can also use the search bar to quickly find any required content.

KissCartoon website

The website has a dark theme interface which will definitely suitable for indoor viewing. It provides multiple server links for every video, so if one doesn’t work, you can move to the other one easily.

The only downside of this website is it shows several ads to the users. You can either ignore or buy its premium service to completely remove them from the website.

  1. AnimeShow

AnimeShow is another wonderful website to watch cartoons online anime with high-quality videos. It has thousands of anime across various genres to watch for free.

The website has a user-friendly interface and the homepage is well organized with sections like Popular Anime and New Anime Episodes. There is a section named ‘Random Anime’ that suggests you a random anime from the list, which you’ll surely enjoy.

AnimeShow website

It offers great video playback and streaming experience. However, it often redirects to third-party websites but shows very few ads on its interface.

  1. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak is heaven for anime lovers and a website to read manga for free. It has over 10,000 subbed and dubbed anime episodes that one can watch without even registration.

It offers various options to search anime like Ongoing, latest episodes, latest anime, and popular anime. You can even browse by genre and anime of the current year.

AnimeFreak website

It continuously updated its collection to ensure that all users can find their required content. But if you find any of your favorite anime is missing from the list, you can send a request to the admin to add that title into the collection.

  1. NewGrounds

NewGrounds is a community-based platform where anyone can watch cartoon movies, series, and upload their own creation as well. It also has a collection of many interesting games, arts, and music which kids will surely like.

NewGrounds website

The website has an enticing user interface without any ads. You can easily browse different sections and enjoy the content of your liking. The community section has many discussion points and the latest updates from artists on their upcoming projects.

  1. 9Anime

9Anime is one of the popular websites to watch cartoons online anime free. Its database is filled with over 25,000 anime shows and movies. You can filter its collection by genre, country, season, year, type, status, language, and order to find suitable content.

It has both subbed and dubbed Chinese and Japanese anime which you can enjoy in HD quality. It frequently adds newly-released content to its database, so anime lovers can easily quench their thirst on this website.

9Anime website

The website has a dark-themed user interface that looks quite premium. The homepage lists all the recent updated anime. When you hover on an anime thumbnail, a pop-up appears which shows info like summary, ratting, aired date, status and genres. So, you can easily conclude whether to watch it or not.

It placed all the aired episodes of a series orderly in one place, so you won’t have any difficulty to find them. Moreover, it provides multiple streaming links for each episode, so that you’ll have a smooth streaming experience.

  1. Cartoon8

Cartoon8 a good platform to watch cartoons online for free. It has a massive collection of cartoons across multiple genres which you can select as per your liking. Moreover, you don’t even need to register to watch favorite shows.

The website has an intuitive user interface that even a new visitor could easily navigate and find desire content within a short time. The homepage lists some cartoons under sections like Latest Update, New & Hot, and Top Rated.

Cartoon8 website

It includes many popular cartoon shows like Rick & Morty, Steven Universe, Family Guy, Young Justice, Tom & Jerry, Danny Phantom, and more. You can filter its whole collection by alphabetical order, popularity, latest update, newest cartoons, ongoing, or completed cartoons to find suitable ones.

It provides a high-quality streaming service and the best thing is there are no ads to interrupt you in the middle.

Bonus: YouTube “The Video Streaming Juggernaut”

Every day we spend some time watching videos on YouTube. It is bigger than Amazon Prime video, bigger than Hulu, bigger than Disney+. It shows over 20 percent of time spent on connected televisions.

With more than 500 hours of video uploaded every minute and over one billion hours watched every day. Google’s YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine.

If you search for cartoons on YouTube, it’ll represent you with hundreds of videos having millions of views on them. You can watch those videos absolutely for free, and yes, you’ll face some ads in-between the streaming.

Due to the rise of popularity of Kids’ content, in 2015, YouTube launched a dedicated YouTube Kids app just for children’s videos. So, you can leave your children with the app without any second thought.

Is It Safe To Watch Cartoons Online?

The free streaming website which has no legal rights on the content they provide is always under the line of suspicion due to the infringement of copyright laws. This same goes for cartoon streaming websites and you need to be cautious while browsing such sites.

Many free online streaming websites show a lot of ads and often redirect you to illegal websites. Sometimes they also try to inject viruses and malware into your device to steal your data. So, to avoid this risk, you should use robust anti-virus software that will prevent your device from any malicious attacks.

Though, most of the watch cartoons online websites don’t own the rights of the content that they allow streaming. So, there are chances that you might face some legal consequences for streaming those content. Many governments, ISP, and copyright holders blocked such websites to prevent users from accessing illegal streaming contents or any other material protected by copyright.

So, along with anti-virus software; you also need a reliable VPN service to overcome the restriction and protect all your internet activities from being spied.

How to Watch Cartoons Online Safely?

While cartoon streaming websites allow their users to watch favorite cartoon shows for free, the restriction imposed by their govt, and ISP forbid users from accessing those sites.

In such cases, a reliable VPN becomes a useful tool to reach content online privately and securely. VPN lets you open any geo-blocked websites from any part of the world.

When you connect to a VPN, It simply encrypts all your internet activities, so no one would able to know what websites you are browsing. It also camouflages your IP address, makes it look like that you are browsing from some other country, so your real-location will remain confidential.

Though neither of your internet activities nor real-location is visible to anyone, your identity will remain completely anonymous on the internet. And this will save you from facing any legal action for browsing or streaming copyright-protected content for free.

We recommend using Nord VPN, as it has over 5,500 servers across 60+ countries, so you will get a wide range of options to choose from where you want to access a website.

Some of its useful features are it supports six simultaneous device connections, special servers for P2P, dedicated IPs, double encryption, etc.

Disclaimer:  All the information given here are only for informational purpose. We do not promote browsing websites that host copyrighted content.


That’s it from our side, now it’s your turn. We have given all the best possible information related to watching cartoons online that will help you in smooth browsing. The sites we have listed here offer an immersive viewing experience with high-quality videos. And the collection of content they possess, you simply find your childhood memories flashing in front of you.

FAQs Related to Watch Cartoons Online

Where Can I Watch Cartoons Online?

All the websites we have shortlisted here are suitable to watch cartoons online for free. They also allow you to watch favorite content without even sign up.

Where Can I Watch Old Cartoons Online For Free?

Although many new cartoon shows have come up that are even funnier, we still found of watching old ones as they have some connection with our childhood.

All the above mention websites feature a large database of cartoon shows and movies. But SuperCartoons, Toonjet, and CartoonsOn are preferable for old cartoons.

How Can I Download Cartoons For Free?

AnimeToon, SuperCartoons, and Cartoon8 are some of the listed websites that offer direct streaming and downloading cartoons to your local file for free.

Can I Watch Cartoons Network Online?

Cartoon Network is available on Android and iOS platforms. The latest episodes surface on the app one day after release. You can watch previous episodes and get suggestions based on your browsing history.

Similarly, you can access the Cartoon Network’s official site and stream some full episodes of original shows. But there is no live stream option available neither on the app nor on the website platform.

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