How to Watch Hotstar India in USA

These days Hotstar is a hub of mind-blowing content of Indian cinema. Here, you can get all types of content and enjoy as much as you want without any problems. As long as you are in India, you won’t face any problems in watching your favorite TV shows, films, sports events, or just anything on Hotstar. However, if you are residing outside India like in the US, watching Indian Hotstar would be difficult for you. In fact, it is almost impossible if you do not go roundabout.

If you don’t mind getting off the road and trying something different to watch Indian content on Hotstar in the USA, then it is extremely easy and quick. But how? Well, today we are here to answer this question only. So, read this article and find out how to watch Hotstar India in USA without any complications.

Why You Are Unable to Watch Hotstar India in The USA

Before we get started with our main topic let’s quickly know what is the reason that does not allow people residing in the US to access Indian Hotstar. Well, the main reason for this is geo-restriction.

Disney Plus Hotstar

Like many other programs and applications, Hotstar also has restrictions and it does not legitly allow you to access a country’s content from a different country. Then, how can you do that? Well, this is what we are going to talk about.

How to Watch Hotstar India in USA

We are living in the digital Era era, where almost everything is possible as long as you have the right information and the right resources to use them in the right way. Yes, you would need a particular resource to watch Hotstar India in the US and the name of this resource is VPN. You can use any VPN of your choice and simply watch Hotstar India in the US.

VPN Services to Watch Hotstar India in The US

There are plenty of VPN services available that can help you with this. You can go with whichever you want. To help you find the best one, here we have listed a couple of them.

Note – Never use a free VPN for any purpose. It will save important personal information and have serious security flaws.

Best VPN to Watch Indian Content in the USA in Hotstar

Among all premium VPN services, we use NordVPN for this job. Other services are good too, but NordVPN is probably ahead of them. How? Well, read below and you will find a slew of reasons for it.

  • It is compatible with almost all types of devices including MacOS windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and many more.
  • The service offers around-the-clock support. The help care of this service is available 24/7 over email and even live chat.
  • It has more than 5000 + servers in 60 countries making it one of the most popular premium VPN services in the world.
  • Despite working with almost every video platform, this VPN service offers impressive speed and incredible bandwidth. You literally don’t have to worry about the buffering and lagging caused by sluggish VPN services.
  • On top of everything, NordVPN is designed with no login policy. Means, it can’t reveal the details of the activities you do on any applications.
  • It has multi-factor authentication, which helps you secure your account.
  • Since it masks your IP address during the search, it makes sure to keep your identity anonymous.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Watch Hotstar India in USA

Once you have picked your VPN service, you are just one step apart from watching Indian content on Hotstar in the USA. This whole process is extremely easy and quick. To make it easier here, we have mentioned the step-by-step guide that will definitely help you.

Step 1- After downloading the VPN service, open the app and select an Indian server on it.

Step 2 – Now, open the Hotstar app or you can visit the site itself. If you are watching Hotstar on a laptop, download VPN software, and if it is on mobile, obviously, download the Hotstar app. We recommend NordVPN for the best streaming experience. If the content you want to watch is available for free, start watching. Yes, you’re done.

Step 3 – However, if you have to watch some premium content, you would need to buy a premium subscription plan from Hotstar.

Step 4 – To subscribe to a premium plan in Hotstar, you are required to create a Hotstar account and then select the suitable subscription plan for you.

Step 5 – After confirming your Indian account, you are in the ocean of entertainment. Watch whatever you want

So, you need to just follow these five steps and you can watch unlimited Indian content on Hotstar.

Hotstar Supported Devices

Hotstar is compatible with almost all the latest devices. Just to make sure we have listed the devices that are compatible with Hotstar.

  • Android 4.4.4
  • iOS 10.0
  • Android TV – Android 7.1.1
  • Fire TV
  • Google Chromecast Gen 2 for casting
  • Samsung smart TV (the models starting from 2018 onwards)
  • LG smart TV with web OS (4 and above)
  • Apple TV (4th gen onwards)


Watching cross-country content on Hotstar is not possible in legit ways. But, with the help of a VPN service, it is as easy as pie. We have already told you the step-by-step guide on how to watch Hotstar India in USA. Just a few steps and you’re all set to watch your favorite TV show, films, sports events, or just anything on India Hotstar in the USA.


Can I watch Indian Hotstar in the USA for free?

Well, you can definitely watch Disney+ Hotstar in the USA for free, but you won’t get access to the premium content. Like in India, to watch premium content, you must need a premium subscription plan.

Can only a premium VPN allow access to Indian Hotstar in the USA?

Yeah, you can say. You get this feature only in premium VPN services. Free services obviously do not allow advanced features.

Can I watch Hotstar in the USA without a VPN?

Well, it depends on the version of Hotstar that you are using. If you are using the American version, you can definitely access Hotstar in the USA without any VPN service. However, if you have to watch Indian Hotstar, you would need a VPN tool.

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