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10 Best Wayback Machine Alternatives (Internet Warehouse)

Wayback Machine website contains a wonderful collection of the old archives of the websites where a user can explore the web outlook of different websites within a specific time range of their choice. Whereas, apart from the Wayback website, we will mention some of the best 10 Wayback Machine Alternatives in this article for our readers.

All those alternatives to Wayback machine website that we will mention in this article are our hand-picked options. Proper research and analysis work has been done by our experienced team while preparing up this list.

But first of all, all of you need to know what is Wayback machine website is all about and how it works.

What is the Wayback machine?

We all know that this technology-driven era is bringing new changes in the overall outlook of web applications and websites at a tremendous pace.

To bring the best changes with optimization and eye-attracting graphics, web developers usually updates the website’s interface very frequently.

So, if you are wondering how a particular website look-alike in past, then you are just one click away from viewing the old layout of the website because the Wayback machine website contains all the older archives of more than thousands of websites in its database.

Wayback machine is basically a web platform where a user can come up with a targeted website URL to get access over the old archives.

Big database of Wayback machine website stores an incredibly huge list of archives of websites which can be accessed just by entering the URL and time range. Many movie streaming websites was there and now you can’t find them. So you can enter those website URLs and check the website.

There are a few instances when you need to access the older layouts of the website for research work. In those cases, the Wayback machine website will provide you with a one-stop complete solution.

However, sometimes it might be possible that there will be no data available for the website for which you are looking for. That’s why we have prepared a list of some suitable Wayback Machine alternatives which surely provide a lot of assistance.

Let’s have a quick look at the descriptions of the alternatives

Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

There are a lot of popular alternatives to Wayback Machine website available that users can use to access the archives of thousands of websites. We have put some of our options in one place. Let’s have a look.

  1. PageFreezer

PageFreezer is undoubtedly the most suitable alternative to Wayback machine website. The overall layout of the website is pretty much attractive and it is well optimized to make your searches even faster. Apart from old website archives, this website is also popular for its other online services. These services are somehow related to information and data sharing.

PageFreezer website

Some of the popular online services provided by PageFreezer website include archiving website content, mobile text messages, and social media activities too. All these services by PageFreezer are offered at very reasonable prices and that’s why it is considered as the best Wayback machine alternatives.

  1. Time Travel

This website is yet another very excellent alternates to Wayback machine website. The interface of TimeTravel is quite simple. All you have to do is just copy and paste the URL of that particular website you wanna search inside the search box option present on the homepage. You can select the time range to see how the layout of that website was.

TimeTravel website

As already mentioned, the GUI of this website is pretty simple but the search speed and presence of a huge database make it possible to get the archive results for any website user wants.

  1. Fagan Finder

Fagan Finder is among the best Wayback machine alternatives. This website contains a huge library of old archives of thousands of websites along with other content as well.

Fagan Finder website

The website is pretty safe and secure to browse your searches. Additionally, users will get an option to choose from various search engines while shooting their queries. The result will be opened in a new Window once the URL is entered for the query.

Fagan Finder website tool is one of the largest and the most significant tools for finding information on the internet. That’s why we have included it in this list.

  1. Perma

This website is yet another very comprehensive alternatives to Wayback machine website which is simple to use and supported by big libraries. This website basically helps Journals, Courts, and Scholars to create permanent records of the web sources they cite.

Perma website

In order to prevent Link rot, users can sign up on this website and can create a permalink of that webpage that can’t be altered in any condition. The permalink will preserve all the content and elements of that web page no matter what happens to the original link.

According to their Database records, they have preserved more than 2 Million links which is an incredible number in itself. That’s why Perma website is surely among one of the best Wayback Machine alternatives.

  1. Change Tower

This website is surely an impressive choice when you’re looking for an alternative to Wayback Machine. Because it has so many impressive features. This powerful platform helps the users to track every change that is created in the website over a specific period.

Change Tower website

Additionally, you may also choose which and what part of the website you want to monitor. Users will get notified once this website observes any change that has been made in the layout of the targeted website.

ChangeTower website is such a magnificent option of Wayback Machine Alternatives that comprises so many useful features. Leading IT companies including HP, Accenture, and many others are the client of ChangeTower website because it provides a complete one-stop solution to all.

  1. Blit

This website will basically help you people in getting the screenshots of the targeted website periodically. Actually, this website does the same job which Wayback Machine performs but there is a slight difference.

Blit website

Users might not be able to view the old archives of the targeted website through this platform. However, users can subscribe to the premium plans of Blit website to receive regular screenshots of the web layouts.

The user-interface is quite impressive and interactive. Due to all these spectacular features, we are considering Blit as one of the great alternatives to Wayback Machine.

  1. CachedView

This website is a bit different from other listed options so far. Here on this website, users can browse the Google Cached page of any website. Cached pages are basically those webpages that are captured by Google by web crawling.

CachedView website

These cached webpages become pretty much helpful in case when the current page becomes unavailable for browsing. CachedView website is definitely among the best Wayback Machine Alternatives having a good number of resources.

  1. Archive Today

Archive Today is another very easy to use and straightforward website with a simple interface. It works very similarly to The Wayback Machine. Just put in the URL of that website whose archive you want to see and you are good to go. It is a non-profit organization and the data center is located in France.

Archive Today website

Moreover, there is a separate Google Chrome extension of the Archive Today website. It is available for the users that provides much more convenience in the searching process.

Archive Today is also known as the time capsule of the web pages as this powerful platform is one of the leading Wayback machine alternatives.

  1. iTools

As compared with the Wayback machine website, iTools offers a lot of splendid features and resources to its users. Though the user-interface of this website is not quite appealing, it is still one of the best on this list.

iTools website

Moreover, users can also browse other popular tools such as YouTube video search, Yahoo email search, Google Trends, Dictionary.com, and much more in the menu.

This website contains all the relevant content. It is one of the most formidable choices as an alternative to Wayback machine website.

Just browse it once and you guys will find it a good source of getting old archives and different popular websites.

  1. PageVault

Last but not the least, PageVault becomes another ideal alternative to Wayback machine website that is having legal recognition too. This website is trusted by nationwide top law firms of America and some other countries as well.

PageVault website

This website keeps a track record of the changes made on the websites precisely throughout every single second. Every change noticed by this platform will be captured and saved into a pdf file for better output results.

The results are unaltered and can’t be changed very easily by third-parties. That’s why PageVault website is trusted by big law firms in legal proceedings. They also have a lot of other services too in their catalog that can be helpful for you to browse.


So, these were our top-notched picks for the Wayback machine alternatives. We hope all of these websites will be relevant for your research studies and other investigations too.

Every alternate website is unique in itself which is providing a greater content resource over one another. So, picking up the best out of these 10 isn’t that easy and that’s why we are leaving this on you. Comment down your best pick from the above list and let us know your experiences.

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