How To Know Who Viewed My Instagram Profile

Every Instagram user must have tried once to know who viewed their Instagram profile. And it is cool to want to know the names of people who are stalking on your profile regularly or once in a while. By doing this you will discover the usernames who are checking at your profile without following you. Isn’t it interesting? Yes, it is. That’s why most people search for who viewed my Instagram profile online.

But unfortunately, there is no such method available to see who has visited your profile and even Instagram doesn’t have any built-in feature to track your profile visitor.

However, you can turn your Instagram account into a business profile to see the number of visitors you are getting on your profile, the number of users saw your post in their feed, how many impressions you have got on each post, etc. But it doesn’t reveal the exact names of the users who have visited your profile or saw your post.

If your account is public then anyone can visit your profile and see everything you have posted before unless that person is blocked by you. You can make your Instagram photos more engaging. But if you want your posts to be more secure, then it will be better to change your account’s privacy from Public to Private.

This change might cause some bad impact on your engagement with other users as your posts won’t show them unless they follow you. This will help to keep your data private and ensures that only your followers have access to see your posts.

Is Using Third-Party Apps Worth It?

So, it is clear that Instagram doesn’t feature any in-app functionality to check who is visiting your profile. But for sure they have the data, and they don’t want to share it with anyone.

But when you google for how to know who viewed my profile on Instagram, you will find there are so many third-party Android and iOS apps and tools are available which claiming that they can show you the names who have checked your Instagram profile.

So, now the question is, does their claims are true? Surely not! Because the Instagram API doesn’t share such information with any third-party apps. Which makes them unable to track your profile visitors.

Now apply simple logic, Instagram itself doesn’t provide any specific feature to track profile visitors so how could these third-party apps or tools able to do that. So, the apps that are claiming they can show you the names who visited your profile are trying to mislead you.

Most of these apps you found on the Play Store or App Store are fake and when you use them, they pick random usernames and show it to you. Some of them even ask for money if you want to see more than five names and of course, ads are there which pop out every few seconds.

After you install one such app that will ask to allow permissions to proceed further and you never know how they are going to use your data.

So, if you’ve ever given access to such apps, revoke them as soon as possible. Whether you are not using them or deleted from your phone. Go to the Instagram’s Authorized Applications page and revoke the permissions you’ve given to any such apps.

A cool Alternative: Instagram Stories

Instagram introduced the stories feature back in summer 2016 where users can post Snapchat like videos which will last for only 24 hours.

However, you can use this feature to check who visited my profile on Instagram. So, if your account is public and you post a story then anyone can watch it (except the person/s whom you blocked from seeing it). And if your account is private, your stories are also private.

So, what you have to do is open the story that you have posted and Swipe up. It will show you the usernames who have watched your story which also includes some names who aren’t following you.

If you find someone suspicious, click on the three vertical dots right to the username and choose the option “Hide story From username”. This will block the person from seeing your future Instagram stories.

Not required, users who have seen your Instagram story must have checked your profile as well. They may have just walked away after watching your story. So, you can only assume that those who watched your story might have seen your profile but there is no option to check that.

Instagram has a feature that allows you to unfollow everyone. If you want then use this one too.


So, from all the above discussions we conclude that there is no such method is available so far to see the usernames who are visiting your Instagram profile. If Instagram ever brings this feature in the future it will be a two-edged sword. Where if you can able to track the users who are visiting your profile, other users can also able to see if you are visiting their profile or not (suppose your EX). If you are uncomfortable with someone you can block that person from seeing your stories or feeds on Instagram.

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