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10 Best Beat Making Software to Use in 2021

Create a beat, amend a rhythm, and sample a sound” Every musician aims of creating a piece of music that is not forgotten. Thus, a lot of time and energy is invested to create that one piece of sound, which can leave a mark being groovy or constantly hummable tune. For the times like today, where technology is at its peak, having access to beat making software free can make your task a lot faster and easier.

To clarify an impression, that these software or tools would cost you over the pocket, don’t worry you do not need to spend a bomb to get one though. Many of the top listed beat making software are available for free online. You can start with them and be confident in beat making. Having a studio is also not a necessity, work from the comfort of your place to produce music that creates an imprint.

Best Free Beat making software

What do you get upon searching for “best free beat making software”? A wide array of software and beat making tools, that could be confusing at times. Hence, here we have listed the 10 best beat making software free to use at your convenience, choose the one suitable to you.

  1. Studio One 5 Prime

Starting our list with this free beat making software has some amazing options. Foremost, this software allows you to create beats with just a simple drag and drop functionality.

Using Studio One 5 Prime gets you free access to nine realistic native effective plug-ins to produce impressive beat sound. It offers very high quality and different range loops, varying from drum breaks to vocal chop and almost everything in between.

Studio one 5 prime beat making software

A restriction-less way to save and export endless beats without spending a penny. Offering you standout features from the artist and professional editions of PreSonus in a compressed system.

You can access chopping up samples with the offered extensive loop library and lit-up a little inspiration or keep relishing the beats. This software is free to download. You can also go with paid versions that comes with some additional features.

  1. Magix Music Maker

This version from Magix Music exposes you to make beats for free with excellence. Feel free to experience a whole lot of functionality of 425 free loops and around 25 virtual instruments to start with.

It is a very user-friendly beat making software for beginners, and otherwise appropriately detailed for experienced industry players. Magix Music maker is a beat making software free for mac as well.

Magix Music maker

The flexibility to work with MIDI devices such as keyboards and drum pads to produce beats while using the intuitive interface for controls and effects offers you a win-win situation.

It has a lot to offer as a free beat making software but there are many other paid options available on their website.

  1. Mixxx

The funky name has everything you require to kick start a DJ mixing career. Mixxx allows making beats for free in a highly integrated package. This software is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

It has exceptional DJ controller support, an amazingly powerful mixing engine and, feasible BPM & musical key detection and sync feature. You can integrate with iTunes for faster experiments.

Mixxx software for beat making

Feel at ease to have a funky party next house with you being the star, or boost up your career Djing music at a club or initiate becoming a radio DJ, with Mixxx being at your service.

Add an extra oomph by the vinyl record control effect allowing your digital music files. It press the files in the same way a real vinyl scratching on your turntables would occur.

  1. FL Studio 20

This beat making software free to use is a gift from FL Studio to hip-hop music producers. It is formerly known as Fruityloops. FL Studio 20 has been a huge name for hip hop music modification, and is a choice of many professional music producers due to its super-enhanced features.

FL Studio 20 happens to be a full DAW i.e. along with being free software to make beats. It comprises the features of a full production system as well. There are around 500 standard tracks to choose from, to make your music journey simpler and faster.

FL Studio software

The makers offer an effective free trial period and free upgrades for advanced paid versions. It comes with genre-specific loops and instruments concerning hip-hop and EDM.

  1. MuseScore

One of its kind, a unique tool to make its place in this list of beat making software free to work and learn with. MuseScore focuses a little extra on the editing of notations, enabling you to implement classical techniques to produce beats.

A great tool to control the spacing and size of all musical notations. Play around with staves, clefs, and accidentals to achieve interesting and experimental results.

MuseScore software

The import and export options are deliberately flexible with data saving ability at mid-way to finish later choices or just export it then and there. It is one of the most popular Notation software and you can download it for free.

This free beat making software allows you to customize keyboard shortcuts to your penchant. It make a very handy tailor-made solution for your habitual working style.

Looking at all these unique options, this software is a great tool to learn the theoretical side of producing music too.

  1. GarageBand

Apple’s GarageBand is a beat making software free for mac users. We all know Apple never disappoints it consumer’s and GarageBand is a result of that same dedication.

The free availability of this music modification application opens doors to many music producers loyal to using only Apple products.

The highlighted feature is the Drummer plug-in that can add realistic sounding, pre-recorded drum grooves to the music piece. Also, a full-fledged drum kit is visibly displayed with the ease of replacing every single drum to gain the perfect overall sound.

GarageBand beat making software

A very handy option is the Bass Amp designer to select and experiment with the particular components of your bass rig to achieve tone satisfaction. GarageBand also offers an extensive and modifiable sound library to create samples or just be inspireing.

  1. Waveform Free

Rated 4.5 stars in the category of free software to make beats, Waveform Free, is the first unpaid version of the beat making software from its company, Tracktion.

The good news is that you are exposed to all high-quality features as would be available in a paid DAW for free. Such as no artificial limits to third-party plugin operations and a perfectly aligned interface.

Waveform software

The flexibility of collaborating with third-party apps does not make you want any pro versions offered by the software company at all. In-built Drum sampler sounds awesome and complete MIDI support is available for plug-in your external kits.

Laced with whole automation is another attraction for this software. It makes it appear like a top-notch music maker tool despite being free.

  1. LMMS

Another great option is LMMS when looking for beat making software free to use. Adaptable with all three of Windows, Mac, and Linux, this DAW is a flawless tool to create wonders in music. You get the freedom to create your beats involving sequencer, selecting the BPM and time signature as you please.

This tool not only permits the note playback with a MIDI keyboard but also surprisingly works amazing with a normal computer keyboard or laptop. With the Beat + Bassline editor function, you avail the ability to compose instrument tracks. It also allows you to make drums grouping, and bass into one rhythmic section.

LMMS software

This free beat making software is quite useful for sidechaining the kick drum with bass in your beats. Whereas, the Piano-roll editor allows melodies and patterns to be displays on a keyboard. This enable you to quantize and fine-tune the notes with one click at a time. LMMS gives you several built-in popular synthesizers and a range of effects to choose from.

  1. Avid Pro Tools|First

Pro Tools|First is the free version of the highly acclaimed Pro Tools software category from the company Avid. Having the same format as the full paid versions of Avid Pro Tools, this is a lite edition from its creators.

It is considered a highly professional Digital audio workstation and available for its other paid versions. Pro Tools | First would be a great beat making software free to work for the introductory level of functionality.

Avid Pro Tools website

A total of 23 plug-ins are offered with the free version including Xpand! which eliminates the need for virtual instruments to create beats. A good collection of sounds, samples, and loops makes it an easy software to kickstart your preparations. Also available are the various project templates explaining the methods and functions of Pro Tools.

  1. Ableton Live 10 Lite

Though this is not entirely free software, still, a 90-day trial is worth experiencing, looking at the features Ableton Live 10 Lite offers. This tool is highly popular for its EDM music modifier qualities. It has two most important aspects for EDM producers- An authentic selection of electronic drum and synth plugins.

Ableton Live 10 Lite software

Another plugin Drum Rack allows you to layer multiple samples in a 16-pad grid, a familiar sight for users of classic EDM hardware. It has a super fantastic capture feature, a lot of exemplary sounds, and out-of-the-world beats builder and synth.

Ableton is a stage-ready software for music producers and has noticeable flexible collaboration with external hardware control devices. It launches samples, amends tempo, and sample recording operations.


Now making music is easy with these beat making software free at your service. But there are few things to keep in mind before choosing the one for you. Make sure the software offers the genre-specific instruments suitable for the type of music you would want to produce.

The recording is another important aspect that needs to be taken care of. So, pick the tool based on the appropriate recording capability of capturing the multiple sources you are using.

Last but not least- the efficient plug-in options. As important as is it to produce music that is a treat to the ears, it should effectively create an ambiance too. It is essential to enjoy the music with device-appropriate volume effects. Choose wisely.

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