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14 Best MangaPanda Alternatives to Read Manga for Free

Looking for MangaPanda alternatives? If you are a lover of Mangas, the Japanese comics, you might have gotten heartbroken when the popular site Mangapanda shut down. It really used to offer great quality Manga but don’t know what happened to the site that it went out of service.

Anyway, it’s not like you can’t read your favorite Manga online anymore just because one site that used to offer online Manga is not working. Yes, there are heaps of alternatives to it and here we are going to talk about them. So, read the article further and find out the details if you are interested to know 14 MangaPanda alternatives.

Best Alternatives to MangaPanda

The sites we will talk about are completely authentic and have a huge collection of the latest as well as old Mangas. Make sure to explore each of them and you will definitely find interesting Mangas. So, let’s get ahead and unwrap the details about those sites.

1. Mangahere

The first website on our list is Mangahere, where you can read trending Mangas. As you will land on the site, you can see plenty of Manga listed on the dashboard according to their reviews. Just pick the one and start reading. As simple as it is.

Mangahere website

You can further explore the features of this site by visiting its menu. If you get quite impressed with this site and get addicted to reading Manga on it, give a try to its mobile application and make your work of reading Manga much easier and simpler.

2. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of the most popular websites to read Mangas online. The best thing about this site is that it is extremely reliable and hardly goes down. Not just Mangas but you can also get anmie games, news, and all other things related to Manga on this website.

Crunchyroll website

While looking for any particular Manga on this site, you need to keep in mind that it offers free as well as premium Mangas. So, select the one accordingly. If you wish to access the site on your mobile phone, you can do it effectively without any problem.

3. Manganelo

Manganelo is one of the best MangaPanda alternatives and it offers you plenty of interesting and latest Mangas just at the tap of your finger. Head to this site and search for your desired Manga in the search box that you can find at the top of the website.

Manganelo website

That’s it. After getting all Mangas related to that query, click on the one you want and start reading. Simply, click on the title of the Manga and you will find all the episodes of it in a single place.

4. Manga Kakalot

If you are looking for a site that offers you the latest Mangas, Mangalore would be the best fit because it has a collection of recently released Mangas. As you land on the site, you can see a number of Mangas listed on the dashboard.

Manga Kakalot website

If the one you are looking for is not there, make a quick search and you are most likely to find it on the site. If you actively use this site, register on it and make your work of reading more hassle-free.

5. Mangadex

When it comes to sites like MangaPanda, Mangadex will definitely make a place on the list because it is a popular website for Manda reading and has already gained the trust of millions of Manga lovers from all over the world.

Mangadex website

The reason for the popularity of this site is its easy user interface. On this site, you can find the latest, seasonal, and recently added Mangas in different sections. Given the fact, that you have various options to choose from.

6. MangaReader

Mangareader is a new site on this club, so there is a possibility that you haven’t heard the name of this site but it is worth visiting. The reason is, that it has a great collection of latest, old, classic, and almost all types of Manga.

Mangareader website

On the homepage, you will find a different category right in the front. Simply, click on anyone and start reading the Manga according to your taste. The best thing we love about this site is that you can set it in dark mode to prevent your eyes from excess brightness.

7. Mangapark

Mangapark is one of the most popular MangaPanda alternatives. Like MangaPanda, you can get a huge range of Mangas in different categories on this site. The unique feature of this site is that you can access your reading history if you need to.

Mangapark website

On the homepage, a huge number of Mangas are listed. Just click on any of them and start reading. If you are looking for a particular Manga, you can make a quick search. In addition, you can also create an account on the site to customize your settings further.

8. Mangago

The next website on this list is Mangago, which will definitely be a good one for Manga lovers. It features different categories of Mangas, which you can find on the home page itself.

Mangago website

The good thing about this site is that you just need to click on a particular Manga and you will find the all episodes of it in a single place. Like many other sites, this one also allows you to create an account and get access to some additional features.

9. Manga Rock

If you find it difficult to browse through sites having an uncluttered home page and the interface is also not user-friendly you will definitely love Manga Rock because it has the most user friendly user interface. Other than a list of Mangas, there is nothing on the homepage.

Manga Rock website

If you want to explore its categories and other features, navigate to the menu where you will find everything. In addition, it also features a search tab, which you can use to search quickly for a particular Manga.

10. MangaPlus

Every site does not get updated daily but MangaPlus is an exception to it because you will find several daily updates on this website. As you land on the site, you will see a bunch of interesting Manga being played in a slider.

MangaPlus website

If you wish to read one of them, just click on that. Besides that, the homepage features many other Manga of different genres as well. If you like a particular Manga very much, you can put it in your favorite because the site allows you this flexibility.

11. Mangainn

Mangainn is a good place to read Mangas online for free. The site has a huge collection of different categories ranging from old to new ones. At first, the user interface of this site might seem a little bit complex but it is actually not.

Mangainn website

On the homepage, there are a number of Mangas from different genres. Navigate to the menu and explore all the features of this site. In addition to that, you can also register on the site and become a regular member of it.

12. MangaClash

If you believe the reviews of other people, MangaClash is the site made for you because you will be able to see the reviews of a particular Manga right next to its title, unlike many other sites. So, with the review, you can have an idea about Manga and understand whether it is worth reading or not.

MangaClash website

In the menu, you’ll find three categories, latest Manga, hot Manga, and new Manga. You can read Mangas on this site without even creating an account but onsite registration will obviously unlock more features for you.

13. Niadd

The name of the side definitely does not have a catchy name related to Mangas but it has a huge collection of engaging Mangas. This is the reason that the site has gained a popular and secured place on our list of best MangaPanda alternatives.

Niadd website

The unique feature of this site is that it shows the number of views of a Manga. Given this fact, you can easily figure out which Manga is being loved by the reader. In addition, you will also find a summary of every Manga just below the title.

14. NineManga

NineManga is another wonderful platform here you can read the latest as well as old Mangas online for free of cost. On the homepage, you can see two categories, new Manga and hot Manga. Click on the one you are interested in exploring. As you scroll down the homepage of the site, you will see plenty of the latest Manga being updated by the people.

NineManga website

Click on the title of the Manga and from there you can find all the episodes of that Manga series. The unique feature of this site is that it allows you to even upload the Manga. Given the fact, that if you have the creativity of writing, you can write and upload your own piece of art.


No matter how many means of entertainment are available today the love of Manga lovers for Mangas can never fade away. If you are also one of those people, explore these MangaPanda alternatives and read unlimited Mangas just at the tap of your finger.

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