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15 Best Car Rental Websites to Find Cheap Deals

Looking for cheap car rental websites? Then you have landed in the right place. Having a car is not a luxury anymore in the present times but, a lot of people don’t have a car of their own due to different reasons. You may or may not have a car of your own and that doesn’t keep you from the benefits of having a car. You’ll find some of the best car rental sites on the internet and you must choose a reputed website to book a car for rent.

You can get all the advantages of having a car if you choose the best car rental company. A good car rental company will not only provide you with exciting deals on your favorite rental cars but will also offer endless options to choose from. Read this post till the very end to find some of the most budget-friendly car rental sites.

Cheapest Car Rental Sites

Are you looking for the cheapest car rental sites to drive to the countryside this weekend? Down below, we have enlisted some of the best car rental sites which are 100% reliable and affordable. The list starts here:

1. Autorentals

Autorentals is an outstanding platform where you can search for cheap deals on rental cars. It is a metasearch system showing fine prices for almost 25 models from various sources. This website sources these options from other car rental websites, official pages of rental companies, and travel agencies. You can see nothing prices including the daily rate and overall cost. It also displays the significant location of rentals.

Autorentals website

This site offers a matrix feature that is useful in comparing various options with ease. It covers almost all the major cities of the world. When you choose an option, the site connects you via the official pages of vendors so that you can complete the booking quickly. You’ll find some of the most unique search systems included here.

2. Expedia

The next site included here in this list of best car rental sites is Expedia and it is one of the best car rental websites to offer cheap deals. It offers a unique feature by which you can bundle it up with your hotel or airfare easily and save money. You can use Expedia for a lot of purposes. It covers rental offers in almost 160 countries across the world. This site allows you to make comparisons between too many options easily.

Expedia website

In most cases, rates are the same as the ones offered by the rental company itself. If you have used this site before for other purposes like airfare and hotel booking, it becomes even easier to include a car.

3. Rentalcars is another well-known website that can show you extremely good prices for car rental offers. It can show you rental offers from numerous countries across the world. The website has an easy user interface and can be used just with an active internet connection. You can book car rentals on this website from anywhere in the world. As you start searching, it will show you the most accurate results located near you.

Rentalcars website

Once you make a booking, the website asks you for a confirmation after which you receive a message or email with all your booking details. It supports different payment options which is one of the greatest advantages of using this site. You can choose any payment mode at your convenience to finalize your booking.

4. Kayak

Kayak is a metasearch platform that is a common way used by people to hunt for cheap rental cars, hotels, and flights. It is very easy for the users to see complete information related to different car rentals that appear in your search results. It also allows you to filter the options and search outcomes by different parameters in the list. You will also find an indicator box just above the search outcomes that states the right booking time.

Kayak website

It has an opaque booking version named Surprise Agency. You may not be able to spot them just like other sites but you can save a lot of money for sure. It has a lot of advantages like excellent sorting options, and surprise Agency rentals are cost-effective too.

5. Travelocity

Travelocity is reputed as one of the best car rental sites that can be used to search for cheap car rentals very easily. Dissimilar to quite a few websites, this site doesn’t offer too many instant discounts. It offers discounts only for a few particular brands. You can find some of the best car rental deals at cheap rates on this website.

Travelocity website

This site also allows you to book car rentals as a part of an entire travel package. It has a very simple user interface and you can navigate through the website very easily. You’ll understand the worthiness of this website as you use it to book your desired car rentals. You can also explore the various car rental offers on this website.

6. Orbitz

Orbitz is the next well-known website we will talk about. It has millions of users from different parts of the world who use it to book rental cars, apart from flights and hotels. You can get the price of different cars on this site. It allows you to book a rental car as a component of an entire travel package.

Orbitz website

Orbitz offers a pay-later option for all rewards, and with this option, you will be able to sign up for a lot of free-of-cost rewards. You’ll be able to get access to different insider prices on a few rental cars. The site highlights these cars in blue color. You can earn a lot of Orbitz Rewards on selected car rental options.

7. DiscoverCars

DiscoverCars is not a very popular site, but it can be an option for you to consider. It offers a very smooth interface, search functionality, different coupons, and provides a separate rewards section. The drawback is that the users need to create an account for booking a car and get coupons with too many good prints. You can avail of the coupon codes on a search page.

DiscoverCars website

You can rent a car any time that is convenient to you and the car will be delivered right to your doorstep. Globetrotter is a very famous rewards club that is associated with this website. It has an easy user interface that allows you to navigate very easily through the website. DiscoverCars is an easy-to-use website that can show you a lot of attractive deals on car rental offers.

8. Hotwire

Hotwire offers some of the best car rental deals at the lowest prices through opaque pricing policies in the majority of countries. This means that the users don’t need to search for details about the rental agency till the full non-refundable price is paid. It is one of the best car rental sites one can go for. Considering the similarity of cars, you’ll not be disappointed with such opaque rates. It offers very low rates on a variety of car rental deals and allows you to pay later as well.

Hotwire website

You can get an idea about the leadership of this platform as you take a look through the different agencies it covers. You’ll be able to find exciting deals regularly. Out of the different options which it offers, you can choose the best buy option and go ahead with the booking.

9. AutoSlash

AutoSlash is a little different in comparison to other websites. To receive a rate quoted on a rental car deal, you must submit all of your rental conditions along with contact details. Then, you will get an email with the exact price. It considers all your memberships of the rental car along with credit cards for added benefits. The website also offers a distinguished section of coupons it includes different coupons.

Autoslash website

It is an easy-to-use website that can be accessed for free. The website has a simple user interface and has separate sections for different car rental agencies. As soon as you find a suitable rental deal for yourself, go ahead and confirm the booking.

10. Pricelines

Priceline became popular with different tools like Name Your Price or Priceline Negotiator. As the name suggests, it allows you to negotiate the prices offered by different car rental agencies. These tools can bring opaque bookings to the front, but all of them are removed. However, you can avail of great deals on opaque bookings if you don’t have any personal preference for a car rental agency.

Priceline website

It allows users to search for a wide range of car rental deals. You can also use different payment options to book rental cars on this website such as credit cards, debit cards internet banking, and other methods. Overall, the site offers a lot of flexibility options and the users can choose whichever is convenient for them.

11. Momondo

Momondo is one of the popular flight search engines received many users since its creation in 2006. But this site also allows you to grab great deals on hotels and car rentals. They list trending countries and cities that are people most searching for.

Momondo website

Just choose the pickup location and hit the search icon. Hundreds of search results will pop up in front of you. Use the filter option to finetune the results and get the desired one. It also shows the prices of other websites. This car rental agency currently has thousands of positive reviews and great customer satisfaction scores.

12. Hertz

Hertz is a popular car rental service across the world and operates in 160 countries. Rent a car with Hertz and have great deals. Compare car hire deals and find the cheapest prices in more than 12000 locations worldwide.

Hertz website

After landing on the website you have to select pickup location, landing location, time, and other details. If you have a promo code then the cost would be reduced. A simple search can pull hundreds of options to choose from.

13. Auto Europe

Auto Europe is one of the most reputed car rental broker platforms started in 1954. Currently, they provide rental car service in more than 180 countries around the world and 20,000 pickup locations. This platform lets customers compare deals from different car rental providers and the best rates.

Auto Europe website

There are a variety of options to choose from like luxury vehicles, SUVs, economic cars, etc. You would also get the option to book a motorhome in selected destinations. A search option allows you to find rental cars by location, date, vehicle type, and rental company. Once you have made the reservation Auto Europe will send all the details like pickup location, rental agreement, etc.

This website can be great if you are on vacation in a foreign country and need a car. Customer support executives are available 24/7 and you can reach out to them via phone, email, or live chat. If you are a budget-conscious traveler and want to select from a wide range of rental options then this website would definitely match your needs.

14. Turo

Turo is another best car rental websites to book a car whether you want. Here individual car owners can list their cars for earning some extra money. This platform also has luxury car options like Tesla, Porsche, BMW, etc. There are a lot of location options like New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, London, etc.

Turo website

Like Airbnb car owner can set their price, and terms, of their own. Turo per-toper car sharing platform demands a copy of valid driving licence copy of driver. Several insurance coverage options are available to cover any kind of damage to the car or the owner. If you want to cancel the booking then Turo will let you for free. Around-the-clock customer support helps you to resolve any queries.

15. Budget

Budget is another well-known website to rent a car at an affordable price. The company was started in 1958 and now serves millions of users. You can rent for a single day, a trip, or a whole month using the intuitive website/mobile app of Budget.

Budget car rental website

There are luxury cars and electric car options as well. Just head to the website and enter your zip code to get the list of available cars in your location.


So, these are some of the most reliable and best car rental sites you can opt for. All of these sites are completely safe to use and you can use any one option that you like. Each and every site listed above offers great deals on rental cars to the users at the lowest prices. Try these out for a budget-friendly yet amazing car rental experience.

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