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10 Best MP4 Compressor Online to Reduce Large File Size

As videography gains more popularity, a lot of mp4 compressor websites and apps have been added developed. These websites let you compress different kinds of videos very easily.

The number of such websites and apps has increased so much that it can be tricky for you to choose the best mp4 video compressor for your own needs. To make things simpler, we have curated a list of the best mp4 compression software which are free and easy to use with many added features.

Compress Mp4 file

Are you looking for the best tool that allows you to compress mp4 files effortlessly? If yes, we’ve brought to you some of the most top-rated programs you can use to compress MP4 files on your device. Find the list below:

1. Clideo

Clideo comes with an excellent user interface. It is eye-catching and allows users to compress their videos in more than 300 formats. It can work with each device including the internet platform or mobile. You can perform many exciting activities with this platform such as adding images, background tracks, and videos. It allows the users to compress a large number of both audio and video files in one attempt. It has a portable integration with all sprayed servers like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Clideo website

Clideo has a quite simple-to-use interface and you just need to drag and drop the file that you need to compress in the app. It has separate tools for rotating, cropping, compressing, and working on videos till you get satisfied. Another thing you should note is that the compression speed of this platform is very fast.

2. MP4 compress

Mp4 compress is one of the most well-known online video compression tools, but it has video editing features that make it even great. This website helps you to compress videos in any format you want. The result you get can be played on various devices like Windows OS and iPhone. It works at high speed and performs many functions like compression and complex editing.

Mp4 compress website

This website doesn’t take much time to deliver the results. It performs many functions like a free tool. You can browse through this website to access many other features like a screen recorder, audio/video editing, fast speed, and a CD grabber. If you’re looking for a video compression tool, you can use this one very efficiently.

3. Free Convert

Free Convert is an excellent online compression/conversion tool you can use for content like audio, images, documents, or videos. Though it is not intimidating in appearance, it is very simple to use and allows you to convert your audio or video in any format or size. It is one of the best tools in the market for Mp4 audio compressors.

Free Convert website

You just need to choose the type of file you want to compress including audio, video, document, and image. It can take you to the page where you will be asked to upload the file. The site also lets you select the format output in which you want the result. It takes your command easily and performs everything you want while you wait for the outcome. It also makes sure that your privacy remains safe by deleting the files you upload from the main server after the processing completes.

4. Veed.IO

Veed.IO is a very reputed video compressor that is used throughout the world. It is one of the websites you can use to decrease the size of your videos. You don’t need to download any other video compressing tool if you use this website. The best part is that it finishes the procedure very fast and easily. Compress large video files to a smaller sizes without losing the video quality.

Veed.IO website

To convert a video, you can open the browser on your device and search for the Veed.IO website. Tap on the menu option and choose to save/convert. Choose the video that you want to compress, and tap on the profile you want the video to convert on. Another method to resize the videos is to navigate to the settings part, select the video codec and adjust the measurements of your video. You need to follow the same steps to compress videos too.

5. CompressMP4

CompressMP4 lets you compress your MP4 videos online in just a few clicks. Talking about video compressors, you must have come across the name compress mp4. It has been in the market for more than a decade now and has gained a lot of customers. You can make videos smaller with this website. Users can consider this as an option when they want to upload compressed videos or share them on Whatsapp.

CompressMP4 website

It supports different output formats and can work on any device. The website also has a simple user interface that is easy to understand. You can upload the video you want to compress, select the format and leave the rest for the software. It allows the users to avail benefits of many exciting features to improve the complete experience. You’ll be able to convert both ultra HD and 4K videos, trim and edit them, and a lot more.

6. Zamzar

Zamzar serves basically as a compression website that you can use to reduce mp4 file size efficiently. It has an easy interface and the compression is done quickly. You can get your desired result just in a few seconds without compromising the quality. It works efficiently on all operating systems like Linux, Windows, and Mac. Compress MP4 video to smaller size without losing quality using this online and free tool.

Zamzar website

This website not only allows you to compress files easily but, it offers many other exciting features like add effect, merge and trim videos, batch processing, and conversion. You can also add subtitles to your videos with this website. It is easy to use and has a lot of popularity. It enables you to perform a wide range of very diverse functions.

7. Flixier

Flixier is a fast and easy solution you can use for converting and compressing any videos such as large-sized and 4K videos. The user has to choose a target file size which means their desired size of compression. You can also compress and convert your videos on slow systems without freezing and crashing. You can compress video to your desired file size or a quality level.

Flixier website

Most significantly, it provides you with a free trial prior to making the purchase. You can also compress shorter videos without any restrictions. It is easy to use and can be accessed by everyone. You’ll be able to compress videos by different methods. You can convert, compress, resize, rotate, adjust speed and add effect to your videos.

8. XConvert

This website works on various OS like Linux, Mac, and Windows. It is free to use and is an open-source compressor and converter. The website supports a wide collection of video formats like MOV, MP4, AVI, and many others. You can use it to convert, record, and stream audio and video apart from compressing videos. XConvert is a free online MP4 compressor tool to reduce MP4 file size in a few steps.

Xconvert website

It offers many attractive features like screen capture, built-in support for merging, cropping, streaming support, etc. You’ll get a lot of advantages from using this website like merging a wide range of video formats, open-course, cross-platform support, user-friendly interface, and easy navigation. It allows you to perform many functions which is just another reason behind its popularity. You can find it on the internet easily and use it to compress as many videos as you want.

9. Fastreel

Fastreel is a very reputed, free online MP4 video compressor that is overloaded with unique features like DVD ripping and batch processing. It enables you to convert the files to various formats. You’ll find a very interactive user interface when you use this website. Other features of this software include subtitles support, a wide collection of video filters, batch conversion, VFR and CFR support and so many more.

Fastreel website

It offers a plethora of features out of which just a few are mentioned here. You’ll know more about this website when you start using it to compress files of different kinds. A user can use this tool for several purposes apart from compressing MP4 files only. If you’re looking for the best video compressor in the market, this has got you.

10. CloudConvert

CloudConvert is the next option in this list of online mp4 compression software.  It is supportive of different formats and also has a robust API. You can use it easily but the only problem with the free version is that you can compress only 25 files in a day. To compress or convert more files, you’ll have to sign up for a subscription or a package of monthly payments.

CloudConvert website

It has an easy online interface and supports many formats like MOV, MP4, and AVI. You also get a guide that helps you understand all its features and functions. The subscription fee is also affordable and those who need to compress more than 25 files per day can go for it.


This was a list of the best Mp4 compressor software you can use on your device to compress or convert mp4 files.  You can use these tools for many purposes apart from conversion or compression. All these software are safe to use and they don’t possess any threat to your device.

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