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17 Viooz Alternatives | Free Movie Streaming Online

The online movie streaming market is widespread and there are plenty of websites available on the web which provide access to stream movies and tv shows online for free of cost. Viooz is one of them, it has a great collection of movies and tv shows along with decent video quality.

But sometimes the website is found to be down and become unresponsive to the users. There are many Viooz unblocked websites can also be found on the web, but none of them resembles the video and streaming quality to the original one. So, instead of trying the mirror sites, you can also try some other suitable alternatives.

Here we compiled a list of some of the best alternatives to Viooz where you can find many latest movies and tv shows with decent video and streaming quality.

17 Best Viooz Alternatives

There is no need to be worry if any of your favorite movie streaming websites are down because many suitable alternatives are available to take that place. These websites we are going to list here are trusted and free to use. All of them have a large database of movies and tv shows which you can access without even signing up. So, let’s check out which one is suitable for you.

1. SolarMovies

SolarMovies is one of the best online movie streaming sites that has an extensive collection of the latest movies and tv shows which you can watch without even any registration.

Its large movies database includes movies of every genre such as Action, Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Documentary, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Romance, and many more. So, you can always find something of your taste on this website.

SolarMovies website

If you are looking for any country-specific content, then SolarMovie won’t disappoint you at all. The video quality and streaming speed are really impressive.

In the TV series line up, you can find many popular tv series like Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, Vikings, The Walking Dead, The Flash, and more.

2. Vidics

Vidics is an all in one online streaming website where you can not only watch the latest movies and tv shows but also fetch related news about them.

You can go through its ‘Top 100 film’ category or you can also search through various genres to find your liking movies. You can also check the schedule to see when the next episode of your favorite tv series will arrive.

Vidics website

Vidics has a clean user interface with zero ads. So, you can enjoy your movies and tv shows without any disturbance. Moreover, Vidics doesn’t host any videos in its database rather it provides links to another server where you can stream the movie or tv shows easily.

3. FMovies

When looking for Viooz alternatives you can’t ignore FMovies. It has a wide database of many popular and latest movies and TV shows which you can enjoy for free without even registration.

The website has a clean and organized user-interface where you can find movies across multiple genres. You can also search for movies according to trending and IMDb ratings.

FMovies website

Here you can find both Hollywood and Bollywood movies and those are released recently. The TV Shows section includes popular tv series such as 13 Reason Why, Sherlock, Gotham, Vikings, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and many more.

So, on this website, everyone can find content as per their taste. The good thing about this site is they update their collection with every newly released movie and an episode of tv series.

4. LookMovie

LookMovie is an excellent website to watch movies online free. Its collection of movies is across genres like Action, Adventure, Crime, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Romance, and more. So, you can easily get Viooz movies unblocked on this website.

It has a quite pleasing user-interface with few ads and properly organized contents. To find your favorite movie easily, you can use filters such as Genres, Release Year, Ratting, Newest First, etc.

LookMovie website

Its content database is so large that you can find almost every movie that you want to watch. Moreover, it offers videos in HD-quality and smooth streaming speed for better viewing experience.

This Viooz unblocked website also brings many top-rated tv-shows that you’ll enjoy watching. The interesting thing is you can watch all its content without even sign up.

5. ConTV

ConTV is one of the good places to watch movies and tv shows online for free. Its collection of movies and tv shows ranging across genres such as Action, Animation, Adventure, Crime, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi, History, Fantasy, etc.

ConTV website

On this website, you can find many interesting documentaries and Animated videos as well. So, if you are fond of these two genres then ConTV will be a good option to go after.

However, this website is completely free to use but you need to register yourself to watch your favorite contents. It updates its database with every newly-released content so that your fun will continue for longer.

6. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a well-known movie streaming site with a rich library of many classic movies across various genres. There are more interesting content can be found in the category like Reality TV, Crime TV, TV Drama, TV Comedies, Lifestyle, etc.

It has a premium looking interface which makes it easy to browse your favorite movies. This website is completely free to use, and you can start watching your favorite content without even sign up.

Tubi TV website

Tubi TV is partnered with many top-rated studios like Paramount Picture, Lionsgate, MGM, Starz, etc. Which means you will get to watch many amazing movies on this website. This Viooz movie unblocked site helps you to get the latest released movies.

If you are a smartphone freak, then you can also download the Tubi TV app from the Play Store and App Store for the hassle-free streaming of movies and tv shows. This website is also considered as one of the suitable websites to watch tv shows full episodes online.

7. PrimeWire

PrimeWire is one of the Viooz alternatives that bring many popular and latest movies along with many top-rated tv series for free. No sign-up process is required, just navigate to the site and start streaming your favorite movie or tv series.

It has a clean user-interface where you can search for your favorite movies according to multiple genres, country, Released year, Top IMDb, Last Added, etc.

PrimeWire website

If you are avid of watching tv series online then PrimeWire is one of the places to catch all the episodes of your favorite tv series like Suits, The Boys, Sacred Games, Vikings, The Walking Dead, Gotham, Peaky Blinders and many more.

While browsing this website or streaming your favorite movie or tv series, you might face a few annoying ads but that you can expect this from a free streaming website. Apart from that, the streaming and video quality are also good which will enhance your viewing experience.

8. GoMovies

GoMovies comes with an extensive collection of the latest movies and tv shows which includes content from different countries like India, Japan, Germany, Australia, the UK, the USA, France, etc. If you are searching for a free movie streaming site in 2020 then GoMovies is one of them.

Its user interface is very clean and organized which helps in finding content easily. For quick navigation to your favorite content, you can use filters like genres, released a year, IMDb rating, Trending, Top Rated, etc.

GoMovies website

The best thing about this website is it keeps updated its database with every newly released movie or an episode of tv series. So, if you are looking for anything latest you will find on this website.

This website is very much similar to premium websites as it doesn’t ruin the user’s experience by showing annoying ads rather it impresses them with its amazing video and streaming quality.

9. Putlocker

If you are in the online streaming segment for quite some time, then you must have heard the name Putlocker. It is one of the popular movie streaming sites with a rich library of movies and tv shows which get updated frequently with newly released contents.

You can pick content across multiple genres like Action, Animation, Adventure, Crime, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, etc. Along with streaming contents online, Putlocker also allows you to download them for offline watching.

Putlocker website

The good thing about this website is it provides multiple video links for every video, so in case any link doesn’t work you can try the other available ones to steam that video.

Putlocker may not be access from all parts of the world but a good VPN service will help you to unblock the restriction so you can enjoy your favorite movies and tv shows easily.

As the website offers free service so some ads might pop-up during your streaming time, but they can be easily ignored as long as you are getting amazing content to watch for free.

10. Bmovies

Bmovies is one of the popular movie streaming sites that comes with a large collection of many popular Hollywood and Bollywood movies that you can watch for free.

It not only brings movies but also features many top-rated tv series like Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, Suits, Vikings, Watchmen, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, and many more.

Bmovies website

It has a clean and simple user-interface where movies and tv shows are placed in respective sections for easy navigation. You can also use filters like IMDb rating, Tending, and Episodes to find your favorite content easily.

The downside of this website is it brings some videos with CAM quality which is not suitable for all users. Due to its free nature while browsing this website you may face some unnecessary redirections, but these things are common with free streaming sites so go with some patience.

11. Yes!Movies

Yes!Movies is a popular online streaming site to watch movies and TV shows for free. In its content library, you can find almost all new released movies to stream, and this is the reason why it is included as a Viooz alternative.

Though the website is free to use, you will see some sponsored ads on its interface, however, they are not invasive and won’t create any problem in your browsing.

YesMovies website

You can browse movies across Genres, Country, Top IMDb, and Requested. However, you can also use the search bar for quick results. Its tv-shows section also has many great collections like Vice, Amisa Mafia, Dynasty, The Blacklist, Last Man Standing, Siren, and more.

This website is good at every aspect of Viooz unblocked. It not only offers online streaming but also allows you to download videos to your local file, which you can access anytime and anywhere.

12. Vumoo

Vumoo is a suitable website to watch the latest tv series for free and a  great alternative to Viooz. It has a premium looking user-interface with zero ad-interference.

Unlike most of the movie streaming websites, it lacks filters and has only two category Movies and TV Series. Navigate accordingly what you want to watch.

Its tv series section has much interesting content like Legacies, Gary’s Anatomy, Balck-ish, Vikings, Big Bang Theory, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and many more.

Vumoo website

Along with tv series, Vumoo also brings the latest released movies and provides multiple streaming links for each one. So, in case one of the links doesn’t work you can try other available ones.

This website is free to access, and you don’t even need to sign-up for watching your favorite content. Its amazing video quality and streaming speed make it stand out among other streaming websites.

13. PopCornFlix

If you want to re-live your nostalgia with the old classic movies and tv shows, then PopCornFlix is a suitable place to do so. It has more than 2000 amazing content across different categories.

For movies, you can navigate to sections like Recommended, Most Popular, New Arrivals, Staff Picks, and genres like Action, Crime, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, etc.

PopCornFlix website

If you want to enjoy some interesting tv shows then navigate to sections like Drama TV, Reality TV, Family, and Kids TV, Featured shows, etc. There is a section named ‘PopCornFlix Original’ which includes some unique contents that are not found on any other websites.

Moreover, PopCornFlix supports multiple devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, etc. so you can stream your favorite content on your preferable device. You can also download its app on your smartphone from Play Store or App Store for easy and quick access.

14. SnagFlims

SnagFilms has a huge database of over 10,000 movies, tv shows, and top-rated documentaries. For its wide collection of movies and tv shows it is also considered as one of the best 123Movies alternatives.

This website is free to use, and no sign-up process is required to stream videos. Apart from movies and tv shows, they also have their original content line-up which is very much interesting to watch.

SnagFilms website

Much like PopCornFlix, SnagFilms also supports multiple streaming devices like Xbox, Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, etc. and available in App form which you can download from Play Store or App Store for enjoying streaming on the go.

15. SeeHD

SeeHD is another Viooz alternative that brings both movies and tv shows in HD. Their content collection ranging across genres like Action, Drama, Horror, Family, Fantasy, History, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, and more.

Their collection updates frequently with newly released content. so, if you are looking for any latest movies or tv shows then you can easily find on this website.

SeeHD website

However, SeeHD doesn’t host any movies or tv shows in their database, rather it provides multiple streaming links for each video. So, in case a link doesn’t work, then you can try the other available ones. This website is completely free to use, and you can start streaming your favorite movie or tv show without even sign up.

16. WatchFree

WatchFree is a popular movie streaming website. The reason behind its popularity is its clutter-free user-interface and a wide library of movies and tv shows that updates regularly with newly released contents.

They have organized content under sections like Popular Movies, Latest Movies, HD Movies, Top 100, and TV Series. So, users can easily find the content which they are looking for. You can even filter your searches across multiple genres.

WatchFree website

Along with popular movies, this website also hosts many trending tv series like 13 Reason Why, Agent of SHIELD, Breaking Bad, Vikings, Grey’s Anatomy, Suits, Watchmen, and many more.

This website is free to use and for its many amazing features, it also considered as one of the best WolowTube alternatives to watch movies online. Though you can start streaming without even signing up but for some contents it asks for sign-up or download an extension to continue streaming.

17. CMoviesHD

This is a suitable place for all movie lovers who are always in the hunt to stream the latest released movies for free. To fulfill users’ demand CMoviesHD brings all the movies within a few days of release.

It has an easy-to-use interface with quick navigation options to explore your favorite content. On the homepage, you will get sectioCMoviesHD websitens like Most Popular Today, Now Playing In Theatres, Requested, Watch Later. You can save your favorite content in the “Watch Later” section, but to do that you need to create a free account.

If you are looking for Viooz movies unblocked, then navigate to the “Movies” section and browse content across Genres, languages, Rating, Latest HD, Best Rated, etc. It has a wide database of movies; you surely find what you are looking for.

Not only movies but also it has the collection of wonderful tv-shows Billions, The Last Kingdom, Money Heist, The House of flowers, Bosch and many more which you can watch for free.

Quick Note – If any of the above websites not opening, then it might be due to Geo-blocking. You can easily bypass geo-restrictions using a VPN. We use and recommend the world’s best VPN service provider NordVPN. Use this special discounted link to get an instant 70% discount.



That’s it from our side, now it’s your turn. These are the websites where you can find movies and tv shows of your choice and all of them are trusted by many users, so you can rely on them. As online movie streaming is a huge market so there is a possibility that some other suitable alternatives to Viooz also exist. So, if you know any other worthy website, then let us know by mentioning them in the comment section and we’ll include it in our list.

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