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12 Best Live TV Streaming Sites | Watch Live TV for Free

There was a time when almost everyone was fond of TV and you would find a large fancy TV in every household but no longer today because now people prefer to watch live TV on their devices be it mobile, tablet, or computer. All thanks to a number of live TV streaming websites available online, which allow us to enjoy a wide range of channels without any hassle.

Sounds interesting? Well, today we are going to talk about those websites. So, if you are also interested in discovering them, read this article to find out the best live TV streaming sites right now.

Sites to Watch Live TV

The craze for watching TV can never fade regardless of the fact how many means of entertainment are available there for people. Nevertheless, today, the way of watching TV has changed dramatically since the inception of online websites.

In today’s digital era, you can watch live TV online from anywhere at any time because there are umpteen number of websites offering you this feature. Some of them may require onsite registration and some don’t even require that. So here, let us tell you the best sites to watch live TV.

1. Sling TV

This American television streaming service is a great option for you if you are looking for user-friendly live TV streaming services free from complex features. From flexible subscription plans to a number of channels with the latest content, you will get almost everything on this live-streaming TV service.

The best thing we love about this site is that it lets you record your favorite TV shows or movies and watch them later if you don’t have time right now.  For better access to the service, download its mobile application on your device.

2. Peacock

Peacock is a wonderful platform to livestream almost anything in the entertainment industry. From sports to TV series and movies to world news, you can live stream various genres of content on Peacock TV and enjoy it from anywhere at any time.

Like other TV streaming services, Peacock TV also has its own mobile application, which makes it easier and more convenient for the users to use it. Since the type of content widely varies on this website as compared to its competitors, it is a very popular live TV streaming service among TV watchers.

3. YouTube TV

Needless to mention, you can live stream TV on YouTube as well and enjoy as many as 100 + channels watching a wide array of content ranging from sports to films and TV shows to news. First, try the free version and if it manages to impress you, you can go for the subscription plans and enjoy YouTube TV for as long as you want.

It has no hidden fees and no long setup. Just subscribe to a plan, register on the site, and you are all set to go. Maybe this is the reason it has garnered plenty of happy users, who vouch for its incredible services. Watch live TV streams in HD quality for free from anywhere in the world.


Watching live TV online has become much easier and more convenient since Direct TV Stream has stepped into the market. From its subscription plans to ease of use, it is far ahead of its competitors and this is the reason that today it is one of the best live TV streaming sites.

Once you have subscribed for a plan and registered on the site, you can watch live almost anything happening in the world right at the tap of your finger. To use it more conveniently, download its application. Above everything, the user interface of the website is just seamless.

5. Roku Channel

Stream online live TV channels with Roku Channel and watch almost anything. On this platform, you will find the most popular TV channels from all over the world. The best thing you would love about this live streaming service other than its mind-blowing user-friendliness is its compatibility with every device.

Whether you have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you can flawlessly live-stream different TV channels on Roku Channel. With the help of the search button available on the homepage, you also have the flexibility to search for your favorite TV shows and movies.

6. Hulu

Here is another live streaming service that makes it super easy and convenient for you to watch TV from anywhere and from any device. Like many other live-streaming sites we have just talked about, this one is also a premium service and you need to purchase a suitable subscription plan before enjoying its awesome services.

From live sports to breaking news and an endless pool of entertainment to mega events happening all around the world, you can catch everything on Hulu. Not to forget, it even offers you live TV recording flexibility.

7. Tubi

If you want to enjoy free live TV streaming, leave all other streaming services and look at Tubi, which offers cool features free of cost. With the fact that it is a free TV streaming service, don’t assume that there would be a lack of content or you have to compromise on safety measures.

The website is a pool of entertainment and offers you almost all types of latest content ranging from films to news and sports to comedy. Also, it is completely safe and secure in terms of safety. You don’t need to worry about any malware or spam while browsing it.

8. TVPlayer

If you are looking for an affordable live TV streaming service with premium offers, TVPlayer can be the best choice for you because it offers really amazing features at a very low cost. This American live TV streaming service is home to a number of live as well as on-demand TV channels and fits the needs of every watcher.

From the downloading flexibility to resume playing, you will get many such user-friendly features on this platform to make your TV-watching experience seamless and hassle-free. On top of everything, it had its own mobile application too, which further makes it convenient for the users to live stream TV on this platform.

9. Plex

Stop hopping between different online video-watching platforms and land in Plex, where you can enjoy all types of content in a single place without any hassle. Unlike many other live streaming services, you can’t only live stream TV shows, films, sports events, and other TV programs on Plex but also a wide range of music.

The best thing is that you will get to enjoy all the features for free of course. Yes, it is a free live TV streaming service and does not even necessarily require you to register on the site to enjoy live TV on it.

10. Fubo

The next name on this list is FuboTV, which allows you to livestream 200+ TV channels from different categories and enjoy an unmatched world of entertainment. Although the website mainly focuses on sports, you’ll get to enjoy various types of content on it.

The best thing you would love about this TV streaming service is that it comes with a huge cloud DVR. Given the fact, you can enjoy up to 1000 hours of space to record live-streaming TV shows, films, or just anything to enjoy later. Most importantly you can watch sports live using any device. In addition to that, it is also compatible with all devices and video platforms like Roku and Fire TV.

11. DesiTellyBox

If you are fond of Hindi content, DesiTellyBox is the best pick for you because it is one of the top TV streaming services in India. You’ll get nearly all popular Hindi TV channels on this platform and enjoy an array of content including sports, TV shows, films, live events, and many others.

On the home page itself, you will find what this site has to offer you. For better accessibility and a seamless watching experience, download this mobile application on your device and watch just anything on the tab of your finger.

12. Netflix

If you are talking about the best live TV streaming sites and you don’t mention Netflix, you are doing an injustice to this live TV streaming platform. Being one of the most popular video platforms right now, Netflix is worth exploring regardless of the fact of what type of content you are looking to watch.

The reason is, that Netflix has all categories of content ranging from TV shows to movies and animes to documentaries that will not disappoint you in any way. The content gets updated every day on the website, so you can expect new content every time. The mind-blowing thing is that you will get all this for an affordable subscription plan.


You no longer need to detangle the tangled TV cables before watching your favorite show on the TV. Simply, visit these best live TV streaming sites from your device and watch whatever you want without any hassle or disturbance. The websites we mentioned on this list are top-of-the-line and each of them will definitely impress you with their remarkable features.

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