Educational Websites For Kids

12 Best Educational Websites For Kids

Advancement in technology and the internet has undoubtedly widened up uncountable scopes to enhance children’s education process with numerous educational websites for kids readily available over the internet.

Kids are like budding flowers. They need proper attention and constant engagement. Understanding the necessity of “smart learning” in an equal ratio to “hard work” remains the pivotal mantra to quality education, especially for your kids.

Infusing the interest of education through engagement, interactivity, and fun learning sessions makes it attractive for the kids, and they enjoy the process.

With the help of online educational websites, any teacher can make the learning process a lot more fun, fascinating and captivating.

On the other hand, the common myth that the online education process goes in vain is vague and unjustified. Based on the learning philosophy, we have extracted some of the best educational websites to engross your kids and quench their thirst for knowledge.

Free Educational Websites For Kids

In the era of technology, where the internet rules and attracts young hearts the most. As a parent you should look forward to your children’s playful study with these free educational websites for kids.

Every website has its exclusiveness and stands beneficial for your kids at every step. Besides letting them learn fascinatingly, these websites will help create a zone of interest for your kids to study.

If you are worried that your kids may come across irrelevant content on the internet, then you can use should use kids search engines to browse these websites.

  1. Wonderpolis

Nothing can be boring than swallowing down information. Indeed, the best of the rest, Wonderpolis, is one of the popular educational websites for kids. It helps your kids grow from their very roots.

This educational website has been specially created for kids to linger their interest in a wide range of topics. The same learning concept that often sounds mind-numbing to the kids is wholly dissolved as the entire interface. Its meticulous framing of study tricks keeps your kids engaged to the next level.

Wonderpolis website

Kids are enchanted, revealing the “daily wonders” with the help of videos. Additionally, sweet and straightforward easy to read stories readily available on the website are also of great fun and interest to the kids. Appealing topics like “why are flamingos pink?” engross kids like none other.

  1. Starfall

A free public service platform for kids, Starfall infuses tremendous interest in your kids to read and learn. You kids will get to have interactive sessions while they can pick up or choose the study level. Even kids can pick categories of their interest.

This educational website includes diverse subjects like language, arts, mathematics, and many others. All the activities on this website are well-research that provides exploration, study play, and positive reinforcement to motivate and make kids confident.

Starfall website

Let your kids choose what they want to read; they need to select their desired category and enjoy learning new words and pronunciation through various engrossing games.

All the study tricks are uniquely made and curated by professionals to understand the kids’ psychology and the struggle they often go through while studying.

  1. National Geographic Kids

This is one of the best science educational websites for kids to learn and full with science knowledge. Science is a crucial subject that needs to be addressed from the very beginning of your school days.

Even getting an idea about science and what it does include is required for kids to get an idea. This is an excellent website for kids to enjoy reading and learning about animals through various interesting videos and games. They know in the process and dig into a wide range of playful information.

National Geographic educational websites for kids

You can easily choose from your favorite animal and start reading interesting facts about them. Categories like “Weird But True” ignite the inquisitiveness within kids to know more and help them come across various unknown sources of knowledge.

  1. Pottermore

With an awes tucking interface that upholds an entire resemblance to the Harry Potter series and Hogwarts. This is why it is one of the most popular educational websites for kids.

This online approach wrapped in the most engaging storyline, the Harry Potter theme, creates an automatic magnetic attraction of interest in kids.

Wizardingworld website

You get a wide array of quizzes, exposure to learning new facts and information; kids get to come across various new words that help them strengthen their vocabulary and even enhance their reading habits. Learning in an aura of magic is a perfect way to keep your kids engaged with something meaningful.

  1. Sesame Street

Kids love visiting and spending time in Sesame Street. Curated with the best content for kids, this is one of the free educational websites for kids famous for gripping study games.

Further, there are numerous videos available that kids love to watch. The way of study is not to make them gulp information. Proper understanding in an attentive way helps kids get a good outlook on the subject where he/she does not forget easily.

Sesame Street website

Playfully imbibing informative values in mind is way valuable. Games, quizzes, new facts, workshops, this website is a hub for your kid’s entertainment for his betterment.

You can even buy books from this platform. Kids wait for a new topic each week that discusses and shares in the most innovative approach.

  1. Funbrain

This can be the hub for learning all subjects. Beautifully curated and a fantastic interface, this educational website has everything our kids will need in the process to learn.

You can easily browse based on your Grade or level that starts from pre-kindergarten to 8th Grade.

Experienced professionals have exclusively designed every level with the most valuable and appealing content for your kids to read while they play. There are separate sections for games, reading, watching useful and meaningful videos, math zone your kids will love spending within.

Funbrain website

A wide range of games will never make your kids feel boring as they can keep playing each one of them. Sections for crafts are fantastic tools for kids available on this website.

No wonder why this is one of the most loving educational websites for kids. The more you browse, the more captivating the website looks!

  1. Make Me Genius

Besides most of the websites aim to strengthen the reader’s and spelling and pronunciation skills, this website will take your kids a step ahead.

As the name speaks, this website has all the necessary features to make your kids crazy for knowledge. It is here where your kids will learn to struggle more for success.

It comes with a specific curriculum based on the Grade from pre-kindergarten to Grade 7. That’s why it is counted among the best educational websites for kids.

Make Me Genius educational website for kids

Subject lessons include subjects like the animal body, chemistry, physics, plants, environmental science and general knowledge are readily available on the website. Additionally, cool facts, fun facts, and quizzes make the platform even more enjoyable for your kids.

The website’s uniqueness is to transform the school topics into cartoon video patterns as kids are fond of cartoon shows. This website is a living example of a lively, playful platform aimed at logical learning.

  1. Science Bob

This is where your kids will get every possible assistance when it comes to choosing the best science project. As the website says, it is more of a teacher, a guide, an author, and a maker that brings across a distinctive way to represent science in the most innovative way ever.

Science Bob website

Fun experiments and ground-breaking exercises teach the students to think more scientifically. It is also known as one of the best science educational websites for kids. The science Q&A section comes with the most interesting questions that you will love no matter if you are a kid or an adult.

  1. BBC History For Kids

Get your kids the most valuable information on History in the most appropriate manner. BBC History for kids is the rarest platform that enriches the readers with comprehensive historical data worldwide.

History is often regarded as the most boring subject, and the platform invariably destroys this myth as it represents History in an adorable way.

BBC History for kids

Your kids can start learning even at the pre-kindergarten stage as the basics of History have been represented amusingly.

  1. Nasa Kids Club

This site famous for providing great space-focused games. If your child has an interest in space and admires the Solar system and galaxies, this website will keep him engrossed like none other.

Nasa Kids Club website

Here kids can learn about NASA and follow updates. This will enhance their thirst for science while involving in online virtual games and quizzes will make them proficient at a very early age. Nasa Kids Club is a free platform where your kid can spend as many hours as he wishes to.

  1. Cool Math

This is one of the Free educational websites for kids to dissolve all fears and anxious attitudes for kids’ in maths. Known as the amusement park of maths, this simplifies the technicalities of solving problems by arousing interest in kids with online games.

Cool Math website

Brain games for all ages help learn and master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division easily. Cool Math is geared for kids of age towards 13, whereas there is a sister site for Cool Math prepared to meet kids’ needs from age 3 to 12.

  1. Time For Kids

Loaded with tons of articles, videos, photos, this website covers all categories. It includes politics, entertainment, sports, environmental, health, and many others.

Time For Kids website

This is a user-friendly free educational website for kids often regarded as the hub for all information. This website can cater to the needs of both adults and kids.

You get to choose your grade level or age group based on which website will provide you with information that will keep you interested.


We have got the best educational websites for your little ones in this article to help them understand concepts. They also learn and experience a lot more than what he/she engages in normal study life. Educational websites for kids have undoubtedly brought an enormous change in the kids’ learning pattern and that too in a positive way.

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