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10 Best CPU Overclocking Software to Boost Your PC Performance

Nothing can be more frustrating than your PC running slow, staggering again and again! We always want to have a powerful PC setup, and this can be made possible by using overclock CPU software.

A drastic shift is attained with overclocking CPU techniques that turn your computer brand new with no changes in your hardware. If you are not aware of what overclocking software is, you have reached the correct place to understand what revolves around this process.

CPU overclocking software deals with the overclocking methodology to escalate the clock rate speed of separate PC parts beyond their default configuration.

So, if you not willing to make any changes to your hardware and at the same time want your PC to run without stumbling, overlooking the process will be rewarding for you.

In this process, the reconfiguration is executed in the graphics card, processor, and RAM to increase your computer’s performance.

What are the benefits of CPU overclocking?

CPU overclocking is an excellent method to speed up the performance of your system without requiring any upgrade. The main functionality involved here is to enhance the strength of the CPU so that it lasts longer.

Hence, a steep increase in the system performance for work to get done more smoothly. Overclocking system is very common nowadays, and if executed correctly, it can grant as much as 20% catalytic escalation in the performance.

This mechanism involves boosting the clock speed of all your components like CPU, GPU, and RAM to extract the best performance they can provide before adopting an upgrade in your hardware.

CPU Overclock Software

So, you have fed up with the slowness of your PC and decided to amplify its performance! Here we have got the 10 best CPU overclock software for you. Let’s have a look at them and select the one that functionality matches your needs.

  1. MSI Afterburner

If you are talking about overlooking the process, MSI Afterburner is the very first name. One of the best working overclocking CPU software, this gives you complete control on your graphics card.

With a user-friendly interface design, you will have a complete overview of your system hardware. Not to worry, a novice in this field can quickly get hold of the operation and get the job done easily.

MSI Afterburner website

This CPU overclock software is free to use. Yes, you heard it right! The best feature of this software is handed-over control in maintaining memory accuracy.

The users can quickly test the system’s thermal performance, along with keeping a check on the graphics card’s stability.

  1. Intel XTU

This overclock CPU software is famous amongst both beginners and experienced professionals. It is specially designed for performance tracking and tuning plus overclocking. It comes with all the features required to support Intel- Core processors of the next generations.

Intel XTU CPU Overclocking Software

So, you may call it the most desired CPU overclocking software in today’s world. You can get full control over your system and change your system’s graphics, voltage, memory, and processor.

However, it is to remember this software leaves a heavy impact on your system and might end up damaging your system, if not handled properly. Use of such software should be done with some expert’s advice.

  1. AMD Radeon

This overclocking software is specially prepared for AMD processor systems. It is very easy and convenient to use; this has been reviewed to have the best user-friendly interface.

You don’t need any help to understand and run the software. Any layman in this field can easily handle the software because of its simple design and easy interface.

This software comes with the specialty of having a unique overclocking technique for extraordinary performance results.

AMD Radeon CPU Overclocking Software

Its features include auto overclocking, and the extensive function of the clock turning provides the best service keeping track of your computer’s aptitudes.

This software has a direct effect and enhances the performance of DDR3. Additionally, the software is efficient to track memory timing, voltage memory, real-time memory clock performance, and auto control and stability test that upgrade your system’s performance and stability.

  1. NVIDIA Profile Inspector

Everything you need to monitor and control in your NVIDIA GPU’s performance, you get it with this software’s help. It is specially created to use for GPU-related works.

This is lightweight and free-to-use CPU overclocking software. Only of 129KB, this implements thorough inspection of your graphics card. Its auto-detection feature is an advantage.

NVIDIA Profile Inspector software

This overclocking software creates a GPU profile in your computer that would work along with your computer’s default configuration. You can use it easily to control and configure the GPU frequencies and get control over NVIDIA’s fan speed. Indeed, the best software depending on its capabilities and still have not disappointed any of its users.

  1. CPU Tweaker 2.0

This overclock CPU software is mostly for experts. So, if you are new to this, you might need some assistance. This software has proved to be well efficient for enchanting the system’s performance.

It comes with an in-built memory controller that is of immense use for the user. You can fine-tune your CPU according to your wish.

CPU Tweaker 2.0 software

Some other additional features of this overclocking CPU software include VCore support, VDimm Support, and an efficient performance tracking user interface.

Despite being the best excluding the capabilities, this is not at all user-friendly. People find it difficult because of its steep learning curve. This software is free and is more suitable for professionals.

  1. SetFSB

This software is unique in its way of functionality. It works by setting the Front Side Bus (FSB) in your PC. It is highly reliable as it makes sure that all settings in your system are done and ensure higher performance speed.

SetFSB software

The FSB sets its connection with your system’s CPU and does the rest for you. If you are looking for an easy method to improve your system performance, this is the one you should try first.

  1. EVGA Precision X16

If you are looking for the latest or the most upgraded version of CPU overclocking software, we have got this one for you. With remarkable features, this has been solely prepared to cater to all problems for GPU.

Despite being new in the market, it has succeeded in the reliability test. Some of the major features of this overclock CPU software are fine-tuning graphics, voltage, and memory control techniques.

EVGA Precision X16 CPU Overclocking software

It also has additional features like an RGB color-based OSD interface system, enabling pixel clock overclocking and memory clock, custom fan control, and curve, and custom profiling attributes with hotkeys and 10 different profiles. Perhaps the best news related to this overclock software is its compatibility with Microsoft Direct X 12 API.

  1. AMD Ryzen Master

This overclocking software is exclusively for AMD computer components. It comes with AMD, CPU, and GPU features working together in default.

This is the highest-rated software for fine-tuning all AMD, GPU, and CPU and control memory performances. It can be tagged as the solution bucket for all your AMD computer issues. You get four distinct profiles to work for four personalized apps.

AMD Ryzen Master software

Its built-in features display the system status performance report in real-time. With this single software, you can control and change several different components in your PC, including memory timings, graphic frequencies, and optimize care to meet your needs.

Using this software, you get consistent information display of your PC’s temperatures, core clock rate, and others.

  1. CPU – Z

Highly proficient in tracking your PC’s RAM, CPU, and even motherboard chipsets, this software will not disappoint you with its service.

It is convenient to use and is preferred by a lot of computer professionals too. This overclock CPU software provides you with complete information on module specifications, including size, type, and memory timings.

CPU - Z software

A few additional features besides tracking memories are clock speed tracking, validation post system overclocking, and documentation. This software is available for free.

  1. Sapphire TriXX Utility

Last but not the least, this software is a must choice if you are handling an AMD graphic card. It not only supports AMD but also runs on an extensive range of graphic cards, both old and new.

Sapphire TriXX Utility software

It helps maximize optimization giving you full control to change GPU voltage, memory clock, and core GPU clock. With this overclocking software, you can make sure that it keeps a check on the system’s performance and consistent stability.


If you are wondering that a software overclock process requires substantial technical knowledge, you might be wrong. With the access of overclock CPU software and a fair bit of understanding of the entire process readily available over the interest, you can turn up the performance of your system. However, specific attributes are required to choose the best overclocking program, and hence a detailed study into this will cater to your benefit.

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