TorLock Proxy and Mirror Sites

TorLock Proxy and Mirror Sites | TorLock Unblocked

TorLock is one of the popular torrent sites that host millions of verified torrent files and allow users to download them. But due to copyright infringement this peer-to-peer (P2P), the file-sharing site has been blocked in several countries. Fortunately, there are many TorLock proxy and mirror sites available that help users to access torrent files easily.

About TorLock

TorLock has a massive torrent index across multiple categories like movies, TV shows, music, software, games, eBooks, and much more. It also is known as ‘No fake torrent site’ as each torrent it hosts is verified by its staff and community members.

So, users can download their favorite content without the fear of malware attacks on their PC. TorLock officials are so much confident in their content collection that they even offer $1 compensation to users for finding every fake torrent.

Moreover, the database updates every hour with the latest content by their support staff and volunteers. Users can also subscribe to the RSS feed to get notifications on the latest updates.

TorLock website

But unfortunately, due to strict copyright laws along with many other popular torrent sites, TorLock is also blocked in many countries. This block down frustrated its long-term users and convinced them to look for other alternatives.

But the TorLock official staff comes with many TorLock Proxy and Mirror sites and allows users to access their favorite torrent files despite the ban of official TorLock website in their country.

20 Top Working Kickass Proxy and Mirror Sites

The proxy and mirror sites are a clone of the main site that host the same content index with a different domain name to avoid exposure to getting blocked.

There are many TorLock mirror sites available which are created by TorLock official staff or by other torrent lovers. They provide the latest torrent links so users can download their favorite movies, TV shows, music, games, software, e-Books, etc. easily.

Here are some best proxy and mirror links that you can use to get TorLock unblock in your country.

Important Note – Never visit the below links without having a premium VPN service. We use NordVPN to access the below websites.


TorLock Proxy and Mirror sites Status Speed
TorLock Proxy 1 Online Very Fast
TorLock Proxy 2 Online Very Fast
TorLock Proxy 3 Online Very Fast
TorLock Proxy 4 Online Very fast
TorLock Proxy 5 Online Very Fast
TorLock proxy 6 Online Very Fast
TorLock proxy 7 Online Very Fast
TorLock Proxy 8 Online Very Fast
TorLock Proxy 9 Online Very Fast
TorLock Proxy 10 Online Very Fast
TorLock Proxy 11 Online Very Fast
TorLock Proxy 12 Online Fast
TorLock Proxy 13 Online Fast
TorLock Proxy 14 Online Very Fast
TorLock Proxy 15 Online Very Fast
TorLock Proxy 16 Online Very Fast
TorLock Proxy 17 Online Fast
TorLock Mirror 1 Online Very Fast
TorLock Mirror 2 Online Very Fast Online Very Fast

Note:- If any of the above TorLock proxy and mirror sites don’t respond to you on the first attempt, don’t lose hope try again. In some of the listed proxy sites you need to enter the main TorLock URL i.e. and If the URL is already there, then just hit the Unblock button or click Enter from your Keyboard to get TorLock unblock.

Is TorLock is Down or Blocked?

Torrent sites are popular for hosting copy-righted contents and that is the reason they get banned in many countries or by your ISPs. There are some other issues like Server maintenance, website update, DNS problem, DDoS attack, bandwidth limits, etc. which also cause hindrance in accessing your target website.

However, technical issues can be fixed soon but if the website is blocked by your government or ISPs then you can’t access the website directly. This is where you need to follow some tricks on how to unblock websites easily.

Website layout

As of now the official website of TorLock i.e. is blocked by authorities of many countries like Italy, India, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Finland, Netherland, etc. However, some Torlock mirror sites are working superbly in these countries and allowing users to download their favorite torrent files easily.

For our requirement, we tried to open this website through a reliable VPN, and we successfully able to access it. But in case you face any problem to reach the website, then visit and check whether the website is down or not.

Is TorLock Safe To Use?

Torrent sites generally host tons of illegal content like movies, music, TV Shows, software, eBook, and much more. That’s why such sites are blocked in many countries. So, accessing such sites is also illegal and you may receive a warning from your ISP for browsing such websites.

To avoid such a warning, you can follow some helpful methods on how to hide your IP address completely from the radar of your ISP, so they won’t able to track your internet activities further.

There is also a chance that the torrent file that you want to download may contain adware/malware, which can affect your PC performance. So, before downloading any torrent file make sure to read the previous reviews left by other users on that file and run a reliable antivirus on your PC to prevent malware attack.

How To Unblock TorLock

If you are living in one of the countries where TorLock is banned, then it is difficult to access TorLock directly. But that doesn’t mean you can’t download your target files from TorLock. Here are some methods that will help you to get TorLock unblock from any part of the world

Tor Browser

Tor (The Onion Router) is a free web browser that helps to hide your IP address and allow you to access the internet anonymously. As a result, your ISP won’t able to track your internet activities further.

It works through a global network of nodes and tunnels your internet activities from one node to another. So, when you open a website through the Tor browser it hides your IP address under several networks of servers.

Tor browser

Thus, when you try to open a geo-blocked website through the Tor browser, it makes it look like that you are trying to open that website from somewhere else and you can able to access that website easily.

Web Proxy

Web Proxy sites also help access the blocked websites in your country. It hides your IP address from the radar of your ISP and allows you to access any blocked website easily.

There are many web proxy sites available that you can use to get TorLock unblock and open other blocked torrent sites instantly.

Using VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the most protected and secure way to keep your internet activities from snooping, interference, and censorship.

Using a reliable VPN service also helps you to unblock the geo-restricted websites in your country. When you use a VPN, it camouflages your IP address and makes it look like you are browsing from some other country.

So, you can easily unblock the websites that are blocked in your country and download or watch content that you like the most.

But choosing a perfect VPN is a little tricky one as there are many VPN services available. Some of them are free while some are subscription-based.

Free VPNs don’t work always and have some serious issues.  but our recommendation is to use the premium/subscription-based VPNs because they provide better security and performance.

Our recommendation is to use the Nord VPN. Currently, NordVPN is giving a flat 70% off to our readers for a limited time. Grab this offer by clicking the below link (discount would be automatically applied after link clicked).

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Best TorLock Alternatives

There are many torrent sites available to fulfill your needs. So, if you don’t find the content that you are looking for on TorLock, then you can try the following alternatives.


RARBG is a popular torrent site that hosts tons of torrent and magnetic links to movies, music, TV shows, apps, games, and much more.

This website is providing quality torrent content for more than a decade and has a huge fan base across the world. For hosting copy-righted contents the official RARBG website is banned in many countries.

RARBG website

This is where RARBG Proxy and mirror sites are helping long-term users to access their favorite content easily.

2. 1337X

1337X is a suitable TorLock alternative that provides a wide verity of torrent files such as movies, TV shows, Documentaries, Anime, Adult videos, Games, software, and more.

According to torrent freak, last year this is the 3rd most-visited torrent site. Apart from that, it has a clean user-interface with the organized content category.

1337X torrent website

You can download movies, music, software, games, web series, e-Books, and much more. Due to hosting copy-righted content, this website is also banned in many countries. But you can use 1337X proxy and mirror sites to download your wishing content.

3. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay or TPB is the most popular one among the other torrent sites. It hosts millions of torrent files and magnetic links across multiple genres.

Due to copyright infringement, many countries have blocked access to this website. But many TPB proxy and mirror sites are online that providing access to the same torrent files as of the official TPB.


EZTV is another TorLock alternative that provides torrent files only for video content. On this site, you can find links for the latest movies and TV shows to download.

EZTV website

The website has a straightforward user-interface which helps users to find the content easily that they are looking for. Apart from downloading latest movies and TV shows, you can also get the latest news and information on upcoming movies and events.

5. Zooqle

Zooqle hosts torrent files across multiple categories like Movies, music, Tv series, Apps, Games, e-Books, and much more. It has millions of visitors around the world, from which most of them come in search of the latest movies.

Zooqle website

Its e-Book section has a collection of wide verity of e-Book. That’s why it is also considered as one of the best Ebookee alternatives by many readers. You can download your required content from this site for free.

Disclaimer: All of the above TorLock proxy and mirror links and alternatives are only for informational purposes. We don’t promote downloading copyrighted content from these sites.


There you have it all! We have listed the top working TorLock proxy and mirror sites that you can try to get TorLock unblock from anywhere around the world. Still, if you failed to find the torrent file that you are looking for, then you can also try the TorLock alternatives that we mentioned above.

As you know the torrent sites host copyrighted contents and are accessing them can put trouble unless you hide your IP address through a reliable VPN service like NordVPN. That’s why we strongly recommend you use one of the VPNs that we mentioned above to protect your internet activities from being tracked by your ISP.

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