Free Educational Websites

20 Free Educational Websites for Students

Education has become a necessity and everyone should have this. Thanks to the free educational websites for providing easy access to unlimited courses and other study materials.

With the widespread internet and sophisticated devices, one can start learning anywhere around the globe. Those days are gone when education was only limited to classrooms and lectures.

Here is an in-depth guide on websites that provide free learning resources.

So let’s get started.

Free Educational Websites

Here is a list of some of the best free educational websites for you.

  1. Udemy

When it comes to online learning and course-related things one thing comes into play. That is the Udemy website. Many assume that Udemy is the best platform for sharpening their skills.

This platform contains more than 130,000 online video courses and new additions published every month. Udemy covers a huge range of subjects and anyone can publish a course here. This is why you would get courses like Caring for Plants. You won’t find this type of course on other course platforms.

You would get both free and paid courses in Udemy. All the courses listed here come with detailed information like course content, reviews, price, etc.

  1. Edx

Edx is another popular website for online courses and certification. It offers over 2,500 online courses designed by its top partners and 140 institutions in total including Harvard and Berkeley University.

The majority of courses listed on this platform are self-paced and can begin at any time. After completion of a course, you will receive officially recognized certificates. Please note that these online certificates are not equal to a university degree. But it can be useful for job interviews and to boost your motivation.

One of the biggest advantages of this platform is courses from the world’s best universities and organizations. Some popular subject includes computer science, engineering, machine learning, humanities, data science, statistics, and data analysis. After completing a course you would gain knowledge and advance in your careers.

  1. upGrad

upGrad is an online platform that offers various industry-standard courses. It provides courses on topics like Data Science, Blockchain, and Machine Learning, etc.

It has been bridging the skill gap that always remains between company employees (job shakers) and industry data requirements. Many courses offered by upGrad come with 1-1 mentorship and job support. You would get many free courses on this platform as well.

UpGrad is a unique platform as it breaks the myth that high-quality industry-standard education cannot be attained online. UpGrad facilitates a personalized learning environment for working professionals.

  1. Alison

Alison is another popular online platform that mostly focuses on job-applicable skills. This platform has more than 17 million learners and 3 million graduates from 195 countries. The number speaks for themselves.

Alison offers more than 2,000 free online courses. The first impression is great when you land on the website. It has an attractive design and the colors are quite natural.

It has a wide range of categories including technology, language, science, business, math, health, humanities, skilled trades, marketing, and lifestyle. You can easily find free online courses in each category.

  1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit platform that comes under the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). Everything you’ll find on the website is available completely free of charge and there is no such thing as pricing. So this is the best free educational website you can join.

They are on a mission to provide a world-class education to everyone for free. It operates on a donation basis and depends on volunteers. You would get many courses ranging from Science to Arts.

This platform has a dedicated section for children ages 2 to 7. The name of this platform is Khan Academy Kids. Similar to this platform, all the courses are free.

  1. Coursera

Coursera was started by two Stanford University computer science professors. It is an online educational platform that allows students to enroll in courses.

They collaborate with 200+ leading universities and companies in the world to provide best-in-class courses. Coursera contains more than 3,900 courses and specializations, 20 degree courses, 13 professional certificates, etc. Learn at your own pace as all the courses are in online mode.

Coursera offers students a special financial aid option. If you want to enroll in a course, but don’t have money to do so, then you can apply to the company by submitting a special form. If the company realizes that you are worthy of financial aid, then they will compensate you for the course fee for you. How cool is that?

  1. Academic Earth

Academic Earth is an online education platform that comes with many higher education degrees. It promises to provide a world-class education to everyone.

Academic Earth gets its valuable education resources from many great universities around the world including Caltech, MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and many other top universities. Here resources mean video lectures.

It has a variety of subjects to choose from. Some of the big categories include Business, Computer Science, Mathematics, Arts, etc. You would get a series of lectures in the form of playlists.

  1. Google Scholars

A literature search during the research process is considered as one of the most important stages. Google Scholar comes in handy to find previously published research papers in your field.

This is something like a normal Google search. Obviously, your first step of the search will begin with typing something in the search bar. However, it retrieves only research papers and educational materials.

If you want to do in-depth analysis or research on a specific topic then you should use this. You can create libraries for preferred research topics, or simply areas of interest.

  1. Koofers

Koofers is an interactive community for college students that serves their academic needs by sharing information. All you need to have an email address to create an account.

It makes college student’s life easier by providing free access to various study materials like test banks, flashcards, professor ratings, grade distribution data, practice exams, and a class schedule maker.

All the course materials are free to access and you can do it at your own pace. Search for a particular exam or set of exams or classes from both past and present semesters.

  1. SparkNotes

SparkNotes is another free study site for students. If you take notes on every subject you read then this website would be very helpful for you.

This platform provides guides that contain thorough summaries and insightful critical analyses on a particular topic. You would get a vast number of guides on subjects like history, math, biology, etc.

SparkNotes also provides no fear of Shakespeare. It provides side-by-side translations of Shakespeare’s literature into plain English. It is available online and in book form.

  1. Shiksha

Shiksha is another free education website with millions of students. Searching colleges for higher education or any industry-standard exam can be tough.

With the help of Shiksha, you can search for colleges in India. Students planning to study engineering after +2 or any equivalent degree in India can choose from nearly 100 specializations.

Shiksha search you can get thousands of collages in India. This platform contains 49,000+ collages, 2,95,000 courses, 2,10,000 reviews, 650 exams etc.

  1. Udacity

Udacity is an educational organization that offers MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course). It was first started with free computer science classes and courses offered through Stanford University.

This company offers cutting-edge courses that are prepared in partnership with giant companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. This platform contains more than 200 online courses or nano degrees. Udacity offers a vast variety of free courses to its users as well.

Udacity is famous for Nanodegrees. This type of degree takes around 6-12 months. After complications, you would get a certificate. Nanodedrees are focused on in-demand skills that are required in the industry nowadays and consist of video courses, projects, and tasks throughout your education.

  1. ClassCentral

ClassCentral is another website for online learning. According to its website, it contains more than 15,000 online courses. You can browse hundreds of courses that are starting soon.

You would get a big search bar on the homepage of the website that allows you to search for various courses. As soon as you start typing something on the search bar the autosuggest dropdown appears.

As we are searching for free online courses, this site would be great. Discover thousands of courses from top universities and institutions. Some of the universities include Harvard, Duke, and Columbia, and institutions include Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, etc.

  1. Saylor Academy

Saylor Academy is another platform for online courses with certificates. Learn new skills and enhance your career with free courses available on this platform.

It is a nonprofit organization working for a long time to provide free and open online courses to all who want to learn. This platform offers more than 100 full-length courses for college and professional-level students.

All courses listed on the Saylor Academy website are prepared by experts. After enrolling in a course you can complete it at your own pace. They partnered with many colleges and universities to provide courses. If you are searching for free educational websites then this would be helpful.

  1. W3Schools

If you are in the programming space then you must know W3Schools. It is a free website for programmers with in-depth tutorials and reference materials.

W3Schools contains 14 programming languages, including HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, JAVA, Python, C++ Machine Learning, etc. They also have code walkthroughs, examples, and simple illustrations to show how the code works. You would also get editors for code practice.

You can participate in quizzes and exams to earn a certificate in a programming language. It is best for beginner-level programmers to make their career. Most people recommend this as the first source of learning for programmers. Intermediate and expert programmers can benefit from this as the reference material.

  1. Codecademy

Codecademy is a popular website for programmers. Coding is a tough skill and it might be difficult to find a trusted website for this. It is an online coding platform with both free and paid plans.

This platform offers 14 different programming languages and 10 different tech subjects for students to learn at their own leisure. These include some of the most trending programming languages that are dominating the job market, such as Java, Kotlin, and Python.

You can register on the platform for free and start learning. Every language comes with tons of videos and study material. You would get a simple code editor and a console to see the output.

  1. FutureLearn

FutureLearn is an online education platform offering a wide range of courses. Currently, this platform has an active catalog of more than 880 online courses prepared by their partner institutions.

Most FutureLearn courses are free to join but with limited time (course length plus two weeks). If you want to access the course and earn a Course Certificate then you will have to pay for an upgrade.

It also provides 23 online degrees and 49 micro-credentials that include academic certificates. All the courses consist of pre-recorded video lectures and study materials.

  1. OpenLearn

OpenLearn is an initiative by Open University. This was started to prove free and quality education to everyone. Whether you’re a busy working professional looking to get promoted at work or a college student who wants to define a career this platform will be helpful.

This platform contains more than 1000 short courses (ranging from 1 – 100 hours of study) to get an education. In addition to that, you would get thousands of articles, quizzes, and interactive games.

All the courses listed here are free to access and you can complain about them at your own pace. You can use the search bar on the website to find the preferred course.

  1. Studocu

Studocu is one of the most famous educational websites for students you can use it for free. Over 17 million students around the world have joined the platform to get top-class notes. Over 20 million study materials from 21K institutions are available on the platform.

Studocu website

Want instant answers to your queries? Then Studocu has a ChatGPT-powered AI assistant to provide answers in seconds. There is also a great collection of eBooks and you can download them for free. This is a student-supported platform means students around the world list their notes either for free or paid. Sign in to the Studocu website and start exploring.

  1. Docsity

Docsity is another necessary website for students to enhance their knowledge. It is basically a document-sharing platform. From student-level study materials to professor-level research papers everything available under a hood. More than 5 million beautifully written student notes, past exam papers, lectures, and many other content are available here.

Docsity website

You can sign up for the Docsity platform for free. Collect points by doing various activities to get access to download study materials. If you have study notes then you can sell them here as well. For each uploaded document you would get 20 points as a reward. Use the search bar to find your preferred document.


Online education platforms are growing rapidly. As more and more traditional college degrees start to become less important, the value of online education is increasingly relevant and becomes heavily advantageous.

The above free educational websites can be beneficial for you to grow your skills and career enhancements. You can enroll in one or many courses and complete them at your own pace.

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