YouTube Shorts Downloader | 15 Best Free Websites to Download YouTube Shorts Video

These days almost everybody has internet access, and the majority of the population spends significant time of their day using the internet by scrolling through different apps. People use the applications to see entertainment and informational content, and one of the most popular apps is YouTube, where people see shorts to spend their time. Also, they sometimes seek YouTube Shorts Downloader.

As YouTube offers a wide variety of content to every one according to their preferences, some people download YouTube short videos so they can share them with other people. That’s why many people regularly look for a working YouTube Shorts Downloader that can help them to download Short videos of high quality.

In this article addressing the demand of users, we are going to share 15 YouTube Shorts video downloader platforms. All the platforms shared will download high-quality videos with audio, and users will not face any difficulties in the process. So with this let’s start the article without any further delays.

15 Free Websites to Download Short Videos in HD Quality

Give an eye to the list consisting of free and working websites from where one can download Short videos in HD quality.

1. Savetube

Starting with the list, Savetube is the first website from where one can download YouTube shorts. The interface of the website is quite easy, and one can download YouTube shorts at a fast speed. The website also assures safety from malware or viruses through the download process.

Savetube website

Not only this, the developers of the website claim that the downloading process will take less than a minute. Also, one has the ability to download any video in their own preferred quality. Lastly, the website offers an unlimited download facility for free, and lakhs of users support that.

2. ShortsNoob

The next participant on our list is ShortsNoob, a website that is visited by 5 million users monthly. The website is totally free of any charges to download videos and lets everyone download videos in their original quality. One also has the option of downloading any Shorts video without its audio too.

ShortsNoob website

Talking about the safety rate, the website is safe, and the downloading speed is also good. The website downloads video directly from the browser, cutting the need for any external software on any device. One can download any YouTube Shorts video through the website by copy-pasting the video’s link on the website.

3. 10Downloader

Heading on the next website that is 10Downloader, a well-ranked website for downloading YouTube shorts. The website is beautifully designed with a color combo of blue and white and entertains traffic in millions. 10Downloader offers users to download YouTube shorts in MP4 and other formats.

10Downloader website

The website can download any YouTube short video in just a click, but it restricts the download of music videos that are not copyright free. One can download unlimited videos for free without any signing process, all from the browser only. Also, one will not face any issues in downloading videos in any format from the website.

4. HeatFeed

HeatFeed is a free tool that helps people download YouTube Shorts videos of high and original quality. The website is fully free to use and doesn’t require any sign-in process to download Shorts videos. Also, the user interface of the website is easy to use, which helps a user to download videos easily.

HeatFeed website

Moreover, the website says that it is a fully secured website with HTTPS protocol, so your device is fully safe. The downloading speed of the website is similar to the blink of an eye that gives several positive reviews of the website.

5. FlashSave is our next website that can help you when you want to download any YouTube Shorts video. The website will download a high-quality video for you that will be the same as the quality of the original video. The website is fully safe as it falls under the HTTPS protocol so everyone can trust the website.

FlashSave website

Conversing about the download speed then, you will get your video downloaded in a very short time. Also, the user interface is good that prevents everyone from getting redirected, saving a lot of time for many people.

6. TricksandTips

TricksandTips is another platform from which one can download YouTube Shorts videos easily. The website stands on its claim of being a free and fast tool to Download youtube Shorts videos in the high-quality original. One also doesn’t need to go through any sign-in procedure to download videos.

TricksandTips website

The website offers an attractive user interface to visitors with no limits to downloading YouTube shorts. Also, the website follows HTTPS protocol, which makes it fully secure. All of this blesses the website with positive reviews from 9 lakh people who surf through the website.

7. YTSHORTS Downloader

YTSHORTS Downloader is the next addition to the list. The website grabs a myriad of visitors and constant users due to its quality services. One can download YouTube shorts in MP4, 4K, 1080p, 720pHD, 480p, and 360p, with other formats also. The downloading speed of the website is in seconds, and the website is fully safe.

YTSHORTS website

The interface of the website is also good, and nobody has complained about the downloading process of the website. One can even convert a YouTube short into an mp3 file through the website. All these features make this website an excellent platform for downloading YouTube shorts.

8. TikTake

TikTake, a popular website from where one can download YouTube shorts, makes its entry in the list. The website is designed aesthetically with different shades of black color, and there are no watermarks on the downloaded videos through the site. The website’s speed is ok, offering limitless downloads without any registration process.

TikTake website

The website can also give videos in portable MPEG-4 format, and then one can watch the videos on any device. The majority of reviews of the website are positive and rank the website among the top positions of SERP. So go to the website if you want to download YouTube shorts in a short time.

9. SSYoutube

SSYoutube is a further addition to the list of best YouTube Shorts downloader, and the website has some commendable features. The website is the third most popular website in the world because of the quality services that it offers to the users. One can download any YouTube video in MP4, MP3, SQ, HD, Full HD quality, and other formats also.

SSYoutube website

Overall 166.5 million people use the website on a monthly basis, and despite this, the website’s speed is fine, and the downloading speed is also good. Even the downloading process is quite easy and simple, so one can download high-quality YouTube Shorts videos from SSYoutube to save time.

10. Y2Mate

Y2Mate is our next website through which one can download YouTube shorts video in MP4, M4V, 3GP, WMV, FLV, MO, MP3, and WEBM formats. The website has been running for many years as a trusted source of downloading YouTube videos without getting your device infected by any virus.

Y2Mate website

The download speed of the website is pretty fine. One doesn’t face any issues like being redirected to different pages while downloading YouTube videos. All this makes the website a genuine option for downloading YouTube videos.

11. YT5s

YT5s is a platform that is used by over 7 million people to download YouTube videos on their devices monthly. The website can download YouTube videos in different formats like MP3, 3GP, MP4, WMA, M4A, FLV, WEBM, MO formats, etc. The website is all free to use, with unlimited access to download Shorts videos.

YT5s website

It is considered one of the websites from which the YouTube shorts downloading process is super easy. You can also download a video without its audio. So use the website to download YouTube shorts video fastly and with high security from viruses.

12. Y2Meta

When talking about websites to download YouTube shorts, then we can’t forget Y2Meta due to its high popularity. The website is popular as it can download YouTube Shorts videos in all formats for free and have no registration policy. The website ambiance is good, and the downloading speed is also fine.

Y2Meta website

Talking about safety, then, the website is fully safe to use with no risks of malware in the device. One can download any video uploaded on YouTube through the website, whether normal or music video.

13. Keepvid

Keepvid is a good platform from where one can download YouTube Shorts videos. The website follows the normal rule of copy-pasting video links to download the video. The video link that is pasted gets downloaded within seconds.

Keepvid website

Also, the website is fully safe to use, and every device can run the website, which makes the video editing process way easier. The user interface of the website is quite good; although the website is a normal video, it can be used successfully to download YouTube shorts.

14. Wave Video

Wave Video is a very well-designed and developed platform from where you can download YouTube shorts. The website is all free to use and grabs millions of visitors due to its safety ratings and unlimited access.

Wave Video website

The website’s design is commendable and attractive, and it gives high-quality YouTube shorts video same as the original quality of the original video. The download process is easy and direct, as one can download a video by copy-pasting the link.

15. Snap Save

In last in our list, we have a website named Snap Save that is used by lakhs of users on a daily basis. The website can download YouTube Shorts videos easily without giving any headaches. Also, it provides a quality of 1080p, 2k, and 4k pixels to the video that is to be downloaded.

Snap Save website

Also, the website falls under the HTTPS criteria, making it fully safe from any viruses so that one can download YouTube videos from this aesthetically designed website for free and unlimited times.


Everybody these days uses YouTube and sees numerous short videos on a daily basis. Sometimes a person likes a video and wants to download it for the future, but as YouTube doesn’t provide any download option for shorts, so they go for YouTube Shorts Downloader.

And here, we shared the top 15 websites from where you can download YouTube Shorts videos without getting any viruses on your device. Also, we hope that the article helped you in a genuine way.

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