Write Awesome Instagram Captions

How to Write Awesome Instagram Captions

Whether you run a business or are a content creator, you might have noticed that out of all social media platforms, Instagram has the highest ability to reach your target audience. According to a study in 2019, Instagram has more than 1 billion active monthly users and the number is only going to grow further. However, a lot of such content creators or businessmen on Instagram have one common question; how to write awesome Instagram captions for their posts.

Instagram captions are important if you are trying to build a brand or already have it and need to spread the word. Just posting a picture or video isn’t going to do the job, the right caption is way more crucial than you think. If you don’t post the right caption, your followers will just scroll away and your post will get neglected.

Apparently, how to write better Instagram caption is a question asked by a lot of people as even after posting the most amazing videos, reels, or photos, they are hardly able to get likes on their posts or engage with the audience. If you are one of them too, there is a high chance that you don’t know how to write Instagram captions.

But don’t worry we have the solution for you which will help you to become a master in writing Instagram captions.

How to Write Instagram Captions

A picture is worth a thousand words but when it comes to Instagram and its algorithm, an awesome caption is always required. It leads to your followers take an action like sharing the post, liking it, or commenting on it. So, how to write awesome Insta post captions which lead to such a powerful engagement?

The answer to how to write a good Instagram caption isn’t so hard, all it needs is some simple tips and tricks. A good caption is important because it is as vital as your Instagram post. So how exactly do you nail your Instagram caption? Let’s have a look at it!

  1. Drafting

If you want to write a good Instagram caption that engages with your target audience and gets you several likes and comments, don’t rush. Sit down and make a draft of the caption of the post.

Write down a few ideas that you have for the caption and talk about them with your colleagues to make sure that you choose the right one for your post. It doesn’t matter it’s a video or a picture.

What matters right now is how to write the perfect Instagram caption. Take your time to decide what exactly should be the right caption and then post it. This might be a trial and error method but soon it will work out for you.

  1. Important Information

Usually, the caption can have 2200 characters, however, it’s your wish how long or short you want your Instagram caption to be. Although the post doesn’t show the whole caption while you scroll, it’s vital that you post the most crucial information about your post first and the hashtags and tags later which are not required to be glorified for the post.

For instance, if you are posting a picture of a coffee cup, you can add a caption that tells more about coffee and not include hashtags or tag the coffee shop from where you got it from. That can come later. This is how you can make your Insta post caption better.

  1. Add Call-to-Action

Call to Action is known to be the most effective way of how to write Instagram captions that increases the capability of your Instagram profile with your posts.

When your posts have an aim or goal, there is a chance that you will be able to engage with your target audience. However, what exactly call-to-actions can these be? Have a look:

  • Checking your website
  • Shop for your products
  • Share your products
  • Share a promotional post
  • Participate in contests like a giveaway
  • Share posts with a particular hashtag

This call-to-action is an engagement that is conversational and works around Instagram’s algorithm as well. Apart from that, increased engagement makes your account appear on the recommended accounts list. Call-to-action is quite easy that can be you can always go for by adding ‘link in bio’, leave a comment, tagging a friend, or posting a branded hashtag.

  1. Tell about Your Brand

When you think about how to write awesome Instagram caption, think about your brand and how you want to present it to your followers. Sometimes, creativity isn’t important at all; you only need to tell about your brand and the product or service you are providing.

Brand identity

So, if you are posting on Instagram about a product, tell a story about it, rather than adding call-to-action. For instance, you can tell about the history of the product in pure honesty and authenticity.

Such Instagram captions really attract your followers and getting likes and comments is highly possible. If you are a brand on Instagram, this is how to write the perfect Instagram caption for you.

  1. Ask Questions

If the above options don’t feel right or you are looking for something better for your Instagram post, you can always ask questions on your Instagram post’s captions.

This can help you in engaging with your followers and even getting more! There are a variety of questions that you can use for your Instagram posts, that should be relevant to your brand or product.

When it comes to asking questions, there is a variety of them that you can ask to engage with your audience. For instance, you can ask for feedback about some of the most used products or a newly launched product.

engaging with your followers

This can shoot up the engagement of your Instagram post and you can get true feedback from your customers as well. Apart from that, you can also ask yes or no questions which need almost no effort and you can increase engagement with your audience as well.

Along with that, you can post something personal about your brand and question your followers to share something relatable. This is how to write awesome Instagram captions, especially if you are building a brand.

  1. Hashtags

Hashtags are quite important when it comes to your Instagram posts, whether it’s a video or a photo. However, you need to make sure that the hashtags are relevant to the post.

So, write captions to increase engagement with your audience as well as add up some new followers. According to research, a post with a hashtag receives more likes and comments than a post with no hashtag.


You will be amazed to know how foremost your post will reach by using a particular famous hashtag. So, when you post something using that hashtag, not only it will reach your followers but also those who follow the hashtag.

Although you can use 30 hashtags in one post, when it comes to using hashtags, it doesn’t mean that you certainly add 30 hashtags to it. Sometimes, it can end up decreasing the reach of your post.

  1. Tagging

Now, whether you are trying to build your brand, or you’re already one, or an influencer on Instagram, tagging is one of the best means of reaching out to your followers. Short Instagram captions are popular among the users and you can make it more appealing using tags.

Instagram captions

If you are a brand or an influencer, all you need to do is tag the brand or influencer that you like and that’s it. Apart from that, when it comes to reaching out to your followers, you can always set up giveaways where people need to tag their friends.

  1. Take Your Time

I recommend you to take your time when writing your captions. Rather than writing a quick caption in 10 seconds, spend some quality time and express your feelings. A photograph captures a moment in time and you should take time to express it.

Writing the best Instagram captions demands some effort and you can see the difference in your posts’ performance. The tone of the caption must match the language of the image.

  1. Emoji

You might not have realized it till now, but emojis or emoticons play a big role in how to write good Insta post captions. No matter what type of captions you write for your Instagram post, there is always an emoji available for it.

Instagram emoji

In fact, emojis have been in use for marketing strategies since the year 2015. For instance, if you have a bakery on Instagram, you can always use emojis of cakes or pastries for your posts.

Apparently, studies have shown that there is a higher rate of engagement when emojis are used in posts on Instagram rather than when they are not. This is another way of how to write good Insta post captions to boost your follower count.


These are the ways of how to write awesome Instagram captions. However, Instagram is not just about posting the most stunning pictures taken with a DSLR, but a post that tells you a story. It should highlight your brand, leading it to the topmost list of brands, whether it’s food, cosmetics, furniture, or something else.

The above-given tips are some of the most important ones that should be kept in mind when it comes to posting something related to your brand on Instagram.

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