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11 Seedr Alternatives to Download and Stream Files

Seedr is a wonderful website that lets you stream and download any type of file from the web instantly. Not just that but it also allows you to download torrent files. However, it’s always a better option to have an alternative plan B for everything because you never know when plan A can betray you.

This is why today we thought to introduce you to the best Seedr alternative sites, which are no less than Seedr in terms of features as well as friendliness. They are not just that much famous. Else, their functionality is almost the same. With those alternative sites, you can also stream and download files conveniently.

Best Seedr Alternatives

Seedr is a very popular site and maybe this is the reason that there are tons of alternatives available to this site. However, you can’t rely on each and every site that is offering similar features as Seedr because the internet is a very risky world. To save you from any blunder, we have already compiled a list of the 11 best alternatives to Seedr. So let’s explore all popular alternatives to in one place.

1. Zbigz

Zbigz calls itself the easiest and safest way to download torrent files and it truly is. The reason is, it is protected with HTTPS and keeps your IP address anonymous. Given the fact, no hackers can have any information about your files. To your delight, this site works even beyond network and software restrictions.

Zbigz website

Another good feature of Zbigz is that it lets you download content even remotely. To get a file downloaded from this site, you just need to paste the link of your desired file and you’re done. From films to songs you can download all types of media as well as other files with Zbigz, that too in just a zippy of moments.

2. Ufile

Ufile is literally a giant particular in this category. The site has already helped 1,246,228 registered users not just to download but also to upload millions of files. The interesting thing is that you don’t necessarily need to register on this site in order to download and store the files online. The only limitation is that the maximum file size for free uses 5 GB, which is, of course, sufficient enough unless you are not playing around with large-sized movies.

Ufile website

Built-in with the latest security techniques, this cloud storage platform is completely encrypted and makes sure there are no chances of a data breach. Above everything, the site is free from popups and other irritating, irrelevant ads.

3. Bitport

Bitport is a big name when it comes to the best sites to stream and download files online and it has a number of reasons for that. First of all, it is super fast, incredibly secure, and amazingly easy to use. Built-in with a seamless cloud storage system, the site allows you to upload and download files from anywhere in the world at any time and from any device.

Bitport website

The site itself has all the essential features for streaming and downloading files but it also offers many other third-party integrations and plugins that further increase its functionality. To use the site, just create an account and start with a free account, which offers 1GB of cloud storage.

4. 4Shared

4Shared is one such Seedr alternative that does not only allow you to stream and download files but also share them with anyone from the same platform. From music to video and image to app, the file can be of any type. The whole process is a super breeze, as the interface of the site is incredibly user-friendly.

4Shared website

To stream, store, download, or share the file from this site, just paste your link on the search box and all options will pop up in front of you. Go ahead with whatever you want. The site is completely free to use and offers all basic features in the free plan. You can also go for a premium plan if your requirement is something high.

5. TorrentSafe

TorrentSafe is a popular name in this category. Unlike many others, this site is purposely meant for torrent and magnet links. you just have to paste your links into the search box and press enter. You will instantly get the streamable or downloadable link. The interesting thing about this site is that it can convert links into images.

TorrentSafe website

It is completely safe and free to use. In the free plan, you can enjoy unlimited files per month, that too without any registration. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the file size should not exceed 1 GB. If this is not enough for you, go for premium plans.

6. FileDropper

Filedropper doesn’t really let you download files, but it is still a favorite of people who have to deal with a bunch of files daily. The reason is, it allows you to store and share large files. Unlike its competitors, it allows you to upload files up to 5 GB on this site and share them with anyone.

Filedropper website

As you may expect, the site has a free plan in which you get storage of up to 15 GB for free. From photos to video and recordings to music, you can find all types of content on this site. To add further, you also have the flexibility to invite others as well to collaborate on your files.

7. Offcloud

If you don’t want to go with a new brand and are looking for a site that is well-established on the market and offers you many other features other than just streaming and downloading the files, no other site can be better than Offcloud. It is a complete toolkit of different features including instant downloading and remote uploading functionality.

Offcloud website

Being a giant on the market, it is compatible with almost all major sites like YouTube and also allows you to download torrent and magnet links. The interesting thing about this site is that you can automatically transfer data from the web to any remote location.

8. Sonicbit

Simple, fast, and incredible are the words that do justice to Sonicbit. This new-aged file uploader and downloader has lots of new features to please you. With the help of Sonicbit, you can get copies of any kind of file on the Internet instantly. Also, You get to download the files directly to your Google drive even without downloading them on the device.

Sonicbit website

In addition to that, you are free to upload the files to any cloud provider such as Dropbox, one drive, or Google Drive, and download the file to your device later. To have a seamless experience, get the mobile application of this site that is available for free of cost.

9. Uptobox

People, who don’t want to deal with complex features, will definitely love the simple user interface of Uptobox, which allows you to stream and download files for free. Unlike others, the site does not feature many complicated features. Paste the link on the search box and you’re done.

Uptobox website

The interesting thing is that it also allows you to share the files with your friends as well. Up to 1GB of storage is free in a free account. However, if it is not sufficient for you, upgrade your plan and enjoy the premium features. The site has many premium packs customized for different needs. Given this fact, you can go for the one that is suitable for you.

10. Loadbt

Loadbt is a quite new entry into the market but it has managed to impress many users with its quick and seamless services. You can safely, anonymously, and quickly stream and download files with the help of this cloud storage platform. The thing that made it so popular is the fact that it ensures complete safety and privacy.

Loadbt website

It lets you transfer files via HTTPS. Owing to this fact, you don’t need to worry about a data breach in any situation while using this site. Furthermore, the site also allows you to download big torrent files in just a fraction of a moment. As you might expect, you have the flexibility to access your files from anywhere and on any device.

11. FileFactory

Head to FileFactory if you want something simple yet feature-packed. The thing that made this site a head-turner on the market is the fact that it helps you stream, download, share, and upload massive-sized files of up to 5 GB. To your delight, that too with unlimited file bandwidth. In addition, the site is compatible with all types of files.

FileFactory website

In the free version, you get all the essential features. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the number of uploads and downloads is limited in the free version.  Also, the files are removed automatically after 30 days of inactivity. If you want to enjoy third-party downloads or multiple downloads at a time, upgrade your plan.


Storing your files online and accessing them from anywhere, any device and at any time is not a big thing today even if you are not able to use Seedr for any reason. Just pick one of these Seedr alternatives and stream, upload, share, and download all types of files at your finger tap.


Are these alternative sites better or worse than Seedr?

Well, they are neither better nor worse than Seedr, but they are like Seedr in terms of functionality and features. They have definitely not earned the credibility like Seedr but they all are worth trying.

Can  I access these sites through mobile?

Of course, all of the Seedr alternatives have device compatibility. You can seamlessly stream, upload, and download files with the help of any of these sites from your mobile.

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