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10 Websites Like Shein for Affordable Clothing

So, you’re on a hunt for websites like Shein where you can buy fancy and good enough dresses without breaking the bank. Right? Well, then you’re in the right place. The sites today we’re going to talk about give a hard run to Shein when it comes to the quality, price, and stylishness of the dresses.

Being unarguably the most popular women’s affordable clothing store online, Shein is definitely the undisputed king on the market. Nevertheless, people always look for an alternative. This is why we have brought together similar clothing sites to Shein that have a huge collection of not just stylish dresses but also designer brand dupes. Interestingly, they are also budget-friendly and offer an array of fashion varieties.

Cheap Clothing Websites Like Shein

If you have ever shopped from Shein, you must have an idea why Shein is so popular. Yes, it’s the low prices and huge assortment of fashion that makes it so popular among the ladies. However, it’s not just Shein that offers all this. There are many other affordable clothing websites like Shein that have the same in store for you. So, today let’s talk about them.

1. Lulus

People who’re looking for a site, which offers you the clothes that are found in no other online store, hands down, is the best site for you. This California-based clothing store has a variety of women’s items ranging from dresses to accessories and shoes.

Lulus website

The fashion lounge has every type of item for women, be it summer dresses or winter wears. This online store mainly targets young women. The thing women love about is that its clothes have high-end finishes and they exactly imitate the branded clothes.

You can select the product of your choice and place the order. The site offers free shipping as well as easy return. Given this fact, you don’t need to worry if you want to return a product. Just place the return order and you’ll get your refund.

2. Boohoo

Look at this UK-based online clothing store if you couldn’t find anything interesting for you in other online clothing stores. Here, you’ll get everything from stylish tops to fancy bottoms, stunning bags to alluring shoes, and appealing accessories to assorted beauty products. What else you can ask for?

Boohoo website

Offering you the latest trend of fashion at impressively reasonable rates, Boohoo has a lot in store to offer you. What makes boohoo different from its competitors is the fact that it offers men’s clothes too other than just women’s items. The clothing store mainly aims the youth between 16-30 years old.

The store was founded in 2006 and since then it has been a darling among the women shoppers. Adding more to its historical background, the clothing store has a subsidiary, named Wasabi Frog Ltd.

3. Macy’s

Offering an assortment of women’s items without requiring you piles of money, Macy’s is another cheap clothing retailer like Shein to buy ladies’ items. The clothing chain has been present in the market since 1858. Given the fact, it has huge credibility in the market and this thing puts it ahead of its competitors.

Macy’s website

The clothing line has its main headquarters in New York, US. However, it pleases people around the world with its modish and chic women’s dresses. The online store of Macy’s supplies its products to almost every corner of the world and leaves the users amused.

From fancy clothes to stunning jewelry and eye-catching accessories to super comfy shoes, Macy’s has a lot to make you go irresistible for shopping. Not to forget, this international clothing store has a pool of stylish stuff for the men too.


ASOS gives a tough competition to Shein when it comes to the stylishness of the products. The store has a huge array of products varying in design. In fact, the clothes of ASOS are so fancy that they imitate exactly branded clothes. To buy these clothes, you need to pay just a few bucks.

This British-based clothing store is a big name in the online market carrying more than 850 brands. Besides these brands, the store has its own range of women’s clothes and accessories. Here, you’ll get items of all sizes.

ASOS website

ASOS calls itself a fashion and cosmetic retailer, and it truly offers every little to big thing for women. The clothing store was founded in 2000 and since then, it has churned out a revenue of 391.05 cores GBP till 2021.

5. Forever 21

Based in California, US, Forever 21 is another cheap clothing website like Shein. In the online store of Forever 21, you can find almost everything related to women’s fashion from fancy dresses to alluring jewelry and appealing accessories to long-lasting shoes.

Forever 21 website

Since the site offers jaw-dropping hot deals and discounts from time to time, it is a go-to choice for many ladies. If you’re a person who checks for brand credibility before making a purchase, you’ll definitely love Forever 21, as it is quite old in the market.

The online store was founded in 1984 and since then it has been impressing the users with its assorted collection of the latest fashion. The best thing about this site is that it is incredibly affordable and offers good quality clothes.

6. Zaful

Zaful is a hub of women’s chic and fancy dresses. Like Shein, it perfectly combines the latest fashion with affordable prices. From daily wear to party dresses and casual attire to professional garments, you’ll get everything on Zaful, that too just for a few bucks.

Zaful website

Considering the price of the products on Zaful, it is a good alternative to the Shein. To allure the customers more, it offers discounts and other mind-blowing offers regularly. The clothes available on this site are never behind the fashion. In fact, they are a step ahead of their competitors in this regard.

The site is categorized perfectly so that you can easily find the product you’re looking for. Like in the accessories category, you can look for your favorite accessory and can head to the sportswear category if you have to buy a sports dress.

7. Fashion Nova

People who are looking for a shopping platform like Shein where they can get ultra-stylish dresses at unbelievably low rates, look nowhere other than Fashion Nova, which is an all-in-one clothing destination for women. Whether you’re looking for a chic club dress, comfortable jeans, stylish shoes, or comfy daily wear, here you’ll get everything.

Fashion Nova website

This American fashion retail service is known for its sophisticated and chic clothes, accessories, jewelry, and other women’s items. The clothing company was founded in 2006. In just a few years, it turns out to be one of the most loved online shopping platforms for women.

The company mainly conducts online business and attracts worldwide shoppers with its modish stuff. Like Shein, Fashion Nova is also low in price and high in fashion.

8. StyleWE

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly shopping website like Shein where you can buy ultra-chic clothes at an affordable rate, let ‘StyleWe’ style you. This clothing store has a wide range of clothes including daily wear, party wear, casual wear, sportswear, and so on.

StyleWe website

Starting from as low as $5, the prices of clothes on this site are really pocket-friendly. Now, you tell us what you can really get in a mere $5, but on ‘Style We’, you can get a fancy dress or a pair of stylish shoes for just $5 bucks.

What makes this site a loved choice of ladies is the assortment of the products available on-site. Whether you’re looking for gleaming jewelry, fashionable accessories, or just any women-related thing, ‘Style We’ is a full stop to your hunt.

9. YesStyle

YesStyle is a one-stop destination for many ladies who are always on a shopping spree. The reason is, that the site has an array of reasonably-priced and on-trend products. From clothes to accessories and jewelry to footwear, you’ll find everything here.

YesStyle website

The thing you would love about this clothing store is that they cater to all body types, be it tall, plus size, or petite size. The clothing company is well-established in the market and features more than 900 brands and 200,000 ladies’ items. So, just browse the site thoroughly and you’ll find your favorite dress.

The good thing about YesStyle clothing store is that it has a huge variety of its clothes. From casual wear to chic party dresses, you’ll get everything on Yes Style.  Since it mainly targets the youths, the clothes are impressively stylish.

10. Limeroad

Limeroad is another site like Shein that has a plethora of fashionable clothes to offer you at really reasonable rates. This Haryana-based Indian shopping store walks hand in hand with fashion and helps you take your swag to the next level.

Limeroad website

The clothing store was founded as a marketplace for women in 2012 by Suchi Mohan and two of his friends. Here, you’ll get kids’ and men’s items too other than just women’s clothes, accessories, and jewelry.

The unique thing about Limeorad is that it offers handicrafts and handlooms too. Given the fact, Limeroad is the answer to your hunt if you’re looking for something antique. Above everything, the delivery time and support system of Limeroad is just superb.


To wear fancy and ultra-stylish dresses, you don’t have to pay a thick amount of money. You can rock with the latest fashion even though you’re tight on the budget if you know a few affordable websites like Shein. Today, we have already talked about 10 similar sites to Shein. So, go ahead and fill your shopping bags without splashing out your money.

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