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12 Best AnimeSuge Alternatives to Watch Anime For Free

What would you do if you are fond of anime and want to watch every latest anime series but the popular anime website AnimeSuge is down? Well, you don’t need to worry because there are not just one or two but several AnimeSuge alternatives available, and today we are going to talk about them.

Anime is a Japanese animation art and is loved by people from all over the world because of its incredible storylines and mind-blowing graphics. This is the reason why today several websites are available to watch anime online for free of cost.

Sites Like AnimeSuge

AnimeSuge is definitely a wonderful website to watch anime online but what if the website is down or not working for any reason? Then, how do you watch your favorite anime? No idea? Well, you don’t need to worry because our customized list of the best alternatives to AnimeSuge will offer you plenty of options. So, get ahead with the list.

1. CrunchyRoll

The first name on this list is CrunchyRoll, which is probably the biggest and most popular website to watch anime for free online. This website has a huge collection of anime from different genres and they are available in different languages as well. Like, if you wish to watch in Hindi or Tamil, you can get many dubbed anime in these languages.

CrunchyRoll website

The anime always gets updated on this website, so you can expect even newly released anime to be available on this site. Apart from watching anime movies and TV series, you can also get the latest news related to the anime world on this website.

2. Anime Planet

Anime Planet is another wonderful website where you can watch your favorite anime for free of cost. Featuring more than 45000 anime, this website is a household of anime from different categories and genres. You simply need to sign up and start watching the anime series you want.

Anime Planet website

Not just by watching but you can also enjoy anime on the website by reading. Explore all the features available on this website in the menu section. On the top of the website, you’ll see a search bar, where you can search for a particular anime if you don’t want to go through the entire gallery.

3. Dubbedanime

Whether you want to enjoy an anime series or an anime movie, Dubbedanime is the best choice for you because this website offers all types of anime videos to watch. You can find the different categories of anime in the menu section. Alternatively, a bunch of anime are listed on the homepage of the website.

Dubbedanime website

There are different categories available on the homepage that make it easy for the viewers to watch anime of a particular category. In addition, the website requires you to create an account so that you can enjoy the anime-watching experience without any interruption.

4. MasterAnime

From a seamless user interface to a huge collection of anime, you are going to love this website if you are a true anime lover. Like many other websites, you can find a variety of anime on the homepage of the website. Simply, click on any of them and start watching.

MasterAnime website

However, if you want to explore the real collection of this website, navigate to the menu, where you will see many options from genre to types of anime and old to recently-added anime. In addition to that, there are many other options as well, which can be explored only on the website.

5. Myanimelist

If you are looking for a website, where you can watch the latest anime, Myanimelist is the best choice for you because this website gets updated almost every minute and offers the latest anime to watch. The home page features different categories. So, explore all of them if you want to enjoy all features of this website.

Myanimelist website

The best thing we loved about this website is that it has its own mobile application. Given this fact, you can watch your favorite anime just at the tap of your finger on your mobile phone itself. Not to forget, you would need to create an account on the website to enjoy any anime.

6. Tubitv

TubiTV is another reliable AnimeSuge alternative, which will give you the opportunity to watch unnumbered of anime for free. To enjoy any anime on this website, all you need to do is to register on the website and you’re all set to go ahead.

TubiTV website

As you will click on a particular anime, all the details related to that like the star cast and storyline will appear to help you give an idea of what the anime is all about. From romantic to documentary, horror to thriller, and comedy to action, you can get almost all types of anime series on this website.

7. 9Anime

9Anine is a loved choice of thousands of anime lovers and it will impress you too with its mind-blowing features and remarkable user-friendliness. The website is home to a bundle of anime that is just one click away from you.

9Anine website

On the homepage, you will find just random anime. If you are searching for all the episodes of a particular series, use the search bar and quickly search for that anime. From the menu section, you can explore all the features of this website. The interesting feature of this site is that it even allows you to download some of the anime.

8. Zorox

Here is another good website to watch anime online without any problem. The biggest problem with most of such sites is that they contain malware and spam but you don’t need to worry about this on Zorox because it is completely safe and authentic. The website is quick to load and the user interface is also friendly.

Zorox website

If we talk about the anime genres available on this website, they range from action to comedy, drama to thriller, fantasy to adventure, and romance to love. In addition to that, you can also get anime TV series as well as movies on this website.

9. Netflix

Netflix does not need any introduction when it comes to video content. Other than the latest movies and TV shows in different languages and countries, you can also enjoy a huge variety of anime on this video platform. From comedies to adventure, here you will get almost all types of anime series.

Netflix website

Unlike others, you would need to buy a subscription plan to enjoy anime on Netflix but it is worth buying because it will offer you an ad-free anime-watching experience. After creating an account on the website, purchase a suitable subscription plan for yourself and you are all set to go.

10. ConTV

ConTV is a place where you can enjoy not just anime but also other movies and TV shows. On the homepage, you will find almost all categories of the content including anime available on this website. Simply, explore the website and find its all features.

ConTV website

To find a particular anime, you can use the search bar. As you will click on an anime, it will tell you all the details related to that such as star cast, running time, genre, and plot. Since it is a premium website, you need to purchase this subscription plan in order to enjoy unlimited anime on this website.

11. Hulu

The next AnimeSuge alternative on our list is Hulu, which is a popular video platform. Here, you can watch not just movies and TV shows in different languages but also a variety of anime. Just head to the anime section of the website and explore what it has to offer you.

Hulu website

If you have never watched any video on this platform, you can go for your free trial. If you like everything on the website, purchase the subscription plan and enjoy almost every type of anime from old to the latest ones. The best thing we loved about this site is that it gives a brief description of every episode, so you can get an idea beforehand what you are going to watch.

12. ChiaAnime

ChiaAnime is another wonderful website that you must explore if you are an ardent anime lover and don’t want to miss the opportunity to watch the latest anime for free. The website is completely user-friendly and safe. Given this fact, you don’t need to worry about anything.

ChiaAnime website

The best thing we love about this website is that it is not limited to the latest or just to the old anime. Here, you will find a good collection of both types of anime, that too in different categories and genres. On top of everything, you don’t need to create an account or purchase any subscription plan on this website. Just navigate to the website and start watching your favorite anime.


No doubt AnimeSuge is a hub to watch anime online for free but you should also explore these AnimeSuge alternatives. Each of these websites has something different to offer you and you are sure to be impressed by their incredible features.

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