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10 Best Private Search Engines That Won’t Track You

In Today’s world, search engines have become very popular and are a very essential part of gaining information. Everyone wants to have a search engine for privacy. Google and Yahoo are famous private search engines that can be used to access any kind of information across the globe instantly. The leading search engine, Google. has the most number of users, which tends to be nearly Four billion worldwide. But in recent years, these engines have indulged in privacy violations.

Many users feel insecure because these engines are a bit involved in tracking their search activities. Whenever you search for any query in Google, this part is stored in the Google platform and search history from where your information can be leaked. There is a big chance of leaking information by using these tools.

Search Engine for Privacy

There are many private search engines for accessing information like Ecosia, Mojeek, Qwant, Startpage, and many more. These engines are responsible for users’ privacy.

Here, for your convenience, we have listed the top 10 search engines for privacy using which you can surf on your favorite sites and that too without being tracked. These Search engines are accessible through every device and are a lot easier to use.

1. Ecosia

It is free of Cost and a powerful search engine. It can be easily accessible in mobile apps and is convenient to use. The browser extension of this app also works similarly to mobile apps. None of the information is being traced and shared. This engine doesn’t leak any search queries performed by the user.

Ecosia website

It is an eco-friendly platform to use. Revenue generated from this engine is used in the planting of trees.

It has lots of different features like a mobile app available, and no leaking of data. It also provides a user-friendly platform and is a decent private engine and surfing can be done easily that too without spending a single Penny.

2. Mojeek

It is free to use.No data is shared and stored and is very responsible for the user’s privacy. It classifies its user’s search and divides search queries performed by the user into three classes i.e news, web, and images.


The search engine is unique, as it helps to search for any sort of information by clicking on different icons, which represent various emotions like love, sadness, anger, amazement, etc.

It also has several features including a private search box. Furthermore, it is convenient to use and helps to categorize search queries by news, web, and images. It is the best standard platform for surfing the internet and users enjoy browsing content.

3. Qwant

This engine does not record any search queries performed by its users. It does not sell any sort of information to advertisers. This platform is user-friendly. This search engine classifies search queries performed by its user’s into three classes namely social, News and web.

Qwant website

A music section is being provided to its user which provides an opportunity to discover songs. Any information regarding the occurrence of current events can be achieved across the globe with the help of this search engine.

It also has various features such as a dedicated music section, easy access to information, and no tracking of the data. It categorizes data into various sections, which helps its users to find information with great ease.

4. Startpage

Startpage values full user privacy. It does not sell any sort of data and can be used safely for surfing content without any hesitation. You can use various designs and colors in this engine. Even Google considers Startpage as the most anonymous search engine, which is definitely a big achievement.

Startpage website

It has many features like being a legitimate private search engine, having won privacy awards, having no filter bubble, and being easy to use. No doubt, it is user-friendly and provides a good browsing experience.

5. Wolfram Alpha

It is free and provides a yearly pro plan @ $4.75. Along with this, it also provides a yearly pro premium plan @$7.99 too. The search engine is student-friendly, as it easily solves mathematical, societal, and scientific queries.

Wolfram Alpha website

It categorizes search queries into four classes namely culture and society, mathematics, science and technology, and also everyday life. Search results can also be performed by using images by uploading images specific to the required results.

Also, this engine provides you with many features by uploading images. Required results can be accessed easily, and search queries related to academics can be performed easily. It can easily run on mobile apps. It is the best private engine for curious students, who are willing to learn.

6. Disconnect Search

Here, third parties give search results in a very secure way. So, the experience of searching queries is fully secured. This engine provides a path for search results in a more suitable manner. It is risk-free, as it does not harm users’ privacy by invading their profiles.

Disconnect Search website

Also, the Setting options are far better and there are no useless filters. This engine has a browser extension that helps in blocking the sites which are tracking its users. Pages that you want to open are loaded very fast. Due to all, it’s features it can be considered the most  private search engine

It provides its user with many features like a better search experience, pages running faster, and easy user convenience. Disconnect Search diverts search results, as it is a proxy private search engine. It protects users’ privacy and blocks those sites, which use its data for tracking.

7. MetaGer

This engine offers a similar service as Swisscows. Even though MetaGer is completely contrary to Swisscows. Swisscows blocks unsuitable contents whereas MetaGer prefers it. MetaGer has a browser extension. Users can surf their required content and results can be quickly accessed.

MetaGer website

They are not bothered about their profit and provide a user-friendly interface. They do not leak any private data to advertisers. Its features are very interesting too like it’s very convenient to use, is an open-source platform, maps can be accessed, and provides a user-friendly platform. Search queries are accessed quickly and you get a bulk of results.

8. Searx

It is free of Cost to use. It does not run like  Startpage and DuckDuckGo. Despite the fact, it is still a better private engine. Giant search bars are being offered to their users in which they can write their queries.

Searx Website

Setting options can be easily understood. Preferences are being offered to its users. These features make users feel comfortable to use. Search results are quickly obtained too with appropriate content.

Its amazing features make it more interesting like it’s an open-source platform, values user’s privacy can be customized, and does not use cookies by default. Users like the experience of surfing content in this engine. No doubt it is a good platform for users, who want to keep their search queries private.

9. Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck Go is very popular among the list of private search engines. No tracking of data is strictly followed. This engine is ad-free. It has got the consideration of most private search engine.

Duck Duck Go website

It provides a user-friendly platform and clean interface. A browser extension of this app is available using which one can keep their search history private. It has a feature called ‘bangs’. By typing a prefix, you can search any query on another website present inside DuckDuckGo.

It has many interesting features like a browser extension available and provides an ad-free environment. Duck Duck Go does not harm user’s privacy, and other queries can be searched from another website inside this engine only. It is the most widely used private search engine. Here, Surfing content is very convenient. Any sort of information can be simply accessed.

10. Swisscows

Swisscows provides a family-friendly experience of searching. It caters to families. Here users are not identified by their names. The Working system of this engine is entirely based on servers installed in its home areas. Cloud functioning is not involved. It is a Switzerland-based search engine.

Swisscows website

No tracking of data from your online searches is strictly followed. It is not interested in selling any sort of data to advertisers. All sexual and pornographic content is completely banned, thus making this engine suitable for family-friendly.

When it comes to features the engine is not behind others as it provides features like it does not violate users’ privacy, contents can be satisfied by family, a browser extension is available, and provides a faster answer to queries. It does not have the best interface in comparison to others. Even though it provides effective search results. Highly suitable for families.


All internet users want privacy as their first perspective. Search engines like Yahoo and Google invade users’ privacy so they turned to private search engines that value users’ privacy.

By using these engines users are not identified by their names. Locations are also not traced by accessing information. As per our Judgment if you want to use an engine that has the most number of users then you can proceed by using DuckDuckGo. We also recommend using Startpage due to its additional benefits.

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