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Seedpeer Proxy and Mirror Sites | Seedpeer Unblocked

Looking for Seedpeer proxy and mirror sites? Then you are in the right place.

Torrent sites are like helping hand for many users to get their required content like the latest movies, music, TV shows, eBooks, games, apps, etc. easily. Seedpeer is one of them that offers verified torrents to download for free.

It is a one-stop destination for users to fulfill their needs. But like other torrent sites, for hosting copyrighted contents, many countries have blocked access to it. That’s why you won’t able to open this site in your home, office, college, etc.

About Seedpeer

Most people don’t know that the Seedpeer was initially started by the name “Meganova” when it was launched in 2005. It gradually became popular and in 2007, it was re-branded to “Seedpeer”.

The website has a clean and organized user-interface with over 6millions torrents across 8 main categories and 600 sub-categories. This ensures that you can find almost every content of your demand easily and quickly.

After seeing its rapid growth, in 2006, an adversary group called “MediaDefender” tried to spoil the reputation of Seedpeer by uploading fake torrents in it. But the site immediately bounced back by adding a new section named “verified Torrent”, which later turns out to be very effective for it.

The “verified Torrent” section has over 2million torrents which are verified by its moderators for its quality, speed, and authenticity. This advancement not only increases its popularity but also makes it more reliable and trustworthy to get premium torrent files.

It also allows users to upload torrent files and magnetic links anonymously. Moreover, creating an account on it gives you some benefits like commenting on torrents, bookmarking, and uploading own torrents and managing them.

Seedpeer website

But unfortunately, due to copyright infringement, this site is banned in many countries. Which is not a good sign for its long-term users. However, there are some Seedpeer mirror sites are working fine and providing required torrents to users but there is no confirmation whether they are authentic or not.

There are also many proxy sites are available that you can use to get Seedpeer unblock easily. We have compiled some of the working proxies, so you can save your time and access them directly from here.

20+ Top Working Seedpeer Proxy and Mirror Sites

The proxy and mirror sites are nothing but a replica of the original site and host the same content database with a different domain name. Like the original one, they also update their database quite frequently with newly released content.

You can use these proxy and mirror sites to download your required content like the latest movies, episodes of TV shows, music, popular games, software, and many more for free.

Important Note – Never visit the below links without having a premium VPN service. We use NordVPN to access the below websites.


Seedpeer Proxy and Mirror Sites Status Speed
Seedpeer Proxy 1 Online Very Fast
Seedpeer Proxy 2 Online Very Fast
Seedpeer Proxy 3 Online Very Fast
Seedpeer Proxy 4 Online Very Fast
Seedpeer Proxy 5 Online Very Fast
Seedpeer Proxy 6 Online Very Fast
Seedpeer Proxy 7 Online Very Fast
Seedpeer Proxy 8 Online Very Fast
Seedpeer Proxy 9 Online Very Fast
Seedpeer Proxy 10 Online Slow
Seedpeer Proxy 11 Online Normal
Seedpeer Proxy 12 Online Normal
Seedpeer Proxy 13 Online Fast
Seedpeer Mirror 1 Online Very Fast
Seedpeer Mirror 2 Online Very Fast Online Very Fast Online Very Fast Online Very Fast Online Very Fast Online Very Fast Online Very Fast Online Very Fast Online Very Fast Online Very Fast

Note:- If any of the above proxy and mirror sites don’t respond to you on the first attempt, don’t lose hope try again. In some of the listed proxy sites you need to enter the official Seedpeer URL i.e. and If the URL is already there, then just hit the Unblock button or click Enter from your Keyboard to get Seedpeer unblock easily.

Is Seedpeer Down or Blocked?

While trying to open from your browser, it may not respond to you. This can happen for two main reasons; one is that the website may have some technical issue, or it has been blocked by your ISP for some reason.

The technical issues like website update, DNS problem, bandwidth limits, DDoS attack, etc. can be resolved within hours. But if your government has ordered your ISP to put a restriction on that website, then you can’t access it directly from your browser.

website layout

As the torrent sites host copy-righted contents that violate the copyright laws, that’s why they get banned in many countries. This is exactly what happened to Seedpeer and it is banned in several countries including India, the US, United Kingdom, Italy, etc.

However, some Seedpeer proxy sites are working well in these countries and allowing users to access their required files easily.

For information purposes, we tried to open the official Seedpeer website through a VPN service, and it is working fine. You can also visit to check whether it is down or not.

Is Seedpeer Safe To Use?

As the torrent sites generally host copyrighted contents, so accessing them is illegal and you may receive a warning from your ISP if they caught you browsing such sites.

The torrent files or magnetic links that they provide may contain adware/malware which can affect your device. However, some torrent sites provide verified links for better user experience.

But for more safety, you can install a reliable antivirus on your device and check all the reviews made on the torrent file that you want to download.

Seedpeer also provides verified torrents and is safe to use. But for safe torrenting and to get Seedpeer unblock in any country, you need to follow some tricks on how to unblock websites easily.

How To Unblock Seedpeer?

It is frustrating when the website you are looking to access is blocked over your network for some reason. But tell you that you can easily bypass a blocked site, including Seedpeer. Here are some methods that you can follow to unblock your required side easily.

Tor Browser

Tor (The Onion Router) is known for providing anonymity to users over the internet. It helps to hide your IP address so that no one can track your internet activities.

It has a channel of a global network of nodes and when you use this browser, it bounces your internet traffic from one node to another. So, when you open a website through the Tor browser, it hides your IP address under several other networks of servers.

It not only help you to access any geo-restricted website but also makes it difficult to figure out from which country you are trying to open the website.

Web Proxy

A web Proxy site also helps you to access blocked websites and provides anonymity at the same time. It hides your IP address and prevents your internet activities from being tracked by your ISP.

You can find many web proxy sites on the internet that you can use to get Seedpeer unblock easily.

Using VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the most reliable way preferred by many users to keep their internet activities away from snooping, censorship, and interference.

You can easily get bypass any blocked website by using a reliable VPN service. When you enable a VPN service in your browser, it mask-up your IP address and makes it look like that you’re browsing from any other country.

Like web proxy sites, you can also find many VPN service providers on the internet, which includes both free and premium ones. But our recommendation is to use premium VPNs as they provide better security and extra features.

Our recommendation is to use the Nord VPN. Currently, NordVPN is giving a flat 70% off to our readers for a limited time. Grab this offer by clicking the below link (discount would be automatically applied after link clicked).

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Best Seedpeer Alternatives

Having options in hand is always advantageous. These torrent sites we listed below also have a wide range of torrents across categories like movies, music, web series, eBooks, apps, games, etc. So, if you don’t find the torrent file in Seedpeer that you are looking for, you can try these sites to get that easily.

1. KickassTorrents

KickassTorrents is a popular torrent site that provides millions of torrents files across categories like movies, music, TV shows, games, eBooks, software, and many more.

KickassTorrents website

The website has a simple user-interface and always updates its content collection with fresh and high-quality torrents. However, the site is blocked in many countries, but you can use KAT proxy and mirror sites to bypass the restriction.

2. 1337X

1337X is a suitable alternative to Seedpeer. It also is known for its clean user-interface and organized content category. You can find high-quality torrents across multiple categories like movies, music, games, software, TV shows, Anime, and more.

1337X torrent website

It also has sections named Top 100 and Trending where you can find the most popular torrents to download. So, the torrent files that you failed to find in Seedpeer, surely find them here.


EZTV is another site that is known for its consistent delivery of torrents like the latest movies, TV shows, and web series. That’s why many movies and TV show streamers choose this website to download their desired content.

EZTV website

Its interface is pretty good and organized so users can find their required content easily. Apart from providing torrent files for movies and tv shows, it also offers the latest news and updates on upcoming movies and episodes of TV shows.

4. Demonoid

Demonoid is another great Seedpeer alternative that allows users to browse and download torrent for free. It has a huge database of over 800,000 torrents which includes movies, tv-series, exclusive games, software, and many more.

Demonoid website

It has a dedicated forum and chatbox where you can discuss different movies and tv shows and also request for any particular torrent file that you don’t find in the website’s database.

5. The Pirate Bay

TPB is a big player in the BitTorrent field. It has the largest collection of torrent files across multiple categories. On this site, you could find all the torrent files that you are looking for.

The Pirate Bay

The website is very simple and easy to use. You can download the latest movies, episodes of tv series, eBooks, music, apps, and many more from this single website.

Disclaimer: All of the above Seedpeer proxy and mirror links and alternatives are only for informational purposes. We don’t encourage downloading copyrighted content from these sites.


There you have it all. The listed Seedpeer proxy and mirror sites will be helpful for you to get Seedpeer unblock and access the torrent file that you are looking for. You can also try your hand on its alternatives to get the file that you failed to find in Seedpeer.

Though all the torrent sites violate copy-rights laws and accessing them directly can put your privacy at risk. So, it is recommended to use a premium VPN service that we mentioned above, for complete anonymity over the internet.

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