12 Best YMovies Alternatives to Watch Full Movies Online

Nothing pleases a movie lover more than getting to watch movies online for free of cost. Isn’t it? After all, they get to watch their favorite and latest movies without spending even a buck. This is the reason online sites like YMovies are very popular.

However, you can’t rely on a single website if you regularly watch online movies for free. You must have a bunch of alternatives. If you wonder, where you can get that, today we are going to talk about that only. Here, we’ll share an exclusive list of YMovies alternatives. So, go ahead and check out the list.

Sites Like YMovies

When you browse sites to watch movies for free, you will definitely get plenty of them. However, don’t expect to get the latest and authentic movie on every site you find because the internet is full of spam. To save you from spam and provide you with genuine websites where you can really watch movies for free, here we are listing down sites like ymovies.se

1. Fmovies

Fmovies is a big name when it comes to online movie watching for free. The website is authentic and completely safe. You can rely on its safety measures and can browse movies and TV shows without any risk of getting malware on your device.

Fmovies website

This file-sharing website has a variety of content in different categories. On the homepage itself right in the front, you can type the name of the movie or TV series and confirm whether or not it is available on the site. The alternate way is to head to the menu section of the website from where you can explore all content.

2. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is a good place to explore the latest as well as old movies and watch them for free. It won’t be difficult to search for movies on this website because you can see the search box on the homepage. Other than the latest movies, you can also enjoy trending TV shows on this website too.

SolarMovie website

The best thing is that all these things are only a single click away from you. No complex features and no difficult user interface. If you are not happy with the latest version of this website, you can go for the old one, which is available on the website just by a simple click.

3. 123Movies

123Movies is also a famous site, which offers you a great collection of the latest movies of different genres including thriller, romance, drama, comedy, game show, and many others. Not just the films but this website has a bunch of TV shows as well to please you.

123Movies website

The pool of content on this website is so wide and vivid that you can never run out of entertainment even if you watch online movies 24/7. The best thing we love about this site is that it can be opened on almost all devices.

4. UPmovies

It is super easy to browse for a movie in UPmovies because this site has an incredibly easy user interface. On the top, you can see all the alphabet letters. Simply, click on any letter and the movies starting with that will come on the screen. Another good feature of this site is that it shows the release year of the film right below the name.

UPmovies website

So, you can have an idea of when a particular film was released if you don’t know. In addition to that, you can also see the ratings of the films with their names which will help you decide whether or not the movie is worth watching.

5. Yeahmovies

Getting to watch all genres of movies for free in a single place is really difficult. All thanks to Yeahmovies.tv, which makes it possible for you. From comedy to romance, thriller to action, and horror to mystery, you can watch almost all genres of movies on this website.

Yeahmovies website

On the homepage, you will find a couple of movie listings. If the one you are looking for is not there, navigate to the menu section and search for the same. To ease your experience on this site, you can create a free account on it.

6. Moviesjoy

If you are the person who gets very excited about the newly released films and just can’t wait to watch them online, MoviesJoy is the best platform to hang around for you. This YMovies alternative is unique in its own way because it offers you even newly released films.

MoviesJoy website

The great thing is that you don’t have to even search for those movies. On the homepage, you can find them. They are listed automatically. From their release year to the running time, you can see all these basic details about the film right below their names.

7. Putlocker

Whether you want to watch an action film or a family flick, you can get everything on Putlocker for free of cost. This website features the latest as well as old movies from different genres including action, anime, family, romance, sports, horror, fantasy, biography, documentary, comedy, drama, animation, thriller, and many others.

Putlocker website

Besides this, it is also home to a number of TV series. To find a particular TV series on film, you need to make a quick search. From the menu section, you can explore all the interesting content available on this site.

8. YTS

YTS is another wonderful website where you can watch the latest films without paying a single penny. The best thing we love about this site is that it is always updated and provides you with recently released movies, which is a feature you are unlikely to get on many other websites.

YTS website

To watch a particular movie on this website, you need to first make a quick search and then tap on the name of the film. After that, you will get all the details of the film like running time, IMDB, ratings, cast, synopsis, and other details.

9. Anymoviess

As the name suggests, you can watch almost any movie on this website, be it the old or the latest one. As you will land on the home page, you will find a category ‘most popular’. Explore it to watch the most popular movies at the moment. In Addition to that, you can also find a film by searching its name on the search bar.

Anymoviess website

Not just the films but Anymoviess allows you to watch TV shows as well. If a film or TV show has different episodes and seasons, you don’t need to search for them individually. Just click on the title of the movie or the TV show and all the episodes and seasons related to that will be in front of you.

10. Bmovies

Bmovies is not any different than other YMovies alternatives. On this website too, you can watch the latest TV shows and films and the functionality of the site is also almost the same. You have to search for your film by typing its name and then start watching.

Bmovies website

The thing you are going to love about this site is that many movies are available in HD quality which is a rare feature to get in free online websites to watch movies. Just below the name of the film, you will get the basic information about it like running time, release year, and resolution quality.

11. KatMovieHD

If you are looking for a site that can offer you Bollywood movies as well other than just the Hollywood ones, KatMovieHD is the best place for you. Not only the films but you can enjoy Indian TV shows as well on this website for free of cost. In fact, this website has two sections, one for Hollywood and one for Bollywood.

KatMovieHD website

On the homepage, right on the top, you will see a complete list of alphabets. Just click on any of them and all the movies initiating with that letter will come on your screen. Given the fact, searching for a  is super easy on this website.

12. Soap2Day

If the websites we have already talked about have failed to impress you and you are looking for something unique and different, Soap2day is the website that will definitely please you. On this website, you will get a huge collection of the latest films and TV shows. There are different categories of films and you can explore them on the homepage.

Soap2day website

The unique thing about this website is that it does not have only one official domain but there are a couple of them. So, you can navigate to any of them and enjoy free movies online. On top of everything, you don’t need to create an account or anything in order to enjoy films on this website.

Use a VPN Before Visiting Above Websites

Movie or TV show streaming websites face several issues like geo-blocking or ISP blocking. If your country have put certain limitation then you can’t directly open the browser and visit the website.

Don’t worry, VPN allows you to unlock geo-restriction and offers maximum security. There are many VPNs and most of them are free. We never recommend you to use a free VPN because of several security reasons. 

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YMovies is definitely a wonderful and reliable website to watch movies online for free. However, you must have detailed information about these YMovies alternatives so that your love for films doesn’t stop just in case the website YMovies goes down.

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