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15 Best Websites to Read Books for Free

There was a time when you had to purchase books if you were fond of reading but today you no longer need to buy books and pile them up in your home. You can enjoy almost any book without purchasing it. Wondering how? Well, with the help of online platforms. Many wonderful websites offer free book reading.

You don’t even need to download them on your device. Simply, visit the site and start reading the book you want. If you wonder where you can get the names of those websites, stay relaxed because today we are going to talk about that only. Here, we will tell you the 13 best sites to read books for free.

Websites to Read Free Books Online

When you search for websites to read books online, you will find umpteen number of websites offering you this feature but not all of them are free and some of them even require you to first download the books and then read them. But, today we are going to tell you the websites which are free from all this hassle and let you read the books online for free without downloading or any other requirement.

1. Project Gutenberg

If you are fond of ancient literature and want to explore books by great authors of the 19th and 18th centuries, Project Gutenberg is the best website for you. The website is home to more than 70,000 books, which are available to read for free of cost.

Project Gutenberg website

No registration, no app downloading, or anything is required. Just visit the site and start reading. To your convenience, you can even download the ebook on your device and read it whenever you want if you don’t have time to read it online.

2. BookBub

Bookbub is a freemium website where you can read books for free as well as create a premium account and explore premium books. On this website, you will find books mostly from the modern era by worldwide authors.

Bookbub website

Like many other online book reading platforms, you can simply visit the website and start reading. However, if you want to smoothen your experience a little bit more, download its official application and customize all the settings according to your needs.

3. Open Library

If you are a writer too apart from just being a reader and want to publish your stories as well in front of masses of people, Open Library is the website for you to visit. Whether you want to read a book on the website or publish one, first of all, you need to create a free account, only then you are all set to go.

Open Library website

On the homepage, you will find different categories like action, kids, romance, and thrillers. Just browse any and start reading your favorite book.

4. Smashwords

Smashwords has a wide collection of millions of free as well as premium ebooks. On the homepage, you will find the popular and most loved books. If the one you are looking for is not there, simply make a quick search and you are most likely to get that. If you want forever access to a particular book, you can purchase it and add it to your library.

Smashwords website

The best thing we love about this website is that all books on it are DRM-free. Given this fact, you can enjoy your book on any ebook reading device.

5. Manybooks

Join the community of millions of readers on Manybooks and enjoy free eBooks of different genres. From biography to history, mystery to thriller, action to adventure, romance to adult, fantasy to horror, and fiction to nonfiction, you can get almost all types of ebooks on this website.

Manybooks website


You don’t need to create any registration on this website. Simply, visit it and start reading the ebook you want. For a particular novel or ebook, you can search on the search bar if you are not finding it on the homepage or in the category section.

6. LibriVox

LibriVox is a free public domain, where you can’t only read books but also listen to them in case reading seems boring someday. Since the website is public domain and is contributed by many volunteers, you can get books in different languages on this website.

LibriVox website

To read a particular book on this website, you simply need to make a quick search and it will be right in front of you if available on the website.

7. Wattpad

If you are a writer as well other than just being a reader, Wattpad is the best place to hang around for you because here you will get a huge community of authors as well as readers. The interesting thing is that this website is very much popular among the young generation.

Wattpad website

Given the fact, If you are fond of modern world stories in every genre, leave the other websites that we just talk about and land on this one. To ease your experience further,  download its mobile application on your phone. To start using the website, first of all, you need to create a free account on it.

8. Robin Reads

If you don’t want just the causal types of stories that you get in Wattpad but want something meaningful and deep, Robin Reads is a good website to explore for you. Here, you will get the stories written by scholars and acclaimed authors.

Robin Reads website

Like many other sites to read books for free, the genre of stories on this website is also various. On the homepage, you will find some of the famous stories of the website. To explore the site completely, head to the menu section.

9. Digitalbook

Digitalbook is yet another wonderful online books library to read a book online for free. Not just reading but you can also listen to the books available on this website because there are several audiobooks. On the homepage, you’ll find different options. With the help of them, you can personalize your choices and read or listen to a book according to your tastes.

Digitalbook website

From the genres of the book to their languages, you can customize everything on this website. For ease of convenience, you can even download its mobile application on your phone and read the book without any problem.

10. Internet Archive

You must have come across the website if you regularly look for free stuff on the Internet because it not only offers you free books to read but also you can also get other stuff like movies, software, and music on this website.

Internet Archive website

The website is completely free and non-profit. Usually, you will get old books from medieval times on this website. On the homepage itself, you will find what you can get on this website. So, explore it completely and enjoy whatever you want.

11. Hoopla

Hoopla is one of the best platforms for book lovers to cater to their interests and read different types of books online for completely free. This website has a huge collection of content ranging from audiobooks to ebooks.

Hoopla website

Not only that, but you can even find music, movies TV shows, and many other such entertaining stuff on this website. If we talk about ebooks, you will find almost all genres of books here from the old to the latest ones. To get started on the website, all you need to do is to create a free account. That’s it.

12. Good reads

Good Reads is not a new name when it comes to sites to read books for free. The website has been in existence for a long time and this is the reason that it has a huge collection of latest as well as old ebooks. Unlike other websites, this one has a community of readers.

Good Reads website

You can interact with like-minded people and broaden your horizons in terms of reading and the knowledge of books. The genres available on this website are also various ranging from comics to action, fiction to nonfiction, romance to horror, and many others.

13. Free Booksy

Here is another good website that will not disappoint you to read books online for free. Like many other websites we have just talked about, you will get here a wide collection of books ranging in different genres.

Free Booksy website

Just in case you are not finding a particular book in a genre or category, you can search that by its name using the search bar. If you talk about the interface of the website, it is really easy and clean. Even if you are using a book website for the first time, you are not going to face any inconvenience.

14. Z-Library

Z-Library is another extremely popular website for reading free books online. The website interface is easy to use and free of annoying ads. According to the website description, their giant library contains 22,525,200 books and 84,837,643 articles.

Z-Library website

You can use the search bar to land on the desired book. Enter the book title, author name, ISBN, and publisher, to find a book. PDF download option is also available if you want to read it later. You would have to create an account and log in before downloading.

15. ReadAnyBook

ReadAnyBook is another go-to destination for book lovers to access thousands of eBooks. It is a free website to read books online. This website allows users to access books in different genres. Click on the listed books on the website homepage or use the search bar to find one.

ReadAnyBook website

You can also download a book for free in PDF and txt format for future uses. Some of the book categories include fiction, adventure, drama, comedy, classic, etc.


Knowledge never costs a dime and these sites to read books for free work on this principle only. Explore each of them and you will get something unique and new in them. The genres and the collection of the books are also different in each of them. So, don’t forget to go through every one of them if you are a true book lover.

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