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14 Best Meme Generators Online to Have Some Fun

The demand for meme generators is rising as everyone sharing memes now. We are living in a world where memes have become a major source of entertainment and funny conversations. Memes are especially dominating social media. Just open any of your social media handles and hundreds of memes will pop up in your news feed.

The interesting thing is that everybody loves to read and share them because they convey the truth, sometimes even painful, in the lightest and most humorous way.

If you also enjoy memes and want to create some and share them with your friends, let us tell you you can easily do that. All you need to do is to choose a good meme generator for you.

Free Meme Makers

Yes, you read it right. There are many free meme generators online. You can take the help of any of them to create funny, engaging, quirky, and humorous memes. To your delight, using these tools, apps, or sites is extremely easy and hassle-free.

Wondering what those sites are. Well, today we are going to talk about them only. So, read the article further and find out about them.

1. ImgFlip

ImgFlip proudly boasts to be the fastest meme-making tool on the Internet and it truly is. It lets you add customizable text to the images instantly. There are more than 1 million popular templates available on the site. Just pick the one, add the text, and your meme is ready.

ImgFlip app

If these templates don’t fit your needs, the site allows you to upload a new template from your own device. You can do that even from a URL. To help you make the meme more appealing and engaging, it also offers you many customizing options like stickers and drawings.

2. Iloveimg

If you want to create a meme from JPG, GIF, or PNG images, Iloveimg is a must-try for you because it offers this feature. Simply, upload the image and put your desired text into it. That’s it.

However, if you don’t want to go through the hustle of uploading an image, you can just pick one of the templates available on the site and put the text.

Iloveimg app

It has almost all popular meme templates. The free version of this wonderful tool is sufficient enough for basic usage. You will get access to its various tools and be able to create eye-catching memes.

3. Memedroid

Memedroid is another good choice for you if you regularly create memes and share them with your friends. To create a meme on this site, you need to register on it and the registration is absolutely free.

Memedroid app

Like many others, it also has thousands of on-site templates that are ready to go. On the menu, you can see the different types of memes categories like latest memes, random memes, top memes, and many others.

Not just that, but the site also lets you upload your own image and create a meme from it. To your surprise, the site even has a mobile app. Just download it and make this whole process much easier.

4. Mematic

Mematic is a meme generator app that lets you create funny and shareable memes right from your mobile. Just download the app and get into the pool of memes.

Mematic app

If the default templates don’t please you enough, you have the freedom to download your own image and create a meme on that.  The interesting thing is that it takes just a few taps to create a meme on Mematic even after starting everything from scratch.

Once you are done creating your meme, you can share it with your friends and all your social media handles directly from Mematic. The application is completely free and available for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

5. GATM Meme Generator

The online meme-making tool which is at the top of our list is GATM meme generators, which is an online application, the fact that makes it special is that whether you are an expert or an amateur, this app is suitable for all.

GATM meme generator app

It consists of a huge library with an immense amount of templates that let you design your desired meme quickly and easily. It prevents you from the trouble of starting everything from scratch.

The GATM Meme Generator is completely free but ad pop-ups may bother you if you want to avoid that problem then you can subscribe to its pro version just for $1.95.


Whenever there’s a list of online generators for memes then MEAM is a name that stays in one of the top positions. MEAM is a perfect place for those who are familiar with a variety of designs.

MEAM app

This app currently has more than 700 usable templates and more templates are being added with each passing day. MEAM is considered the best meme generating app by many meme makers.

The best thing about this is that it automatically imports the top memes from Reddit and can also import memes from your device’s gallery. It provides excellent control over texting, editing, and sizing features to its users.

7. Memasik

The most important factor which is required while making an excellent meme is the tools that you use. If the tools that you use are best then the memes that you make will be best too. Memasik has tools that are so easy to use that it makes memes make a child’s play.

Memasik website

Along with a huge library and an immense collection of images and templates, Memasik also has a very active community that lets you interact with other creators.

The images and templates are refreshed and updated automatically every once in a while to ensure that you can get the latest templates easily.

8. Canva

Canva is an online meme maker which is widely popular among the community of meme makers. The main reason behind its popularity is its amazing tools for graphic designs, and poster templates, all these features have secured a top place for Canva in this list.

Canva website

Canva is trusted and used by more than 15 million meme makers which consist of both amateurs and experts. This meme maker is suitable for everyone. You can use this tool to create eBook covers as well.

Canva has a huge library of images, Cliparts, Stickers, emojis, and templates. Canva even lets you create and add animations to your memes and enables quick creation and imports. It is a free meme maker which has no watermarks or copyrights.

9. ZomboDroid

ZomboDroid is the latest meme-making platform. If you are a meme maker who wants to try something new with the latest tools on the latest platform then ZomboDroid is the perfect place for you.

ZomboDroid app

Currently, ZomboDroid has more than 1000 plus templates and 60 plus font styles, and hundreds of stickers to offer. It has a unique feature that allows meme makers to make their templates and stickers.

ZomboDroid consists of many meme features like cropping images and design suggestions. These are the features that you won’t find easily in any other meme tool

10. Meme Creator

Every expert meme maker today was once a beginner and beginners need a simple tool that should be easily accessible and understandable. Meme Creator by Gentoozero is one of the best tools online, especially for beginners.

Meme Creator app

It has amazing text-creating and modifying features that help you to add attractive and uniquely designed texts to your memes. It does not have any restrictions on the usage of photos and templates.

After completing your meme you can easily save it in your phone’s storage or directly upload it on your preferred social media platforms. Along with memes, Meme Creator also lets you create comics.

11. Easy Meme Maker

The working of the Easy Meme Maker is just like its name, easy and simple. It provides a solution to every problem regarding meme-making. It allows you access to lots of different templates and other features to assist you in meme-making.

Easy Meme Maker website

Its amazing text editing options, fonts, amazing graphics, and stickers make it the best choice for beginners. It allows the self-creation of memes. You can download this meme maker app from Play Store.

This tool admires creation as it allows you to store your self-created memes and use them again. It has a very active community which helps you to learn and work together.

12. Meme Factory

Meme makers want to get every necessary tool that they need while creating their memes on a single platform. If you are one of them, Meme Factory is the perfect spot for you and everyone with the same desires.

Meme Factory website

Meme Factory provides you access to an endless collection of meme-making tools like templates, pictures, and fonts.

Its community allows its members to see and review each other’s memes and upload them on the app itself. This allows you to establish your network among other members and create your own unique identity.

13. Imgur MemeGen

Imgur MemeGen is the ultimate online app for meme-making that allows designers to enter into a wide universe of templates, images, and other meme generator tools. As the best meme tool, it’s considered the best among all others.

Imgur MemeGen website

If you see anything funny on any of the internet platforms, you can assume that it originated from Imgur MemeGen. Based on the current trending topic you can create attention-grabbing memes quickly.

Imgur MemeGen allows you to add your touch-ups to the templates and images to make them unique and better than what it is.

14. Meme Maker Pro

If you are an expert meme maker and do not want many features and an overwhelming layout in your online tool for designing your memes, then Meme Maker Pro is perfectly made for you.

Meme Maker Pro app

Meme Maker Pro is made for those who are familiar with the drake meme generator which does not allows you many features but the existing features are enough.

It’s made for the usage of pros and allows you to edit your content with professionally styled fonts, designs, and images. These are the main reasons behind the popularity of Meme Maker Pro.

VPN Requirement

You might need to use a VPN service to use some meme-making sites. For this particular purpose, you can use NordVPN, which has remarkable features and is extremely easy to use. From keeping you anonymous to ensuring all the safety, this VPN service has many features that will please you.


Creating a meme is as easy as reading it if you are using one of these meme generators. So, pick the one for you and let the world know the creativity of your mind in the most humorous and entertaining way.


Can I create unlimited memes with these online meme creators?

Yes, you can create any number of memes in a day with any of these sites. This is actually the best thing about these sites they don’t have number limits. So, explore and expand your creativity with a touch of humor as much as you want.

Are these meme-creating sites free for a lifetime?

Yes, they are. You will never be charged even a single dime for using these sites. However, it would be a better idea to check the price of the particular site before using it for this purpose.

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